Manheim Central High School Awards Party

Wednesday Evening, May 17

Jana with her silly dad. Kristen was walking toward her spot to pose with Jana.

We were happy that grandparents were invited to witness the seniors (and a few others) receive their awards.

There were delicious snacks for those who arrived early.

The chocolate fountain was a favorite.

The strawberries were my favorite. They were almost too delicious to cover with chocolate.

We were pleased to see that Jana was one of 33 students listed as the Barons Best and Brightest for 2017.

There are 231 graduates this year. Good job, Jana.

There were lots of awards, so I only took pictures of students we know.

This is Larry and Karen’s (our niece) son, Travis Dull, receiving the Agriculture Education Award.

Good job, Travis!

Marcus Huber, Class President, and Jana’s prom date receiving one of several awards.

Jana received Manheim Historical Society Robert Morris History Award from Mrs. Bea Kreiner.

Blair, son of our friends Jere and Jen Martin received a Baron Stage Award.

Travis and his girlfriend Stephanie Balmer received Agriculture Education Awards.

If I remember correctly both received a Ressler Mill Foundation Award and she received the Manheim FFA Scholarship.

Jana receiving her Barons Best and Brightest award.

These 33 students said their name and what they are doing following graduation.

She will be serving with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Cape Town, South Africa this fall – for six months.

These students stood along the stage until each had received their Best and Brightest Award.

Emily, daughter of our friends Craig and Janet Kline also received a Best and Brightest Award.

Good job, Emily.

You go girl – with God’s blessings.

Heading toward the car after a fun and interesting evening.

Anthony & Garden Tea

It was a beautiful day to cut garden tea.

The locust trees were blooming…

…and fields were being prepared for crops.

Anthony was here for a few hours and enjoyed helping me cut our mint tea.

Our next job was washing it.

Then it was seeped in boiling water.

Anthony was no longer here when it was chilled and ready to drink.



Traveling Home from Maine

Monday, May 15

We left the Myers just before 7:00 AM – in a sprinkling of rain.

It was early springtime in Maine – with very young leaves.

Two hours later we were in work traffic.

Then it rained again.

Keeping up with a Greyhound

When we are going through Hartford we are about halfway home.

That’s a nice sleeper

This one was being towed – not a good day for this trucker.

A cute rear window windshield wiper. 🙂

Inge, this picture is for you!

We arrived home to Mother’s Day cards and flowers.

I brought this gift home from Maine. (bird suet)

I love our creative children: A gerbera daisy (which grows well in our patio flower bed), suet for our birds, the promise of a restaurant date, and a date to see bald eagles.

My heart felt blessed.

Sunday in Maine

May 14



Lydia making breakfast. I think these are called Eggs in a Cloud.

She and Hannah have an apartment on a farm where both milk cows – several miles away.

These are made by separating the eggs, whipping the whites, then adding the yokes, cheese, seasonings and whatever you desire: bacon, ham, spinach, etc.

This it what a spinach one looks like after it has been baked.

Bacon and sweet potato flowers.

If I remember correctly, Hannah made these ahead of time.

Sausage from Bisson’s Meat Market – the farm where the girls live.

After breakfast we went to Brunswick Church of the Brethren,Whales, Maine.



The main course for lunch was chicken with bacon and cheese.


It was Mother’s Day, so Diane asked me to take a picture of her with their three Maine children: Elizabeth, Lydia, and Hannah. Josiah and Abigail live in Pennsylvania and Hezekiah lives in Tennessee. (They each called in their Mother’s Day wishes.)

Nsimba reading something in Diane’s bird book.

He and Elizabeth came after their fellowship meal at Lewiston Church of the Brethren, Lewiston, Maine.

Hannah went home to milk cows while Elizabeth, Lydia, Diane, and I played Take One – a form of Scrabble.



This was the first time in thirty years that I had love feast and communion with Diane – and the first time ever with Lydia. This was at Brunswick Church of the Brethren.

These photos were taken with my cell phone.

The lamb and rice soup they have for the love feast meal.

Breaking bread

My piece of unleavened bread

Grape juice

It was a blessed Mother’s Day for me.