Yard Crew & Another Pretty Sunset

Monday, December 7

1 (3)Glenn (second from left) mentioned in our Sunday school class that Harold and Doris needed help to get their yard ready for winter. Both are not well enough to do the job.

1 (4)This is the crew of guys who helped – John Henry, Mark, Glenn, Marv, and John. Mark’s wife, Ruth Ann, also helped, but was not in any of the pictures – as did Cerwin who took the pictures with his cell phone.

1 (1)

1 (2)Marv cleaning up with the leaf blower.

1 (5)They even trimmed the bushes.

Harold and Doris were at the doctor while the crew was there, but he later called Glenn –¬†twice to thank everyone.

2That evening we enjoyed another pretty sunset.

Like the previous night, it affected the entire sky. The above picture was facing south.



2cThis is facing north.



DSC_5531This is facing west where the sun was setting.




DSC_5536I love a productive, pretty Monday.