TFC Chapel Construction Update

This is what the newest chapel looks like as of today, March 31.

It will be used locally – to promote TFC and minister to those who attend truck shows, churches, and fairs.

Cerwin took this photo with his cell phone – from the office/living quarters looking toward the chapel area.

The chapel area

On the exterior, they are installing new (donated) wheels.

When that job is finished – next week – it will go to Mervin Weaver’s paint shop.


Cerwin is hoping to debut it at a late spring truck show – not sure if it will be ready for the May truck shows.

If you want to see it in person, plan to come to the Truck Rally on June 24.

We are planning the dedication on Sunday morning, June 25 during the Rally Celebration service.

A New Chapel Under Construction

9-8-16-3Cerwin purchased this used trailer for TFC at an auction on August 26 – just before we delivered the newly finished chapel to New Caney (Houston), Texas.

10-5-16-1In early October, Cerwin and Glenn began preparing the trailer for construction by removing the back doors. If you look closely, you can see Glenn pushing this door to the ground.

10-5-16-3Then it was moved inside the shop.

10-5-16-4This will be a new promotional chapel for taking to churches and truck shows, consequently Cerwin was particular that it be a 48′ so it is not too long for church and truck show parking lots. (The one we took to Houston was a 53′)

There is no tight deadline for this one, so the guys will work on it during the winter months. Look for it to be ready for ministry by next spring.

We’re Packed and Ready to Begin Our Trip to Texas

Monday Morning, September 12

dscn0136The chapel area includes boxes of chairs and other items for inside the chapel.

dscn0134The office/living quarters also has items – like outside awnings – that will be installed when we get to Houston.

dscn0133Another view of the living quarters.

Please pray for us today as we travel to Knoxville, Tennessee. Our plan is to have supper with Chaplain Hank Rader at Knoxville West TA, and stay there overnight.

I will update as I have time and internet.

Construction Update on the Chapel for Houston, Texas

7-5-16 (1)July 5 – Glenn finishing work on the paneling.

7-13-16 (1)July 13 – beginning the installation of living quarter cabinets.

7-13-16 (2)

7-13-16 (3)

7-13-16 (4)

7-14-16B (1)July 14 – More cabinet work

7-14-16B (2)

7-21-16 (2)July 21 – This is what the living quarters looked like yesterday.

7-21-16 (4)

7-21-16 (3)The chapel area

7-21-16 (5)The next step is to paint and letter the exterior.

It goes to Merv Zimmerman’s for sand and glass blasting on Tuesday. When that is finished, Cerwin will take it to Trans Equipment for painting, then to Eckert’s Signs for lettering.

Everything is still on target for delivery to Texas in mid-September. 🙂

Chapel Construction Update

Construction on the chapel for Houston, Texas – June 21 to 30

6-21-16 (1)June 21 – our grandsons Jared and Ian helped install the insulation.

6-21-16 (2)

6-21-16 (4)

6-21-16 (5)They also assisted with the ceiling.

6-21-16 (8)

6-23-16 (1)June 23. Dave posing for the camera while the others work. 🙂

6-23-16 (3)

6-28-16 (1)June 28. Cerwin picked up the steps at PBZ Fabricating.

6-28-16 (2)

6-28-16 (3)The cabinets arrived that day as well.

6-29-16 (1)June 29. Preparing to install paneling. After placing the paneling on the wall then removing it, this marks the spot for cutting an opening for the electrical outlet.

6-30-16 (2)June 29. Glenn cutting an outlet opening.

6-30-16 (1)Paneling – the living quarters.

6-30-16 (3)

6-29-16 (2)The chapel area at the end of June.

6-30-16 (4)As you can see by the previous picture, the paneling is all the same color and style. Shadowing makes the end of the chapel appear darker in this photo.

Please Pray For the Ocala, Florida, Chapel Delivery

Thursday, July 30

20150729_125544The newest TFC chapel is on its way to Florida – from Marietta, Pennsylvania. Cerwin took this picture yesterday after pulling it out of TFC’s shop.

Pray for Cerwin and Glenn Fahnestock as they make this delivery – first to Tri County Baptist Church, Lady Lake, Florida, for their Missions Conference on Sunday, August 2, then on to Pilot Travel Center, I-75, Exit 358, Ocala, Florida, on Monday, which will be its permanent location.

Chapel Construction Update For Ocala, Florida

Cerwin had a workday on the chapel today – with five men helping him – so I thought it was time for an update – and I know Chaplain John is anxious to see new pictures of the chapel that will be coming his way later this summer.

Ocala (1)This is what the exterior of the chapel looked like on May 22 when Cerwin took it to Merv Weaver’s for sandblasting and painting prep.

Ocala (2)When it was finished there, it was taken to Trans Equipment where Brad Plank’s crew did a fabulous job of painting it.

It was brought back to the shop toward the end of last week for more inside construction before it is lettered.

Ocala (3)While the chapel was gone, Cerwin built the bed (above) and worked on the door and window awnings (which will be installed when we arrive in Florida.)

Ocala (4)Today’s crew worked on interior lighting and outside LED lights.

Ocala (5)The camera picked up a different lighting after the florescent lights were installed.

Ocala (8)

Ocala (9)Installing reflective tape makes a difference in the exterior appearance.

Ocala (10)

Ocala (11)It is looking good.

TFC Chapel Construction Update

Ocala, Florida, chapel construction – March 3 to 16.

Photos by Cerwin

3-3-15Glen sanding a ceiling panel in preparation for a final coat of paint.

3-4-15 (2)Installing wall insulation.

3-10-15 (6)Wiring

3-12-15 (3)Ray wiring the main box.

3-12-15 (3a)

3-12-15 (6)Volunteers enjoying lunch – Rod, Leonard, Ray, Dennis, Glenn.

3-12-15 (9)Ceiling installed.

3-16-15 Florida (1)Installing wall paneling in the chapel area.

3-16-15 Florida (4)

3-16-15 Florida (5)Cerwin said the paneling in the living quarters/office will be finished by the end of this week. Lord willing.

This post is especially for the Ocala, Florida, staff who enjoy seeing the updates. 🙂

New Chapel Construction

This is a used 53′ trailer and will go to the Pilot in Ocala, Florida, I-75, Exit 358.

If you read our latest newsletter and thought it was going to be a promotional chapel (used to take to churches, truck shows, etc.), that was changed a few weeks ago when funds were raised for the Pilot.

The trailer was donated by Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company and was brought here from Texas.

1 (1)Cerwin backing it into the shop.

1 (2)Preparing to remove the back doors.

2Back doors removed

3 (1)Doors and windows cut into the side of the trailer.

There is also a window on the other side.

3 (2)

3 (3)January 26 – Installing base flooring and insulation.

Glenn, Clarence and Reuben were helping Cerwin on this day.

4 (1)February 3 – the wall framing was finished.

4 (2)February 23 – the ceiling was framed.

4 (4)Doors and windows installed

4 (5)That is pretty much what it looks like today.

The men worked on installing the rough wiring on Thursday (February 26), but Cerwin did not remember to take a picture. 🙂


Tentative plans are to deliver it to Florida this summer.