A Successful Hunt

Cerwin loved the view from his tree stand/sissy shack on Monday and took a few cell phone pictures.



DSC_0703While he enjoyed seeing several doe, a few small buck, a nice buck at a distance, squirrels, and turkey, I took a walk around the hotel and boat dock – also enjoying the beautiful weather.

DSC_9068You may remember that I planned to work on my counted cross stitch photo of our grandson Ian while Cerwin was hunting – and I did. This is what it looked like when we arrived in Osage Beach.

DSC_0756This is what it looks like now. The hotel was a perfect place to work on my stitching – as I sat in the lobby, visiting with other women and hearing from the hunters out in the field.


Shortly after 4:00 p.m. I received a text from Cerwin saying that he had an eight-point down.


It was not one that scored high, but he was pleased to be one of 49 hunters to get a buck. There were 171 hunters, so getting a buck on his first hunt with Whitetail Trophy Hunt made him quite happy.

4aCraig (co-owner of Whitetail Trophy Hunt) arrived very soon after Cerwin called in and took him to the slaughter-house.


DSC_0752Cerwin has been hunting since he was 15. He said he doesn’t remember ever having a better hunt.

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  1. Wonderful news! So glad he was successful and so glad that Cerwin had a good time — the most important part! Maybe this means y’all will come back to Missouri sometime and I’ll get to meet up with you again. Yay!

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