Our 50th Wedding Anniversary – Continued

Roy and Deb were our chauffeurs to The Loft in downtown Lancaster. (Jere and Kristen took us home.)

After finding a parking spot, we walked toward the restaurant and were surprised by the clip clop of horses behind us and turned around to see two city policemen.



DSC_6624Waiting to go upstairs to the second floor dining area.

379586_540489625985280_2014849134_nThis is an internet picture of the restaurant. We liked the overhead greenery.

DSC_6645Chris and Jeff.

Jeff is our oldest son.

Mark and Diane 2013Diane and Mark were not able to be there. They live in Maine.

We missed you, and look forward to receiving the homemade grape juice you said will be arriving for our anniversary.

Diane is our second child and oldest daughter

DSC_6639Kristen and Jere.

Jere is our third child.

DSC_6634Roy and Deb

Deb is our fourth and youngest child.

DSC_6652   A close-up of the beautiful corsage that Cerwin gave me.


DSC_6628Yummy, warm bread

DSC_6654The salad was delicious.

DSC_6656Kristen’s meal. If I remember correctly it was tuna.

DSC_6657Roy and I got Shrimp Stuffed with Crab Imperial.

It was the best stuffed shrimp I have ever eaten.

DSC_6629Chris got sliders for an appetizer.

DSC_6660Her entrée was seasoned vegetables.

She said they were seasoned perfectly.

DSC_6659Cerwin and Jeff got Filet Mignon, sautéed mushrooms, vegetables, and béarnaise sauce.

DSC_6663Deb’s Filet Mignon with Crab Imperial

DSC_6665Jere got Wiener Schnitzel, fried egg, and braised red cabbage.

The Loft is considered a German-style restaurant.

DSC_6666Deb and I got crème brulee.

DSC_6668Cerwin and Roy got apple pie.

Cerwin said it was warm and delicious.

DSC_6669Kristen chose a chocolate crème brulee.

DSC_6670Jere’s peanut butter pie.

DSC_6671The chocolate covered strawberries were a gift from the chef.

It was a delightful evening for us.

We love that our children enjoy looking for unusual, local restaurants that we have never visited.


We told our children that we wanted a quiet celebration at a local restaurant – and asked that they do not plan a large party. We are grateful that they obey their parents. 🙂

Encase you have forgotten, or are a new reader of my blog, our big anniversary celebration was in the winter of 2012 when we took our entire family on a seven-day cruise to the Bahamas.

Family 2012   We treasure the family that God has given us and can’t imagine life without you.

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