Hudson Chapel Set Up

Saturday, December 7

DSC_1456Ready to begin the set up of the new chapel.

DSC_1467Bringing the steps out of the chapel.


DSC_1480It’s the first time we set up a chapel in zero degree weather with ice and snow on the ground.


DSC_1490Chaplain Tim’s son Garret helping to unpack and remove boxes and cardboard from the new chapel.


DSC_1496A driver stopped by to talk to Tim.

DSC_1500Unpacking new items and bringing things in from the old chapel.





DSC_1514Making sure the chapel is level.

DSC_1519The final job on Saturday evening – putting up the awnings.

DSC_1524After the final awning was in place, the guys came inside the restaurant for supper. When we were about finished eating, they noticed that the chapel was dark, meaning there was something wrong electrically. After a bit of real concern, and checking out the source of the problem, they discovered that it was a truck stop problem. (sigh of relief!)

Tim says there will be a service on Sunday morning, but the inside is a long way from ready.

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