Delivering a New Chapel to Hudson, Wisconsin – Day 1

Thursday, December 5

DSC_1262Leaving TFC’s shop near Marietta, Pennsylvania – about 5:30 a.m.


DSC_1272We drove through some light, morning fog in areas, but not too bad.

DSC_1276We saw our first – and only – sign of snow for the day in the high elevations on I-80 in western Pennsylvania.


DSC_1285We were hoping to deliver a clean chapel. However, a few rainy areas changed our plans.

DSC_1288It was an uneventful day – and we like uneventful when delivering a chapel.

DSC_1290The highlight of our day was when a driver got our attention on the CB by asking, “Transport For Christ?”

Cerwin replied that he had his CB on.

“Is that the chapel for Hudson, Wisconsin?” the driver asked.

Cerwin said, “Yes, it is. We plan to be there on Friday afternoon.”

The driver: “When I saw the chapel, I thought, I bet that is the one for Hudson. Chaplain Tim told me it is coming. He is anxiously waiting for you.”

That was fun!

We stopped at a rest area near Gary, Indiana, where there was a small store and restaurant.

It was a good day, and both of us slept well in our cozy bunks in the truck.

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  1. I am from Wisconsin and enjoy reading your blog. You are definitely in for a cold day today, but hope you enjoy your trip. The high is supposed to be 2 degrees above zero. BTW, our church has supported Gary Nussbaum at TFC for years.

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