Cousins’ Week – Thursday

The field camera caught some of us looking for bugs.

M2E88L240-240R379B320Jared is looking for bugs for the Eco Dome Habitat he assembled.

M2E76L224-224R406B328The camera even caught me looking for ants and bugs.

M2E75L223-223R407B328The critter mix area was a great place to find ants.

M2E71L215-215R408B331Ian just returned from Middle School orientation with his Dad.

2 (1)This was Diana’s supper.

2 (2)Buttered noodles are a favorite of our grandchildren.

2 (3)

2 (5)After supper they made their last batch of critter mix.

2 (6)

2 (18)The skunks are going to wonder what happened when we stop feeding them. 🙂

2 (8)Playing Kan Jam

2 (9)

2 (10)

2 (11)

2 (12)

2 (15)

2 (16)

2 (17)Jesse putting one of the cans away.

2 (19)Evening water fun with the beach ball sprinkler.

2 (20)This was the end of the line for the beach ball and hop scotch sprinkler as both split a seam on this evening.

2 (21)   I felt like I got my money’s worth out of the hopscotch, as I got it on sale in 2012 – for $6.00 – so this was its second season of Cousins’ Week. I think someone gave us the beach ball.

2 (22)  So they resorted to the good old-fashioned water hose for some wet fun.

2 (23)

2 (24)

2 (25)

M2E18L4-4R350B300Since the field camera again captured many skunks, I will just post this one with three of them. (You can barely see the dark skunk on the right.)

It was another great day at our house.

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