One of the Ever-Changing Days of Summer

DSC_2896Three squirrels!

Now I know why the bird feeders are being emptied so quickly.

DSC_2898Debbie, do you need any more pets!

DSC_3122When I noticed that rain was coming, I went outside with my camera and was surprised to be standing in sunshine and hearing the pelting of rain on my brothers’ barn roof just a quarter mile away.


DSC_3130The rain is coming across the cornfield.


DSC_3143It was interesting to be standing in rain and seeing a bright sky in the east.


DSC_3147Then it was over – just like a large rotating sprinkler had gone through our woodlot.







DSC_3118I have seen hummingbirds all summer but have rarely gotten a photo of them.

DSC_3117A male

DSC_3168A female

DSC_3170One of the beautiful, ever-changing days of summer.

4 thoughts on “One of the Ever-Changing Days of Summer

  1. Those rain shots are fascinating! I’m amazed that you can hear the rain as far away as 1/4 mile — and then it travels almost like a curtain moving towards you! I love seeing big spots of rain on the pavement! And the hummingbird shots are magnificent!

  2. Me too. I have lived here for almost 50 years and don’t remember ever hearing that before. Maybe that means that I am not outside enough. However, rain doesn’t often move across the valley like that. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  3. Lovely photos…squirrels sure do empty a feeder. And how neat to experience the rain shower like that! We need rain very much. Our lawn is dead and brown in spots and every evening I spend so much time watering my gardens!

    • The rain was an unusual experience. We are supposed to get a soaking rain tonight – maybe it will move north to you.

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