Scanning Old Slides

A few of my favorites – when our children were young.


I am about three-fourth finished with changing our old slides into digital pictures. My goal is to finish this job by the end of January.

Our family in 1975: Diane, Jere, Deb, Me, Cerwin, Jeff

My cousin Barry and Jeff at the Miller’s hunting cabin – probably 1965.

Jeff pumping water. (We think the other boy is Jimmy, the son of a friend of Cerwin’s parents.)

Jeff fell asleep on the potty chair. 🙂

Diane fell down some steps at the farm – while my parents were babysitting. It was the fall of 1967 (almost 50 years ago) when we were building our house.

Diane helping to shell peas.

Jere – 1969

Easter eggs 1970 – The period of time when we had three preschoolers.

Jere with chicken pox

Jere. These boys of ours seem to fall asleep when they sit down.

This band never got beyond our living room. 🙂

The boys are ready for church

Jere and Diane on a lake.

Cerwin and Jeff building our shed.

Diane was pleased to hold her new sister, Deb, in 1974

Deb – 1 year old

A vacation day

A birthday party for Deb

Diane and Deb.

Deb, maybe this is where your love for deer began.

10 thoughts on “Scanning Old Slides

  1. How fun to find these old family photos — I’m sure they bring back memories for you! I saw the last photo, and thought that might be when Deb’s love for animals began — then I read the last line of your post!

  2. I’ve scanned some of my old slides, but far from all of them. These are priceless! I especially like the one of the sleepy boy on the potty chair. Poor Diane’s eye. I bet your folks felt terrible about that. Keep going. You’ll be glad when you get them all done.

  3. Each picture is priceless! Some favorites were of Jeff pumping water & your family band. 🙂 I recognize where the last photo was taken. Our family made many wonderful memories there as well.

  4. Love the pictures of my husband and friend. So precious. Jere can still fall asleep no matter where he is. Of course, I would like his pictures from you to make some projects. Love them ❤❤❤

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