Replenishing Birdfeeders

Today, for the first time in a long time I didn’t have any back photos – nothing for tonight’s blog.

DSC_0967So, on the way home from taking TFC’s December prayer calendar to the post office, I decided to photograph full bird feeders. 🙂

How exciting is that.

DSC_0970I am hoping that it will be good news for the birds, as they have been dealing with empty feeders for the past two weeks.

DSC_0975I decided to not fill the feeders before our trip because it seemed like a waste of birdseed – because I wouldn’t be here to watch them.

DSC_0973It also seemed like a good day to prepare for the “weather” that is coming in the next two days.

DSC_0971Hopefully the birds will relearn who is feeding them.

DSC_0977Until then you will have to be satisfied with this pretty artificial cardinal.

DSC_0978It feels good to have the feeders full again.

2 thoughts on “Replenishing Birdfeeders

  1. I’m sure the birds will be happy to see you are at home and feeding them again! Stay warm in the weather to come — and have a happy Thanksgiving (I’ll be back Saturday)!

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