Anniversary Lunch at the TFC Office

We were honored to be invited to the TFC Office for an anniversary lunch.

Monday, September 16

1 (1)Before going to the office, I stopped at the shop to see what Cerwin was doing. He was working outside the chapel they are building for Hudson, Wisconsin, so I asked him to go inside and “pretend” that he was working. 🙂

1 (2)Glenn was working at the emergency door.

1 (3)  It will be ready for the exterior paint shop in a few weeks.

2When I got to the office kitchen, Bunny was putting the hot food on the table.


4 (1)

4 (2)  An Italian dish, lobster cakes, and chicken. It smelled wonderful.

5 (1)The staff who were in the office on this day: Scott, Jeff, Lynn, Ruth, Cerwin, (Glenn, Jane, and Peg are hidden), Bunny, and Mike.

5 (2)They even had a special cake for us.

5 (3)

6 (1)

6 (2)  Someone knew that we like raspberry-filled cake. Oh, yum!

5 thoughts on “Anniversary Lunch at the TFC Office

  1. Perhaps it’s the company, buat that looks every bit as good as all those celebratory restaurant meals you’ve had recently! And the cake says it all — happy 50th!

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