Highlights of Three Beautiful Days in July

July 22, 23, & 24

Highlights (1)How is this for a Wednesday morning highlight – our great-grandson, Anthony, and his aunt, our granddaughter, Lydia?

Anthony was here for a short time while his mom (Abby) ran a few errands.

Highlights (2)These three are cell phone pictures so we could send pictures to his grandma (Diane) in Maine.

Highlights (3)Love that cookie-covered face.

Highlights (4)

Highlights (5)Thursday: I love the view from our patio when the sun is highlighting corn tassels.

Highlights (6)Cornfields line the road near our house.

Highlights (7)Friday: Our daughter-in-law Kristen brought a bag of fresh corn – ready-for-the-freezer

Highlights (8)There were more than a dozen freezer bags.

Highlights (9)Thanks, Kristen. I kept one bag out of the freezer for supper. It tasted like fresh corn. Yum!

Highlights (10)I never tire of a clear night and a beautiful moon – whether it is waxing, full, or waning.

Highlights (11)Sometimes I like to think about the fact that it is the same moon God created thousands of years ago – and the same moon that each of our family members see – no matter where they live or are traveling.

Night Lights

Friday evening, July 3

Lightening Bugs (2)Our three youngest grandchildren were here for the evening, and just before dark decided to catch lightening bugs (maybe you call them fireflies).

If you look closely, you can see a few lightening bugs in these pictures.

Lightening Bugs (4)I gave them each a plastic, deli container.

Lightening Bugs (5)

Lightening Bugs (7)

Lightening Bugs (8)

Lightening Bugs (9)

Lightening Bugs (14)When they were finished, they opened the lids and set them free.

Lightening Bugs (10)

Lightening Bugs (11)

Lightening Bugs (12)

Lightening Bugs (13)

Lightening Bugs (15)Then as we were preparing to go inside, I saw fireworks in the distance.

Lightening Bugs (16)It was a beautiful evening to watch fireworks.

Lightening Bugs (17)

Lightening Bugs (18)

Lightening Bugs (19)

Lightening Bugs (20)

Lightening Bugs (21)A big rig going by the house.

Lightening Bugs (22)My favorite light of the night was the beautiful, full moon.

The Sky & A Bird

May 31 to June 8

1Passing storms created some beautiful skies in late May and early June.

2 (1)

2 (2)

2 (3)The birds are enjoying our beautiful warm weather.


4 (1)Getting ready to take off.

4 (2)

4 (3)You again? I thought if I came back on this side of the feeder you wouldn’t find me.

4 (4)Spraying the no-till corn field. Soon we will see the newly-planted corn.

4 (5)One evening we heard that a serious storm was threatening our area.

4a (2)For awhile we thought it was going to go around us.

4bThen it began getting darker.

4cBefore long it looked rather frightening.

6-8-15 (2)

6-8-15 (7)Then we had a downpour.

6-8-15 (9)

6-8-15 (10)

6-8-15 (11)Within minutes it was over and some people reported seeing a rainbow.

6-8-15 (12)Because of the thick woods to our east, we sometimes miss rainbows, but I did see a beautiful sunset.

Morning Moon ~ Evening Moon

Saturday, March 7

Icy Sunrise (1)The morning moon was brilliant at 6:00 AM.

Icy Sunrise (2)Two hours later the sun lit up the snow that was left in the fields.

Icy Sunrise (3)

Icy Sunrise (4)

Icy Sunrise (5)

Icy Sunrise (6)Icicles glittered.

Icy Sunrise (7)It was a great Saturday morning for snowmobiling.

Icy Sunrise (8)The bush is no longer totally covered with snow.

Icy Sunrise (9)By mid-afternoon the icicles were dripping.

Icy Sunrise (10)Some came lose from the roof and ended up sideways on bushes.

Icy Sunrise (11)The evening moon was as brilliant as the morning moon. However, my vantage point was from behind trees – creating interesting pictures.

Icy Sunrise (12)Come back again for my next evening post and see who we took out for supper on Saturday evening.

Beauty After The Snowstorm

Friday, March 6

1 (1)The day after the snowstorm was sunny and pretty.

1 (2)Every thing dirty and dull was covered in white.

1 (3)

1 (4)

1 (5)Red-bellied Woodpecker – female. The male has a red head.

1 (6)Blue Jay

2Carolina Wren


4I would appreciate if these gray critters would only go to the ground and box feeders, but they enjoy emptying any feeder within jumping reach.

5 (1)

5 (3)During our evening drive to a sportsman’s dinner (I’ll post about that tomorrow evening.) I noticed some interesting clouds.

5 (2)This one almost looks angelic.

5 (4)

5 (5)Bare trees look pretty in a snow-covered landscape.


It was a beautiful day.

Lunch With Roy & Deb

Sunday, January 11

We had a few things that belonged to Roy and Deb, so decided to meet them for lunch.

DSC_4633Shortly after we arrived at RD’s, a friend of Roy & Deb’s came in and sat at the next table. Deb offered to hold their baby for a bit.

DSC_4636She had been crying before Deb got her, and we were amused by her big tears.

DSC_4642What a beautiful baby girl.

DSC_4630As we talked and waited for lunch, I noticed this scene outside the window and thought, “That would make a good picture.”

DSC_4632Someone once asked me if I don’t think I miss a lot of things when we travel because I am always taking pictures.

DSC_4644Actually, I think I notice more things because I take pictures. 🙂


DSC_4649Shortly after leaving the restaurant – on our way to Roy and Deb’s – we noticed this pilot enjoying the beautiful afternoon.


DSC_4653Right below him was this Amish buggy.


Tomorrow night I will introduce you to Deb’s newest rescue – a baby goat.