Taking the Chapel to Manheim BIC Church

Sunday, August 14

Manheim BIC (1)It was Big Rig Day for the children at Manheim Brethren in Christ Church

Manheim BIC (2)The trucks also got the attention of the adults as they arrived for church.

Manheim BIC (3)The first group of children went to visit the trucks and drivers.

Manheim BIC (4)

Manheim BIC (5)

Manheim BIC (6)The next group came to visit the chapel and learn about TFC’s ministry to truckers.

Manheim BIC (7)

Manheim BIC (8)I think there was a mix up. By the time we started our PowerPoint program for the children, another group of children came to the chapel. You can see a few of them sitting on the floor, and Cerwin helping them find seats. There was barely room for us to stand.

We think there were 40 people in the chapel. 🙂

Manheim BIC (9)After our 15-minute program which introduced them to trucks, trailers, drivers, and Transport For Christ, these children left the chapel and went to talk to the drivers and get inside the trucks.

Manheim BIC (10)After they left, the children who were visiting the drivers came to the chapel.

Manheim BIC (11)These two – the white and silver trucks – are brand new Kenworths.

Manheim BIC (12)Blowing the air horn.

Manheim BIC (13)Brand new dash.

Manheim BIC (15)

Manheim BIC (14)Sleeper in the silver truck.

Manheim BIC (16)Looking down at the steps

Manheim BIC (17)Another air horn.

Manheim BIC (18)The sleeper mattresses in the white truck bunks are still wrapped in plastic.

Manheim BIC (19)The dash in the white truck.

Manheim BIC (20)

Manheim BIC (21)We were quite busy after church – when the adults came to visit – so I didn’t have time to take pictures, but I wanted to take pictures of some of our last visitors. The man on the left is the son of Ted McCoy. Ted is retired from helping Cerwin with chapel construction. and the young man on the right is Geoff – a grandson of Sam Rittenhouse. We have known him since he was a little boy. His wife was at home with a brand new baby.

Manheim BIC (22)I took this picture with my cell phone to send to Sam. When Sam replied, he said Geoff’s mom, Debbie, was there, so she enjoyed seeing them too.

Manheim BIC (23)After church, the truckers and their families were invited to Gene and Rose Gehman’s house for a covered dish lunch.

Manheim BIC (24)

Manheim BIC (25)

Manheim BIC (26)

Manheim BIC (27)

Manheim BIC (28)

Manheim BIC (29)

Manheim BIC (30)We enjoyed an afternoon of good food and fellowship.

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  1. No matter what kind of Brethren they are, they sure know how to cook! Kids have so much fun blowing those airhorns, or getting drivers to blow them.

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