Reminders of My Childhood

When I walked outside this morning, this scene took me back to my early teen years when I enjoyed reading Harold Bell Wright books.

1   I loved how he described the light coming through the trees in the Ozarks.

He described it so well that I could almost see it and feel it.

2After school Ian could hardly wait to show me the cow he drew today.

I used to love drawing when I was his age.


4A noisy, rainy thunderstorm came through our area just before suppertime.

Sometimes I miss my dad during an evening thunderstorm.

He loved to sit on the porch during a summer rain – especially after the storm had passed.

5Afterward there was another “Harold Bell Wright moment” when the mist came up through the trees in the woodland and mountains behind us.

10 thoughts on “Reminders of My Childhood

  1. I guess is why we all or at least Jere & I used to love to watch storms from our garage at home. I still love storms and lightening in the sky. You gave me a flashback of so many fun memories at home with this post Mom. Love you! Tell Ian that he did a great drawing. I want a cow for my wall tell him.

  2. We had the same rain before it became a thunderstorm, just a bit of rain here. I love the cow! He should become a cartoon artist. That cow has lots of personality.

  3. That’s a talented young artist who created that cow! Very cute! And how nice that you’ll soon be able to visit the Ozarks where H.B. Wright was inspired to write his wonderful books! His influence lasted more than 100 years, as is evidenced by what has happened in Branson — his writings brought the first tourists to that area long, long ago, and they are still coming.

  4. I’ve read Shepherd of the Hills a couple of times, and saw the play back in 1985. I need to read it again. I had no idea John Wayne made a movie version. I wonder if it’s any good. I suspect not, since I’ve never heard of it.

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