Traveling – Osage Beach, Missouri, To Richmond, Indiana

Tuesday, November 19

We left the hotel in Missouri about 7:45 a.m. – after saying goodbye to some of our new friends.

DSC_0765Our first stop was at the slaughter-house where the deer were taken after they were brought in from the field.

Cerwin asked them to just remove the meat from the bones. We have a local butcher who will process the venison for us.


I did not take many pictures while we traveled as I was captivated by Howard G Buffett’s book, Forty Chances. Howard’s experiences of finding his purpose in life and traveling around the world to feed the hungry are so interesting.

DSC_0774I did get my camera out when Cerwin told me that the large cross in Effington, Illinois, was just ahead.



DSC_0780There were a few other times when I gave my eyes a rest from reading and enjoyed the road scenery.

DSC_0786Of course, for me, enjoying road scenery includes praying for the truck drivers.





DSC_0810By evening we found a motel room in Richmond, Indiana, then walked across the parking lot where we enjoyed supper at a Bob Evans Restaurant.

DSC_0815I love road trips that take us from sunrise to sunset.

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