Truck Show & Concert – Telford, Pennsylvania

1 (1)Jason and Renita and their family graciously host this show of trucks and cars.

1 (2)They do a great job of making a truck shop look attractive for the day visitors.

1 (2a)Jason’s truck was looking good – as usual.


3 (1)Their family is also involved in Ride Free Ministries and enjoy watching their boys ride motocross bikes.

3 (2)

3 (3)The sandbox shows signs that someone likes things with wheels.

3 (4)

3bThis custom Kenworth Dump Truck was one of the first vehicles to arrive.

3a (1)

3a (2)


5 (1)


5 (2)   A nice cycle.

5 (3)   An old pickup truck.

5 (4)   A good looking old car.

5 (5)Jason asked Cerwin to park the chapel across the front of the shop.

5 (6)

9Jason’s dad, Randy, discovered that the clock was incorrect. Someone said, “That is how you make time fly.” 🙂

7We enjoyed a great afternoon concert by Gospel Harmony Echoes.

8 (1)During a concert break someone asked Sam if he had a picture of the truck he drove for Hatfield. He did not, but when looking through his wallet, he came upon this old picture of him and Alice. I love this picture.

8 (2)When the concert resumed Jason and Renita’s daughter, Brooklyn, and her friend found comfortable seats.

8 (3)The group asked the girls if they wanted to sing a song. Brooklyn sang Jesus Loves Me. Her friend did not want to sing.

8 (4)

9a (1)This little guy is trying to reposition his hot dog in the bun after dropping it on the floor.

9a (2)We were grateful that the rain held off until we were headed home.

It was a great weekend.


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