TFC Board & Wisconsin Chapel

Cerwin and I were invited to have supper with the International Board on Wednesday evening.

2 (1)   I left the house a bit early so I would have time to get some pictures of Cerwin working on the trailer that will become a chapel for Hudson, Wisconsin. In this photo he is taking rivets off of a trap door.

This will be closed and become a solid wall.

2 (2)He already has the door openings cut into the trailer wall. This is the emergency door, which will be in the chaplain’s office/living quarters.

2 (3)   I took this interior photo from the chapel area – looking toward the emergency door on the left and that trap door opening.

2 (4)This is from the living quarters looking toward the chapel area. The large opening at the end is where the trailer doors were removed.

0 (2)In the office board room, the International Board members were finishing up their afternoon session.

0 (3)

0 (4)

1 (1)Jeff Martin was in the kitchen cutting the ham loaf. His wife, Ruth, Administrative Assistant to the Office of Chaplains, was in charge of getting this meal together.

1 (2)


3 (1)Board Member, Ellen Voie (Wisconsin) getting her salad. She is President/CEO of Women In Trucking

0 (1)It had been a while since we were with the International Board – and there were a few we had never met – so it was great to enjoy a meal with them. They are from a variety of states in the USA, plus Ontario and New Brunswick, Canada.

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