Thanksgiving Lunch

Thursday, November 23

We always look forward to this meal because Jere and Kristen seem to thrive on preparing Thanksgiving lunch for anyone in our family who doesn’t have a place to go.

It looks like we better save room for dessert.

Time to carve the turkey.

Learning to cut turkey from their dad.

Josh and Grandpa

Wonder what that conversation was about.

Kristen is a very creative cook.

Those who surrounded this year’s table.

Clockwise: Jared, Deb, Jesse, Roy, Ian, Josh, Jere, Kristen, Lydia (who just moved here from Maine), Mother Hershey, and Cerwin.

Dessert sampler

A new serving board.

Cerwin seems a bit animated about this conversation, so I expect he was telling Roy about his mule deer hunt. 🙂

Lydia telling Great-grandma about her new job with Drexel Group Staffing.

Roy and Deb are parenting this tiny baby goat that was only a day old on Thanksgiving Day. They get so many of these to pamper for a week or two that I sometimes forget, but I think this one was a triplet that was rejected by its mother. Deb does an amazing job of keeping rejected baby animals alive.

Jesse loves helping with them when Roy and Deb come to their place.


A delightful meal and afternoon.

Sight and Sound with Nate and Josh

Friday Evening, November 17

Arriving at Sight & Sound to see Miracle of Christmas.

We walked toward the building with people who came from Michigan – just to see this show. We sat in front of people who came from New York for the same purpose.

This was Josh and Nate’s choice for their 2017 birthday gift.

Outside entrance area

We had great seats – front row of the left side balcony. This is my favorite area to sit because there is a good view of the entire room – meaning you can see what is going on in the auditorium sky and watch the animals and people walking in from the back doors.

Photos are not allowed after the show starts, but I got a few of the opening announcements

  • I loved how the angel came to Mary and later Joseph.
  • I smiled at the reaction of Mary’s mother when she heard that Mary was carrying the son of God.
  • I cringed when people came to stone Mary when the village learned that she was pregnant – and not married.
  • I enjoyed their trip to Bethlehem and how other travelers crowded around them and the fire that Joseph made to warm Mary when they stopped for the night.
  • I especially liked when the angels appeared to the shepherds.


The evening got our minds prepared for Christmas.

Thanks, Nate and Josh, for choosing Sight & Sound for your birthdays.

Opossums at Our Bird Feeders

Tuesday Evening, November 14

We have an exterior camera – mostly to watch animals and hear the birds – that alerted me to the fact that something was rustling through the leaves on the patio steps.

I looked up at the monitor and saw two opossums walking across the patio. One larger than the other, so I expect it may be a mother and a teenager. The mother went to the ground feeder and the younger one climbed the dogwood tree.

I didn’t mean to scare her away, because opossums eat my junk birdseed.

Whenever I think birdseed in other feeders has gotten too old, I put it in this feeder – for the animals that forage on junk food – and opossums are best at that. They eat the shells of black oil sunflower seeds and will even eat moldy birdseed.

Our daughter Deb said they eat ticks, so I checked it out on Google – and they do eat lots of them.

I think we will keep them in our yard.

I went to the other door to photograph the younger one. I expect it was headed for suet that was hanging in the tree. I don’t often see them this close and was again surprised by its pink nose.

They must have come back during the night, because the “junk” feeder was empty in the morning.

Amish Wedding in the Neighborhood

Tuesday Morning, November 14

We knew there was going to be an Amish wedding in our neighborhood, and when I heard the sound of horses and buggies I knew, November 14 was the day.

By 8:00 am I began seeing the Amish arriving in vans.

Those who came from a distance hired van drivers.

By 8:30 our road was quite busy.

These two came on scooters.

They probably rode these for several miles.

Later in the day I went by their house.

By evening they were headed home. I only took one picture. I didn’t think you needed a repeat of the arrivals. 🙂

Jesse and Me at McDonalds

Sunday, October 12

Jesse’s parents had places to be – band competition for Ian and a wrestling match for Jared – and Jesse thought both sounded boring. He though it would be more fun to spend the day with Grandma. (Grandpa was in Nebraska.)

Jesse and me at McDonald’s. (Yes, I must learn to do a better job with selfies.)

We had a relaxing afternoon. It is not that I am that much fun to be with, but I give him space to do his own thing – like racing cars on the X-Box or playing computer games.

Thanks, Jesse, for choosing me.