Gingerbread Houses & Items for Lebanon VA Medical Hospital

Our Christmas Celebration on Sunday, December 4 – continued

While we put the food away after lunch, some of the family set up and designed six gingerbread houses. Ian, Marcy, Mother, Allie, Deb, Anthony, Abby, and Jesse.


Deb, Anthony, and Abby. Anthony enjoyed decorating the gingerbread men.


Ian Josiah, Deb, Allie, Anthony, Jesse, Mother, Abby

Josiah, Ian, Deb, Chris, and Allie

Those who didn’t want to make gingerbread houses visited in the garage or watched football in the man cave or living room. Marcy, Mother, Jordan, and Dustan.

Jere and Cerwin

Jesse decided to make a second one.

A finished one

This year was Roy and Deb’s turn to choose a project – in lieu of exchanging gifts. They chose the Lebanon VA Medical Hospital. The VA provided a list of items that are needed.

It was fun delivering these things to the VA today: shampoo, chap stick, disposable razors, tooth brushes, mouth wash, tooth paste, postage stamps, phone cards, word search books, etc.

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