Michigan Welcome Center to Toledo, Ohio

Thursday, July 18

2 (1)Cerwin said, “Get a picture of this truck coming up on my left.”

2 (2)He noticed that there were a lot of axles – something we often look for in Michigan, because most states don’t allow that much weight – the reason for so many wheels.

2 (3)What a beautiful, well-kept rig.

2 (4)A windmill just before we got to Zeeland.

2 (5)


2 (6)This is the place we were looking for.

2 (7)We were told to look for trailer number 5009 – as that is the one that Grassmid was donating to TFC for a future chapel.

2 (8)This is a 53 foot trailer, so Cerwin will keep it for placement in a large truck stop.

2 (9)Going by the windmill again.

2 (10)

2 (11)

2 (12)

2 (13)

2 (15)This was our view of the Toledo, Ohio, Chapel when we pulled into the fuel island at Toledo TA Travel Center, Perrysburg, Ohio.

2 (17)Chaplain Wayne keeps beautiful petunias in barrels next to the chapel.

2 (16)There is usually one or two that grow through a small opening in the black top.

2 (18)Cerwin asking Wayne where to park our rig.

2 (19)

2 (20)

2 (21)This nice truck went by us as we walked to our chapel rig after having supper with Wayne.

2 (22)Cerwin finished his log for the day.

2 (23)My view of the Toledo Chapel before going to bed.

Part of me was sad that this would be our last night of sleeping in the truck.

4 thoughts on “Michigan Welcome Center to Toledo, Ohio

  1. I have followed your posts on your trip to Calgary and back and have so enjoyed all your pictures and comments. That was quite a trip! Great sites, friends and family along the way, good meals, safe travels, and a chapel left for others to hear the Word of God during their travels — God bless you!

  2. That’s a HUGE trailer — is it more difficult for Cerwin to drive? Love the windmill, and the shot just below the Ohio sign — is that a bridge? — and over which river? You’ve had a great trip — it will be strange to be home again!

    • He does have to keep an eye on the rear end of the trailer when going around corners and when backing up. Yes, that is a bridge. I did not check which river we were going over.

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