El Serrano’s For Chris’ Birthday

I was pleased when Chris chose El Serrano’s for her birthday, because we had never been there – and I love trying new restaurants.

Tuesday Evening, October 29


1The above photo and next paragraph are from the internet – just to give you an idea of where we ate:

It’s authentic Latino American cuisine, and by its very name, it represents more than just Mexican food. While “El Serrano” refers to the Serrano pepper in Mexican cooking, it also means “Men from the Andes” in Peru. So, you’ll find varied entrees, appetizers and desserts, including delicious family recipes from Peru.


DSC_9053The view to my right – a beautiful courtyard where there were tables for dining.


DSC_9057When I got up to take a picture, the waitress offered to take one with me in it.

DSC_9061Chris’ meal

DSC_9062   I chose shrimp for my fajita meal.

It was a delicious mix of shrimp with onions, tomatoes and peppers served with a house combination  (Lettuce, Pico de Gallo, Cheddar cheese & sour cream)  and 3 flour tortillas.

DSC_9064The men also chose fajitas, but with strips of beef.

DSC_9065None of us needed dessert, but it had been a while since Cerwin had fried ice cream and he couldn’t resist.

DSC_9066  I wasn’t sure if I was going to have dessert – until the waitress gave the listing and mentioned flan.

I didn’t have to hear any thing else. It had been years since I tasted flan, and I knew it would not be very large or filling.

We had a great evening.

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