Lititz Craft Show

Deb was at our house about 7:30 on Saturday morning to take me to the craft show.

I had never gone – and it is only a few miles from our house.

DSC_4797Deb’s friend Dee was waiting for us at a local parking lot. They were my shopping partners for the day.

I took this picture at 8:00 a.m.


We had only just begun when we met my sister-in-law Brenda – who was already finished shopping. She said they really didn’t need a pillow, but she couldn’t resist this one. (She is holding a soft pretzel – encase you wonder what is at the bottom of the pillow. :))

Their home is open to young women who need someone to help them move into a healthy (an hopefully Christian) adulthood.

DSC_4808Walk along with us and enjoy some of the crafts.





DSC_4870Wilbur Chocolate Company provides a delightful aroma to the area.

DSC_4874There were several Amish people selling their wares.


DSC_4882That’s our friend Debbie (in the pink top) from church.

DSC_4886These little guys were getting a lot of attention. Their owner had them in an over-the-shoulder carrier.




DSC_4918It was time for lunch and a break from walking when we got to A Tea Affair.

DSC_4900We started with scones and a cold tomato soup (delicious). Deb and I had pomegranate tea.

DSC_4905Dee’s salad

DSC_4906My tomato pie

DSC_4910Deb’s Quiche Lorraine

DSC_4919We still had a long way to go until the end of the vendors on Main Street.






DSC_4936This church steeple looked pretty in the early afternoon as we headed back toward Broad Street.

DSC_4939  I was surprised to see my friend (and schoolmate) Julie. I heard that she had written a children’s book, and was pleased to purchase one here.

DSC_4946Then I discovered that she knew Dee because Dee works at the publishing company that helped Julie with the original copy. (I think that was the hardcopy version.)

DSC_4954This was our view as we turned the corner from Main to Broad. We still had not seen most of the vendors on the right.

I took this picture at 2:00 p.m. – six hours after the first picture – and we weren’t quite finished yet.

It was a delightful day – but my feet were glad to be propped up at the end of the afternoon.

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