Strasburg Railroad for Anthony’s Birthday ~ Part 2

Tuesday, July  18

Following our ride on the dinner car, we checked the children’s activities.

Anthony and Abigail went on this ride.

Jesse was on a cranky car, so waited for a later ride on the pint-sized pufferbelly.

This ride is powered by hands and arms.

If there is nobody in line, children can go around the track several times, if there is a line, I think the limit is two times. Then you go to the back of the line and wait your turn to go again.

Abby and Anthony are coming through the station again.

This was a fun opportunity for Grandpa and Jesse while Abby and Anthony were on the Pufferbelly. Anthony is too small for this one.

Back at the station

I thought maybe Anthony was too small to keep this moving, but he did a really great job.

Time for another Pufferbelly ride.

Our next stop was the playground.

I am always surprised how young children make friends in playgrounds. These two had fun together for awhile.

This was Anthony’s favorite thing in the playground.

He has a great imagination and pretended that he was the engineer.

He continually checked on his “passengers” and called, “All Aboard!”

I think Jesse was a train robber.

We were a bit big to fit inside, but he loved when he could convince us to sit in one of the cars.

Before going home he sat in a couple coin-operated trains – but we didn’t insert any coins.

A place for photos. By this time of the day it was quite hot. Notice Jesse’s wet hair.

Heading toward the car

Two of the trains we walked by

That was a fun day.

Strasburg Railroad for Anthony’s Birthday ~ Part 1

Tuesday, July 18

An engineer bringing a train into the station

Waiting for our train. Abby, Anthony, and Jesse.

We and Abby chose Strasburg Railroad for Anthony’s birthday because of his love of trains. Jesse got to go along because he was at our house. Also, he and Anthony are good friends.

They loved that we chose the dining car.

We chose it for two reasons – we were ready for lunch – and it was air conditioned. It was a hot day.

Leaving the station.

The conductor taking our tickets.

Anthony is watching other people get their lunch and wondering when his is coming. 🙂

Going by pretty Lancaster County countryside.

Yes! Lunch is here.

Anthony got a hot dog. Jesse got a whoopie pie. We told Jesse that he could order whatever he wanted. He ordered a whoopie pie and coke. 🙂 We made him eat something healthy for supper.

Whoopie pies came with many of the lunches. In this photo Anthony is taking a bite of his mom’s – which came with her sandwich wrap.

Enjoying lunch and the scenery


That was a neat experience.


More of our visit to the railroad tomorrow night.

Jesse & The Highway News

Monday, June 17

Jesse was here for the week, because his brothers Ian and Jared were in Wyoming for a science trip (through school), his big sister and brother have jobs, his dad had a busy week at DHIA with meetings, and his mom was doing her own job at the doctors office, plus filling in for a coworker who was on vacation, and another one whose husband is in the hospital.

He wanted me to take a picture of him looking sad that there was so much work. 🙂

But he wasn’t really sad.

Cutting the strapping that holds a pack of 100 Highways.


When a bundle is finished, they are put in a post office bag like this. When we were finished there were seven bags.


The mailing was ready for the post office for Tuesday morning.


At suppertime he read devotions to us.

He is so easy to have in the house.

Hershey Reunion

Sunday, July 16

The first thing we did – after prayer – was sing to the birthday girls – Kylee & Heidi.

Both birthdays were on the day of the reunion – Kylee is now two and Heidi is 8. The cousins are granddaughters of my sister, Nancy, and her husband, Marlin.

There was lots of delicious food

There were about 55 of us who enjoyed the beautiful afternoon.

This group decided to eat at their lawn chairs.

We enjoyed meeting two of the newest members of the family – Andrew and Stephanie’s Henry and Vince and Kate’s Hudson. They are both about a month old. Sorry, I didn’t take any pictures of them. 🙁


This day always brings back memories of my dad – partly because this is his family, also because the pavilion was his dream.

Love having family at our place.

Caleb Joshua’s 1st Birthday

Saturday, July 15

Caleb Joshua (or CJ) is our grandnephew – grandson of Cerwin’s brother, Elvin, and his wife Pat – son of our nephew Bryan and his wife, Leslie.

Our daughter Deb with Caleb. Roy and Deb are sometimes weekend babysitters so he is a special little one to them. (Roy happened to be sick this weekend so wasn’t able to attend the party.)

With Uncle Ted

His mom, Leslie, creatively designed a photo collage on a large one.

Daddy Bryan and Uncle Ted

Bryan, Caleb, Ted, Cerwin and Caleb’s grandpa Elvin.

Food table

Our granddaughter Jana and daughter Deb. Jana is an occasional babysitter for CJ.

Caleb did not like his party hat.

His personal cake

It didn’t take him long to figure out what to do with this.

All gone – if I remember correctly, his mom removed some of it so he wouldn’t eat every bite.

The party cake

The gift/toy/play/note table. I didn’t think of taking a picture of the other end of the table. Leslie encouraged everyone to bring a pack of pampers, pull-ups, or wipes to donate to a woman’s/babies center.

Water balloons

Peyton broke a balloon on Caleb’s big brother Bryson.

Caleb chewing on a balloon.

  Jesse and Josh played ladder golf.

Some of the young ones enjoyed the playground equipment.

Cerwin and his brother

Leslie and Caleb saying goodbye to a friend.


Thanks for inviting us – we had a great time.