Cousins’ Days – Riding Horse

When I took Gloria to Abby’s place to ride horse, Abby asked if I wanted to bring the boys back in two hours so she and Gloria could give them rides.

DSC_5342That made two boys – Ian and Jared – very happy.

Jesse didn’t think he wanted to ride horse.

DSC_5345Abby and Dusty (quarter horse) gave Jared rides. Gloria and General (appaloosa) gave rides to Ian.

DSC_5353Abby is our only married grandchild. She and Nathaniel live about a mile and a half from our place. You can see our wood lot to the left of Abby’s head.


DSC_5355After Ian and Jared became comfortable, Gloria and Abby made them go faster – to the boys delight.

DSC_5359After awhile Jesse was ready to ride behind Jared.

DSC_5370Then he wanted to go fast!



DSC_5379Changing horses.




DSC_5406Next they learned to ride alone – without Abby or Gloria holding the reins.



DSC_5415And Jesse was ready to be in the saddle alone – if Gloria held the rope.

They each came a long way in one hour.

DSC_5430The boys wanted to see Gloria and Abby race.

DSC_5447Then Jared raced with Gloria and General

DSC_5454Ian’s turn to race General.


DSC_5435Jesse getting a turn on Dusty.



DSC_5466“Look Grandma, I am only using one hand!”

DSC_5472They wanted to ride some more.



DSC_5479Jesse watched them from a nearby tree.

DSC_5418Gloria wanted one more ride before we went home.

DSC_5420She showed the boys how to canter.

DSC_5496Jesse’s final ride.

DSC_5498Removing Dusty’s saddle.

DSC_5506Cleaning out his hooves.

DSC_5510Gloria preparing to remove General’s saddle.


DSC_5516Teaching the boys how to store saddles until the next ride.

DSC_5517Gloria cleaning General’s hooves.

DSC_5519Taking the horses to their pasture.


DSC_5522So ended the horse rides on Cousins’ Week.

Thanks, Abby and Gloria. That was so nice of you to think about the boys.

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