Day 2 – Our Trip to Calgary

South Bend, Indiana, to Sauk, Centre, Minnesota

DSC_1887We were on the road this morning shortly after six a.m.


DSC_1901This house got our attention because of grass on the roof. It also appears to have been built into a bank.

DSC_1906Cerwin said this is trucking!

He loved the long, straight roads.

DSC_1909We took a slight detour because of road construction – due to the advice of the driver we met last night – so stopped at Petro Stopping Center near Rochelle, Illinois, for brunch.

It was fun to see the TFC chapel there. We were too early to see a chaplain.

DSC_1929This was the only chance I had to get both chapels together.

DSC_1932Corn fields seemed to go on forever.

DSC_1937When we saw this smoke, we thought there might be an accident ahead of us.

DSC_1944However, it came from this fire that looks a bit out of control. We aren’t sure what was burning.


The truck feature of the day is our tiny closet and port-a-pot. I am grateful for this small toilet that even “flushes” because we drove from 6:15 a.m until 6:15 p.m. today with only two stops (brunch and a rest stop in the late afternoon).

DSC_1951This heart captured our attention.

DSC_1954It seems to be an advertisement for a recreational community.

DSC_1956We were slowed down a bit when we had to pull unto a truck scales for a weight check.

DSC_1958Weight is not a problem for our rig.

DSC_1967This reminded us of our visit to the Dells in the late ’80s.

DSC_1969Each area of the country has its own beauty.





DSC_1988Going around Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

DSC_1999We were glad we weren’t going through this area at the close of the work day.

DSC_2002Slow traffic gave me another chance to photograph roadside flowers.


DSC_2008This was our route for the day.

We are parked in an AmBest Truck Stop near Sauk Centre, Minnesota, and just finished a delicious supper: a cup of corn chowder and half of a roast beef sandwich.

6 thoughts on “Day 2 – Our Trip to Calgary

  1. That IS a beautiful part of the country! I can see why Cerwin likes the long straight roads — and I’d be terrified driving that traffic, even in mid-day, in a big rig! I am fascinated by your wildflower shot — but what captured my attention is the background in that shot! Glad it was a nicer day than yesterday!

  2. Hi Cerwin and Doris, great pictures . . . I am praying for you . . . looking forward to seeing you in Canadian Rocky country!! Jeff Batzer

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