We Have Our Own “Drummer Boy” This Christmas

Holiday Concert at Middle School

Fifth and Sixth Grade Band, Orchestra, and Chorus

Tuesday, December 17

1The other end of our row – Jana, Roy, and Deb.

Even though Roy and Deb live an hour from our area, they love when nieces and nephews invite them to concerts. (Cerwin and I also enjoy these, and LOVE to be invited.)

2 (1)Welcome by Dr. Richardson

2 (2)The Orchestra under the direction of Mrs. Shirk played:

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Angels We Have Heard on High

Little Drummer Boy

2 (3)

2aThe Chorus directed by Mrs. Brubaker sang:

I’ve Got Joy

The Eight Days of Hanukkah

Frosty Hand Jive

2b (1)

2b (2)


4The Vocal Ensemble, also directed by Mrs. Brubaker, sang Candlelight Canon.

5Then it was time for the band – where our grandson Ian was playing drums – his first time playing in public. The only problem, we could barely see him. 🙂 He is in the back row to the left of the boy with a red Santa hat.

6 (1)

6 (2)

6 (3)When the band was finished, the program was over, and Ian (standing – white shirt) came forward to look for his family in the audience.

Because this program was postponed from one week earlier due to snow, there was another concert (seventh and eighth grade) immediately after this one – so most of us went to Jere and Kristen’s house while Kristen went to the room where she was supposed to meet Ian. (It was a bit too chaotic to wait for him in the entrance area.)

It was about that time that a rather “funny” thing happened – not real funny for Ian though.

But, I will tell you about that tomorrow night. 🙂

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