Brunch at Brenda’s

Tuesday Morning, October 31

Brenda, our sister-in-law (back to camera), had a brunch to honor Anne who is selling her house and moving to the Pittsburgh area to help her daughter, Jessica’s family. Rob and Jess adopted two young children, then – earlier this year – gave birth to twin girls.

Brenda served baked oatmeal with a delightful variety of toppings – fruit, nuts, yogurt or milk.

There were also cinnamon donuts and apple turnovers.

 Anne, Brenda, Mother Hershey, Nancy, Dot, and Diane.

I was pleased that Diane was in the area and could enjoy this. She misses out on lots of family gatherings because they live in Maine.

Diane used my camera to take a photo that included me.

We had fun talking, laughing, and discussing Anne’s move. Some of us have spent a lot of time helping Anne prepare her house for sale and packing to move. My sister, Nancy, was especially valuable, as she and her husband empty houses and prepare them for sale as their vocation.

Thanks, Brenda, for doing this to honor Anne.

The Old Gang at Brick Gables

Sunday Evening, October 29

It was a rainy evening, but we looked forward to seeing friends that we haven’t seen since our last event – about a year ago.

Also, it was our first time to have a meal in the banquet area – upstairs.

Most of this “gang” have been friends since the late ’50s and early ’60s when we were teenagers – most have known each other for sixty years or more. Some were friends as children, so that takes them back more than 70 years.

Shortly after arriving, we each had a sticker placed on our back. We had to find our partner by asking yes and no questions.

Questions like:

Am I male? Am I a movie character.

Am I a politician? Am I a Bible character.

I learned that I was a male Bible character.

When I saw a Goliath, I asked if I was David? No.

I saw Mary. I asked if I was Joseph. No

Finally I noticed a whale on Dot Myer’s back, and asked if I was Jonah? Yes!

We enjoyed tasty snacks while visiting and waiting for our meal.

Wilbur and Cerwin

Doris, Lois, Violet

Time for the meal.

Larry (standing) and his wife, Sally (in orange) helped to organize this evening.

It’s easy for this group to find reasons to laugh.

Dean (owner of Country Home Catering and Brick Gables) gave us instructions for the meal. His wife, Carole, was catering another event.

The winner of the centerpiece on each table was the one who found the partner to the sticker on their back. If there were multiple people who found their partner, we had to decide who found their partner first. We had several, so gave it to Wilbur and Violet who had traveled the farthest – western Pennsylvania. Most of us live in the area.

After the meal, a few of the couples told about recent trips to Europe.

Brick Gables is beautifully decorated.

There is also a deli and café in the lower part of the building.


Love this place.

Breakfast with Jere

Thursday Morning, October 26

This was the morning that suited the two of us to go out for breakfast. I am still processing the fact that we have children with gray hair. In my mind he is still that little curly-haired guy running around the house.

I am glad that our children keep their promises. 🙂 He promised me a breakfast after my February birthday.

His coffee

We took a selfie to send to their daughter, Jana, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Sending messages to Jana.

The Brick House in Manheim serves delicious breakfasts. I loved my egg/bacon/cheese wrap and fresh fruit.

Thanks, Jere. That was a fun birthday gift.