On The Road To Burlington, Ontario

Friday, December 13

DSC_1809The pretty sunrise seemed to always be behind us as we began our almost eight-hour drive to Burlington, Ontario, for the memorial service for our friend Audrey Scott, so I took a picture in the rearview mirror.

DSC_1836The early morning sun made pretty reflections on the Susquehanna River





DSC_1854We expected to get into snow as we traveled northwest and as we got to Williamsport, it began looking cold and like we were driving into snow.


DSC_1859We got into snow about the time we got to New York.

DSC_1864There was already a lot of snow on the ground when we stopped at a rest stop near Genesee.


DSC_1872By the time we got to Batavia, there was some serious snow coming down.



DSC_1886I thought this building looked pretty as a backdrop to the snow.


DSC_1889I was a bit surprised to discover that it was the county jail.

DSC_1891Cerwin had to drive with care as the snow continued to fall, but it was certainly pretty.





DSC_1907The snowfall became less as we neared the Canadian border.

DSC_1922By the time we got to our motel in Burlington, the snow had stopped. This is a view from our third floor room.

We were pleased to have supper with Audrey’s husband, Murray, and hear some of the details of her last days as she did everything she could to win her battle against cancer.

Murray didn’t think he would have much time to visit with us at the memorial service, so suggested we go to Red Lobster where we had a delicious supper and a memorable visit.

Murray is TFC’s Director of Overseas Ministries, and Audrey was a faithful partner in serving the Lord, often traveling with him to Russia and Zambia.

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