Sunday in Maine

May 14



Lydia making breakfast. I think these are called Eggs in a Cloud.

She and Hannah have an apartment on a farm where both milk cows – several miles away.

These are made by separating the eggs, whipping the whites, then adding the yokes, cheese, seasonings and whatever you desire: bacon, ham, spinach, etc.

This it what a spinach one looks like after it has been baked.

Bacon and sweet potato flowers.

If I remember correctly, Hannah made these ahead of time.

Sausage from Bisson’s Meat Market – the farm where the girls live.

After breakfast we went to Brunswick Church of the Brethren,Whales, Maine.



The main course for lunch was chicken with bacon and cheese.


It was Mother’s Day, so Diane asked me to take a picture of her with their three Maine children: Elizabeth, Lydia, and Hannah. Josiah and Abigail live in Pennsylvania and Hezekiah lives in Tennessee. (They each called in their Mother’s Day wishes.)

Nsimba reading something in Diane’s bird book.

He and Elizabeth came after their fellowship meal at Lewiston Church of the Brethren, Lewiston, Maine.

Hannah went home to milk cows while Elizabeth, Lydia, Diane, and I played Take One – a form of Scrabble.



This was the first time in thirty years that I had love feast and communion with Diane – and the first time ever with Lydia. This was at Brunswick Church of the Brethren.

These photos were taken with my cell phone.

The lamb and rice soup they have for the love feast meal.

Breaking bread

My piece of unleavened bread

Grape juice

It was a blessed Mother’s Day for me.

Supper at Sea Dog Restaurant

Saturday Evening, May 13

(Since we were in Maine I should probably say “suppah”.) 🙂

The Sea Dog is in the Bowdoin Mill complex not far from the Myers house.

There were a few loons enjoying the Androscoggin River next to the window where we enjoyed our meal.

It was difficult to photograph them because of the shadows and the screen in the window.

Cerwin, Hannah, Elizabeth, Lydia, Mark, and Diane.

It was fun being with our entire Maine family – except Nsimba. He was in bed with a migraine. 🙁

A sampling of our meals.

The Seared Brussels Sprout salad is my favorite meal here.

The entire table shared these two desserts – just to have a taste of something sweet.

Hannah decided that she wanted a selfie with everyone.

If you notice that Lydia is missing from the selfies, she wasn’t feeling well and went to the car.

I needed updated pictures of Elizabeth and Hannah for our refrigerator.

Which one do you like best, Elizabeth. #1, #2, or #3?

I only took one of you, Hannah, so you don’t get to choose. 🙂

These two took a silly one. 🙂

Look right here, Grandma.

This brought Lydia’s graduation day to a delightful close.

PS: She felt okay by morning.

Lunch After Lydia’s Graduation

Saturday, May 13

This was Lydia’s first choice for the place to eat after her graduation.

The restaurant is a floating ferry ship.

I found this history online:

Ship’s Log

The history of DiMillo’s on the Water


Commissioned “The New York,” it ran as a car ferry between New Castle, Delaware and Pennsville, New Jersey.


Sold to the state of Virginia and renamed “The Norfolk.” Ran between Norfolk and Hampton, Virginia.


Sold to the state of Rhode Island and renamed “The Newport.” Ran between Newport and Jamestown, Rhode Island.


Sold to the city of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Was used as housing for a youth center art colony.


Sold to the Setaucket Yacht Club of Port Jefferson, New York. Was used for boat storage and as the clubhouse.


Purchased by the DiMillo family.


We opened our doors as “DiMillo’s Floating Restaurant.”

One of the largest such restaurants in the country, her overall length is 206 feet, with a beam of 65 feet. She weighs 701 tons and boasts a -horsepower steam engine (but we promise not to fire it up while you’re dining). We are able to seat over 600 guests in our First Deck Dining Room, Port Side Lounge, Second Deck Dining Rooms and three Outside Decks.


Installed a new hull at the Bath Iron Works dry dock in Portland.

We could not make reservations before graduation, because we did not know what time we would be there, so called when we left Ogunquit. By then they were no longer taking reservations. By the time we got there they had a two-hour wait.

That did not work for us because we were going to another restaurant for supper – with the rest of our Maine family. There were many graduates in the area, so we assumed that made lunchtime busier than usual.

Her second choice was Boone’s – just a few blocks away.

I loved the atmosphere of this restaurant which was also on the wharf in Portland.

From the Internet: Boone’s Fish House & Oyster Room is a casual seafood restaurant on Custom House Wharf in Portland, Maine. This two-story, waterfront restaurant serves fresh local seafood.

Since 1898 Boone’s has been a landmark seafood restaurant and a popular beacon to those visiting Portland. The historic dining destination is recognized as the home and likely origin of the baked stuffed Maine Lobster. The restaurant provides guests with a true Maine dining experience, featuring two outdoor decks, an oyster bar, and views of Portland Harbor.

The modern and spacious interior features a large function room that can accommodate up to 150 guests, a state of the art kitchen, wood-fire grill, and a spacious dining room.

Our appetizer (which we all sampled) was local spicy, buttered mussels.

Oh, yum!

Blueberry bread – another Maine specialty.

Mark’s salmon BLT

I think this was Cerwin’s cheeseburger. Diane had something similar.

Lydia’s cheeseburger.

My lobster bisque

Thanks for choosing this place, Lydia, it was a unique restaurant with delicious food.

After lunch Diane and I checked out the scenery from the area that seated 150 people.

Artwork in the entrance area

Lydia wanted to check out Bam Bam Bakery – just a few blocks from Boones.

We bought a few items for Sunday breakfast.

We learned a bit about Portland history before heading home.

Mark used to drive a motor coach when he worked for a bus company and knows a lot about Portland’s history. I told him it was like having our personal tour guide.

I took these daffodil pictures after we got back to the Myers’ house.

We were honored to be part of Lydia’s graduation ceremony and celebration.

Lydia’s Graduation from College – Part 2

Saturday, May 13

These are the photos I took after the graduation ceremony – pretty much in the order I took them.

We went outside to look for Lydia.

Found her!

With her instructors


Grandpa giving her a hug

A hug from her mom

Diane, Lydia, and Mark

Checking on a cell phone picture

We liked this unique tree.

Heading to the van before going to Portland for lunch.

This was when I noticed her sneakers.

Lydia said, “We were told to wear comfortable shoes.” 🙂

I like this view of Diane and Mark who were walking ahead of us.


Next post: Lunch

Lydia’s Graduation from College ~ Part 1

Saturday, May 13

Diane watered some of her seedlings before we left for York County Community College, Ogunquit, Maine.

We watched a downy woodpecker for a bit.

When I went outside to wait at the van for the others, I noticed dew drops on some of the new growth around the side of the house.

We are on our way to Ogunquit – south of Portland.

Lydia and Grandpa – waiting for the auditorium doors to open

York County Community College – 22nd Commencement Ceremony – 10:00 AM


National Anthem

It was difficult to get good photos with the bright lights on the stage, but I did my best.

The speaker, Jean Ginn Marvin, Innkeeper at Nonantum Resort, gave a great speech on facing life after graduation.

One of her points was: there are times that you have to toot your own horn, because nobody else will do it for you. 🙂 She proceeded to play her “horn.”

Lydia receiving her Associate in Applied Science.

I enjoyed seeing the decorated caps of some of the students sitting in front of us.

Closing remarks by the Dean of Students

It was delightful to be here for this special event in her life.


Tomorrow evening I will post the pictures we took outside the college and where we went for lunch.