Gary, Indiana to Hudson, Wisconsin

The last leg of the new chapel delivery.

Friday, December 6

1 (1)Cerwin did not want to take this route, but a detour mandated that we go this way.

1 (2)He asked me to help him keep an eye on the signs and routes as we maneuvered through the busy early morning traffic.

1 (3)I can’t imagine what happens to traffic here when there is an accident. (This was still very early – just before 6:00 a.m.)

But on this day everything went well – and kept moving and we got around Chicago very quickly.

1 (4)By daylight, traffic was still busy but there weren’t so many changes and choices to make.

1 (5)

1 (6)Before long Cerwin said, “Now this is my kind of trucking.”

…and we were still praising the Lord that the road was dry, because the snowstorm wasn’t that far to our south – especially in the area of Chicago.

1 (7)As we traveled north – into the frigid weather – lakes and rivers were frozen. It was 7 degrees when I took this picture.

2About this time we began seeing signs of snow – the first since the high elevations in western Pennsylvania.

DSC_1323Enjoy some of the scenery.






DSC_1344About the time we saw the truck in front of us pull over because of an obvious problem, we noticed that we were getting into some beautiful winter scenery.

DSC_1348Deb, this is about the time you called me – the reason I was exclaiming over the beauty surrounding us.


DSC_1358After we arrived in Hudson, Chaplain Tim said the reason for the beauty happened a few days earlier when they had snow – just before the deep-freeze hit the area.


DSC_1379Even the sign looks cold!

DSC_1384If I looked back – through Cerwin’s side window – the ice glittered in the sunlight, but it was difficult to capture.


DSC_1390The red buildings looked pretty with a backdrop of white.

DSC_1392The frosted tree scenery lasted for about half-an-hour.

DSC_1393Jeff and Chris, this picture is for you.

DSC_1396This is the second flock of turkeys we saw on Friday.

DSC_1399This beautiful scenery lasted right up to the truck stop.

DSC_1401After finding a parking spot, we called Chaplain Tim and met him at the old chapel.

DSC_1403Then it was time to talk over plans for moving the old chapel out and the new one in (to the same location).

Tim (gray sweatshirt) hoped to have it moved out by the time we got here, and did have the tractor running – after a lot of work on his and the mechanics part, as it hadn’t been run for a while.

2 thoughts on “Gary, Indiana to Hudson, Wisconsin

  1. That’s beautiful scenery, Doris — but it sure looks cold!!! Would you believe that I’ve seen ducks standing on an icy pond — once — and never a frozen river! And I love the shot of the turkeys! Is it the ice that keeps those round hay bales from rolling down the hill?! As for the traffic — I can relate to that — it gets like that here twice a day, and we even have a special alert if a lane is to be closed for more than 1/2 hour due to an unplanned event (accident) — they call it a Sigalert, named for the man who invented it!

  2. Thanks! It is still cold – 1 degree right now. Those bales do look like they could roll down the hill. I think they are frozen in place right now. I would have to get used to that traffic. 🙂 I am used to a few vehicles and a horse and buggy or two. 🙂

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