Father’s Day

Cerwin’s Father’s Day included cards, hugs, phone calls, and brunch with Roy and Deb.


1bWe met Roy and Deb immediately after church – 11:30 a.m. – and arrived at The Franklin House Restaurant just before noon.


1bbRoy loves to find old and unusual restaurants – and was pleased that we had never been here.

1bc (1)

1bc (2)

1c (1)We were delighted that the weather was nice enough to eat outside on the second floor balcony.

1c (2)Deb and Roy are so much fun to be with. We have common interests, they are open and honest in conversation.

We do a lot of laughing.

They encourage our souls.

1ccWe had great fun discussing Roy’s parking skills that day – especially after we watched another person trying to park between the lines a few spots away.

When she sat next to us, Roy teased her a bit – until we showed her Roy’s car. 🙂

1d (1)Cerwin said his pan omelet was delicious.

It included sausage, potato cakes, and a variety of cheeses.

1d (2)Deb and I decided to share a Reuben and sweet potato fries and…

1d (3)…raspberry stuffed french toast.


1d (4)Roy’s brunch sandwich included an egg over light, an onion ring, cheese, and steak. He also had potato cakes on the side.

He declared it delicious.

1d (5)Nobody was very hungry for dessert, but Roy ordered this for sharing.

Deb and I took a forkful or two. The men ate the rest.

We decided that this cake alone was worth a return visit.

1d (6)Deb and I each ordered a creme brulee – not for sharing.

You may notice a pattern in my dessert choices. I love creme brulee – for two reasons: the taste and the size. They are always small.

1d (7)This was my view of the church steeple up the street.

It made me feel like I was in Europe.

2After our meal we took a walking tour of the building and took a few pictures.


2c (3)


2d (1)

2c (2)

2c (1)

2d (2)Deb wanted a few pictures with her dad since it was Father’s Day.

2d (3)

2d (4)

2c (4)  It was fun to look back to the balcony where we had brunch.

Thanks Roy and Deb for a wonderful time.

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  1. It was such a great day, we had so much fun. We love you both so much and love every minute we get to spend with you.

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