A Frosty Morning

Saturday, December 2

When I first looked outside, I thought, “Wow, our car is dusty.” Then I realized that it was frost.

I went outside to find some frost, but almost waited too long. The morning sun had already melted most of it.

Ā  The prettiest frost was on our tea leaves.

I also found a frosty berry on one of our fire bushes.

This has nothing to do with frost, but is two of the very few leaves left on a large fire bush in back of our house.

A frosty morning tells me that winter is just around the corner.

A Beautiful, Cold, Frosty Morning

Sunday, Morning December 6

Very Heavy Frost (1)I have lived in our house for the past 48 years, but never get tired of our morning view – especially in wintertime when the fields are empty and I can see the homestead where I grew up.

Very Heavy Frost (2)It looked especially pretty on this foggy, frosty morning.

Very Heavy Frost (3)The sunrise even affected the southwestern sky and neighborhood.

Very Heavy Frost (6)It was a cold morning to be outside in my housecoat.

I love living in the country where nobody sees me outside in my housecoat. šŸ™‚

Very Heavy Frost (4)The eastern sky changed by the moment – from grayish pink to orange.

Very Heavy Frost (7)

Very Heavy Frost (5)

Very Heavy Frost (8)

Very Heavy Frost (9)On the patio ourĀ roses were covered with heavy frost.

Very Heavy Frost (10)I can’t imagine they will survive this cold morning.

Very Heavy Frost (11)I love a cold, frosty morning.

A Cold Saturday Morning

Saturday, December 5

Frosty Morning (1)ItĀ will soon be the last time weĀ seeĀ colored dogwood leaves this fall as we are beginning to have some cold, frosty mornings.

Frosty Morning (2)

Frosty Morning (3)

Frosty Morning (4)There was a bit of ice in the bird bath.

Frosty Morning (6)I’m surprised that we still have roses.

Frosty Morning (7)This rose is edged with frost.

Frosty Morning (8)I am sureĀ these tender flowers in our patio flower bed will soon succumb to the cold weather.

Frosty Morning (10)They looked pretty with frost covering them.

Frosty Morning (9)

Frosty Morning (11)Frosted lavender

Frosty Morning (12)By evening, it wasn’t the cold weather that took care of the dogwood leaves – but my tree-trimming husband. šŸ™‚