A Delightful Saturday Afternoon

On Saturday, June 15, our Pennsylvania family visited with our Amish friends.

DSC_0301 I enjoy traveling across the Susquehanna River at this spot – with a view of Harrisburg across several bridges.

DSC_0307An abandoned house along a country road on our way to Perry County – about an-hour-and-a-half drive for us.

DSC_0309I took only a few pictures, because Amish do not like photos taken of them – especially of their faces.

DSC_0313Our daughter Deb had her six (rescued) baby raccoons along because she has to feed them every four hours – and it was a two-hour drive (one way) for them. Jared enjoyed having this one follow him.

DSC_0311Then he lay down on the grass and allowed them crawl over him.

DSC_0318We had a delightful day – visiting with the adults, enjoying a delicious lunch, and watching the young ones play volley ball and a few other games.

We have been friends with this family since our children were babies. Now our grandchildren are playing volleyball together.

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