Sportsman’s Dinner & Expo ~ Part 2

Saturday Evening, January 28

4:00 pm: We enjoyed a seminar by Steve Sorensen (for north western Pennsylvania) on “Choosing Quality Optics.”

We learned a lot of interesting facts about optics that are used for hunting.

The pastor of Grace Point Nazarene Church (Ephrata) led a prayer of blessing on the meal.

5:00 pm meal

When I took the photo, I didn’t realize my dinner roll was hiding the pulled pork.

Everything was delicious (pulled pork, venison meatloaf, potatoes, baked beans, corn, coleslaw, dinner roll, and dessert), but the pulled pork – which had been smoked – was fabulous!

This lady was standing in front of me for a bit. She said the shirt was a gift from a friend.

Steve Sorensen demonstrating his turkey call to a young man.

6:30 pm: First Time Kill Awards were given to young people by Kevin VanBuskirk.

This was just after our grandson Jared got his award. I was interested in watching and forgot to get a picture when Kevin gave him the award. 🙂 The picture in the background is of Jared with his deer.

This photo was taken by Jere (Jared’s dad).

This year the successful hunters were all boys.

Following the door prizes, Steve shared stories and information about hunting mature whitetail deer.

His website is

Though I am not a hunter, I enjoy learning new information and hearing stories at these wildlife suppers and expos.

Sportsman’s Dinner & Expo ~ Part 1

Saturday Evening, January 28

After putting our things on seats – to save them for the program – we walked around to visit vendors and see displays.

One of my first stops was with Roy Reiff (left) – a neighbor and friend who owns a hunting guide service in Montana.

Before long, Larry, a friend from church stopped to talk to him.

You can read more about it on his website:

The stage

Checking out door prizes

It was easy to see this vendor was displaying something for ladies. 🙂 I enjoyed talking with Jessica Keffer.

If interested, you can find her on Facebook at

More vendors and displays

Small children’s door prizes

Door prizes for children 6 to 12.

Every child and young person up to age 12 gets a prize.

These little guys said they were checking to see if the bear had cavities.

Our hunting friend Kevin VanBuskirk was manning the Whitetail Trophy Hunt exhibit.

Cerwin enjoyed hunting with Whitetail Trophy Hunt (Missouri) in 2014.


Cerwin talking to other hunters

This was our crew – Josh, Jared, Ian’s friend Trent , Ian, Jere, and Cerwin – waiting for the 4:00 pm seminar – “Choosing Quality Optics.”


Part 2 tomorrow night.

Snow Flurry

Saturday morning, January 28

Yesterday we woke up to a light dusting of snow.

I love snow, and since we are at the end of January without any snowstorms, I have to settle for flurries. 🙂

This was about all that happened. By evening most of the snow was gone from the ground.

My Mother

Happy 95th Birthday to My Mother.

This picture was probably taken in 1949 when I was 5 and mother was 27.

January 28 is always a day when I think about the things I would like to tell (or ask) her and everything that has happened in our family since she died at the age of 52 in 1974 – the babies, graduations, and weddings.

Thank you, God, for choosing Florence Hawthorne Hershey to be my mother.


Yesterday I heard a loud noise outside and thought the snow geese had come. We live close enough to Middle Creek Wildlife Sanctuary that they come by our place now and then.

But it was a large flock (murder) of crows.

In reading about crows, I learned that they mate for life – and sometimes the young birds help care for the next set of baby crows.

That was fun!

I haven’t seen or heard a large flock of crows for a while.