TFC International Office Christmas Lunch ~ Part 2

Tuesday, December 5 at Nick’s Bistro in Marietta

The waitress is serving our lunch.

Most people chose some kind of sandwich.

My incredibly delicious Reuben Sandwich.

I love Reuben Sandwiches, and this one was one of the best I have ever eaten.

Some of the other sandwich choices

Nick (the owner) even served some of the meals.

Then he offered to take a photo that included me. He knew his way around my Nikon camera.

When we were finished eating, we began to chose the gifts provided by Dan, Jeff, and Mike – who also blessed us with this meal. Ruth (standing) is holding the bag that included numbers. It looks like Carol (left) got a bag of Reese’s candy.

I am not sure what Danielle received.

Dan was quite pleased when Jeff chose the number that gave him the wig.

Now I have some pictures to choose from when I need a professional photo of him for a newsletter or flyer. 🙂

I think Lynn received a gift card.

Dan presenting Inge with a folding lawn chair. The result of her choice of numbers.

Bunny looking at his number.

My number 5 went with this beautiful journal.

One of my favorite gifts is a blank book. I do not journal (I blog), but I take lots of notes in church and other meetings – so began using it this past Sunday.

Cerwin received a bag of mini KitKats.

Danielle gave each of the ladies a scented ball – a room deodorizer. Mine is now nestled in a bowl that also includes a few soap bars and wash cloths in our bathroom.

Dessert began arriving about the time we finished the number game.

It was a great time to relax with coffee and dessert.

Carol’s chocolate crème brulee.

Dan snitching a piece of Ruth’s dessert.

My vanilla crème brulee.


Thank you Dan, Jeff and Mike for the meal and gifts. It was a fabulous reprieve from work.

TFC International Office Christmas Lunch ~ Part 1

Tuesday, December 5

We were not familiar with Nick’s Bistro in Marietta, so had to use our GPS to find it.

It is located in the historic area of Marietta.

We were early, so I had plenty of time to take pictures.

The one thing I like about eating out in December is all the pretty decorations.

I loved the atmosphere of the dining room to which we were assigned. I asked the waitress how old this building was. I think she said that it is 300 years old.

The office staff – minus Mike who was sick: Ruth, Carol, Danielle, Dan, Jeff, Nick (restaurant owner), Lynn, Inge, Bunny, and Cerwin.

Preparing orders.

After our orders were placed, Dan and Ruth prepared the gift game.

The gifts and numbers will have to wait until after the meal.


More tomorrow night.