A Breath-taking Evening

A yellow glow outside our house windows entices me to grab my camera.

2aOur little valley is especially beautiful at sunset.

2aa  I liked how the sun was setting on the neighbor’s buildings.

2b (1) It has been an interesting fall. The leaves are changing gradually – and some are already falling.

2b (2)


2d (1)

2d (2)

2e (1)

2e (2)

2e (3)

3The source of the yellow glow on this beautiful evening – Tuesday, October 8.


5 (1)   I was glad that I took time to take this picture – through the corn field – because the corn was harvested a few days later.

5 (2)

5 (3)The last glow of the sun reflected on a neighbor’s silos – just before total darkness.

8 thoughts on “A Breath-taking Evening

  1. I love that particular golden glow that we only see in autumn. The photo of sunset on the silos is wonderful!!!! I never can get enough of this time of year — just want it to go on and on. Ours is a bit atypical this year — trees are just now showing a bit of color, but many leaves are falling. Different — we never know what to expect, from season to season.

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