The Day After The Rain

Friday, August 21

day after (2)The morning was beautiful – the day after the rain.

day after (1)Raindrops were still hanging to the leaves.

day after (3)

day after (4)

day after (5)Somebody was busy during the night.

day after (6)By evening the sky “called” me to the outside.

day after (7)

day after (8)

day after (9)

day after (10)I couldn’t get enough of this sky.

day after (11)

day after (12)

day after (13)It won’t be many days before this corn will be in storage bins, so I will enjoy this view as long as I can.

day after (14)

day after (15)

day after (16)

day after (17)

day after (18)Before I knew it, this beautiful day was over.

Rain and a Loud Noise

Monday, August 17

1It was an interesting, very local, quick rainfall.

Neighbors less than a mile away didn’t receive more than a few drops while we had a nice afternoon rain – about a quarter inch.

2The yard was ready for a refresher – and could have used more.

I heard a loud noise that I thought was thunder – until I looked outside.

DSC_8922This branch missed the TFC pickup truck that Cerwin drives to work by only two feet. He usually takes it to work, but on this day he took the RAV4.


DSC_8925This branch landed close to the house.

DSC_8927So grateful that neither the truck or house were damaged.

DSC_8929Cerwin was glad for an excuse to use his brand new chainsaw.

His old one died in July – the day we had the large tree in our front yard taken down and he cut it up into firewood for Jere and Kristen.

Dave’s Lawn and Garden said he got his moneys worth out of the old one, because he bought it in 1987. If his new one lasts that long, Cerwin will be 102 before he needs another one. Maybe by that time he won’t be cutting up trees. 🙂

Afternoon Rain

Saturday, Afternoon, July 18

DSC_8039After the grandchildren went home from Cousin’s Week, we had a beautiful afternoon shower (we could use one of those rains again).

DSC_8040It was a rare sun rain – which means the sun never stopped shining.

DSC_8041Then, a short time later, we had a beautiful sunset.

DSC_8046I love when it rains through our trees.

DSC_8048There were beautiful, interesting cloud formations.









DSC_8063Our stargazer lilies looked pretty with rain drops covering them.




DSC_8074I love a summer rain.

Beauty in Ohio Amish Country

Friday Morning, July 10

Friday Morning (1)We woke up to a warm, drizzly morning in Berlin, Ohio

Friday Morning (2)I walked one mile on the motel treadmill (while Cerwin watched the news in our room) before exploring the gardens and area around our motel.

Friday Morning (3)The outside entrance to our room.

Friday Morning (4)The patio area.

Friday Morning (5)Though the rain had stopped, many leaves and flowers were dripping with water.

Friday Morning (6)

Friday Morning (7)

Friday Morning (8)There were many beautiful flowers.

Friday Morning (9)

Friday Morning (10)

Friday Morning (11)

Friday Morning (12)

Friday Morning (13)

Friday Morning (14)

Friday Morning (15)

Friday Morning (16)

Friday Morning (17)

Friday Morning (18)

Friday Morning (19)

Friday Morning (20)

Friday Morning (21)After photographing flowers, I walked down the hill to the antique mall.

Friday Morning (22)It wasn’t open yet as it was only 8 AM, but there were some interesting things outside.

Friday Morning (23)

Friday Morning (24)

Friday Morning (25)By the time we were ready for a drive through Amish country (8:45 AM), it was drizzling again.

Friday Morning (26)

Friday Morning (27)I love when we have time to travel leisurely over country roads.

Friday Morning (28)

Friday Morning (29)

Friday Morning (30)

Friday Morning (31)

Friday Morning (32)Windmills are a sure sign of an Amish home or farm.

Friday Morning (33)More Ohio Amish country tomorrow night.

The Sky & A Bird

May 31 to June 8

1Passing storms created some beautiful skies in late May and early June.

2 (1)

2 (2)

2 (3)The birds are enjoying our beautiful warm weather.


4 (1)Getting ready to take off.

4 (2)

4 (3)You again? I thought if I came back on this side of the feeder you wouldn’t find me.

4 (4)Spraying the no-till corn field. Soon we will see the newly-planted corn.

4 (5)One evening we heard that a serious storm was threatening our area.

4a (2)For awhile we thought it was going to go around us.

4bThen it began getting darker.

4cBefore long it looked rather frightening.

6-8-15 (2)

6-8-15 (7)Then we had a downpour.

6-8-15 (9)

6-8-15 (10)

6-8-15 (11)Within minutes it was over and some people reported seeing a rainbow.

6-8-15 (12)Because of the thick woods to our east, we sometimes miss rainbows, but I did see a beautiful sunset.


Wednesday, May 27

1 (1)I don’t always make a big deal out of an afternoon thunderstorm, but we needed a good rain.

1 (2)

1 (3)Oh, yes!

I just had to go outside and enjoy the scent of a spring rain.

1 (4)

1 (5)It was bouncing off our driveway.

1 (6)

2 (1)There were muddy puddles in the back yard near the woods.

2 (2)

DSC_4191I rarely watch rain coming through the trees in our woods without remembering the books – written by Harold Bell Wright – I enjoyed as a young girl.

 His descriptive sentences made me feel like I was right in the woods with the people in his stories – whether the sun was shining or it was raining.

He was the first writer who helped me appreciate and truly “see” the glory of God’s creation.

Happenings Around Here

March 24 to April 2

1 (8)Spreading manure on the field to our south.

1 (1)

1 (2)Back to the manure pit

1 (6)Then back to the field

1 (10)

1 (12)

1 (13)

1 (14)

1 (15)

1 (17)The crops should grow well this summer!

2 (5)Two days later a rather ominous looking storm came through and made sure the manure was firmly soaked into the soil.

2 (7)The rain didn’t last long, but it was good for the land.

2 (8)

3 (1)Two days after that – March 28 – it snowed!

3 (2)I am thinking that our crocus’ will never bloom this spring. They are usually blooming by the middle of March.

4 (1)Today it finally felt like spring – and Rohrer’s spread stones on Anne’s driveway – below our house.

4 (2)The field beyond the truck – which had manure on it the other day – is already turning green.

DSC_7887…and look! Our crocus’ are blooming.


DSC_7902Spring has finally arrived.

A Rainy Kind Of Day

Saturday, March 14DSC_7013Many of you saw robins long before I did.

March 14 was the first day for me this year.

DSC_7019It was a rainy, cool day which quickly melted the many inches of snow that was on the ground.

DSC_7021We left the house in the late morning – to have lunch with Cerwin’s mother.

DSC_7023My favorite mules were standing near the buildings – getting free baths.


DSC_7032We took a low road that Cerwin usually avoids when it is raining, but today I convinced him to take it so I could get pictures of water on the road and in the fields.


DSC_7037He tried to make water splash over the windshield for a camera shot, but I only managed to get a picture of a bit of the splash – in the lower right of the above photo.



DSC_7049A cardinal welcomed us with his “cheer, cheer, cheer” as we walked toward the entrance of the area of Landis Homes where Mother lives.

DSC_7051The rain had stopped by the time we left, but its effects remained.

DSC_7062On the way home we came upon a very flooded area.

DSC_7060The reflection in this picture makes the pole look like it is placed in the center of the road.

I love a rainy day!