Traveling From Cody, Wyoming, To Yellowstone

Monday, July 28

(Posted Wednesday evening in Jackson, Wyoming. It’s good to be back online after three days without Internet, cell phone, and TV – but we had a FABULOUS time in Yellowstone. Thankfully we could call our children from our motel room phone at no charge.)

01-DSC_5679We left Cody early Monday morning so we would have a full day in Yellowstone.

06-DSC_5691When in Cody I read about Beartooth Scenic Byway, and considered asking Cerwin if we could enter the Northeast Entrance of Yellowstone by going over this road, but thought he would not like going so many miles out of our way. And maybe the beauty was not all that it was cracked up to be.

Then we somehow missed our road, and were going toward Beartooth! God is so good! 🙂

It was then that I told him about what I read in a travel guide. And Cerwin was not disappointed by the extra miles.

02-DSC_5681We came upon this abandoned mine and wondered about its history, then came to this sign.


10-DSC_5698We traveled through beautiful Montana scenery as we approached what Charles Kuralt called the most beautiful roadway in America.


12-DSC_5702We were enjoying the beauty when we noticed an ambulance coming up behind us and of course pulled over so he could pass. Within half a mile we saw why he was on this road. A motorcycle was smashed up against the guardrail and the driver was down over the bank ~ after not making the hairpin turn. (I took this picture after we went up a few more hairpin turns.)

13-DSC_5704This picture was after another few turns. The accident took away our delight in the scenery for awhile. And I still wonder if the person survived the accident. (We later heard that he did not survive.)

14-DSC_5706There was a scenic pull off here, and those coming up the mountain talked about the accident.

15-DSC_5707This chipmunk must be used to being fed, because it came to us looking for food.

16-DSC_5712One of the ladies in this great group of cyclists asked me to take a group picture with her camera. I took one with my camera as well and promised to put it on my blog. Notice the chipmunk at their feet. 🙂


17-DSC_5715I kept saying to Cerwin, “How do you capture this beauty? You cannot capture the beauty of this roadway in a photo.”




23-DSC_5731We went back and forth from Montana to Wyoming several times in our visit to the Yellowstone area.



28-DSC_5741The highest elevation on Beartooth Pass is 10,947 feet.


30-DSC_5745Cerwin liked this snowplow on top of the mountain.

32-DSC_5751Going down the other side.

33-DSC_5752Notice the road on which we would be traveling.


34-DSC_5755 Another style snow remover for the high mountain roads.



38-DSC_5766Yes, it was definitely one of America’s prettiest roadways.

39-DSC_5767Our delightful brunch stop at Soda Butte Lodge in Cooke City, Montana.

40-DSC_5770In my next post I will show you pictures of our first day’s visit to Yellowstone.


It will probably be Friday morning when I post again, because we will spend all day in the air or in airports tomorrow (Thursday).

A Beautiful Drive To Big Horn National Forest

Sunday, July 27

We enjoyed a relaxing morning in our motel room. We don’t know anyone in this area and were not familiar with any of the churches, so listened to our own church service from back home. We could do that at 8 AM due to the two-hour time change.

1 (1)We weren’t quite ready for brunch, so drove out of town to see what we could see.

We hadn’t gone far when we saw this mule deer couple. I took this picture out of my car window, and you can see that they are aware of us.

1 (2)I wanted to get the buck out of the shadows, so opened the car door to encourage him to move a bit. He cooperated nicely.

1aWe turned off the main road to get into back country and were rewarded with a nice herd of antelope. Cerwin liked the rack on the buck.

04-DSC_5548We were in an oil drilling area, and were able to drive right up to this one which was operating.


05-DSC_5549As we came back to the antelope herd, this one crossed the road in front of us.

07-DSC_5557This part of the herd was a bit to the right of the one that included the male.

08-DSC_5566I wonder what nutrition they get out of this kind of vegetation.

09-DSC_5573We went back to Cody for an 11 AM brunch.

10-DSC_5574After breakfast, we headed toward Big Horn National Forest ~ thinking it looked like an interesting day trip to the east of Cody.

11-DSC_5576We made a great choice in doing this drive.


13-DSC_5581Looking back from where we had just come.



18-DSC_5597The temperature in the basin was 91 degrees. On top of the mountain it was 63 degrees.

19-DSC_5601We were surprised at the beauty in the high elevation.



21-DSC_5624Scenery as we went down the other side.

25-DSC_5639Pictures do not adequately capture the beauty we saw on this drive.



24-DSC_5638I had only one chance to get a shot of her ~ and needless to say was quite pleased with the result.

22-DSC_5628We were surprised to see a moose grazing along the road. She didn’t even seem to notice our car.

29-DSC_5662Loved this scene as we came back toward Cody.


32-DSC_5674My last picture of the day was another unexpected shot. I was not aware that there are sandhill cranes in the area.

We are heading to Yellowstone today, and may not have Internet for the next few days.

An Evening In Cody, Wyoming ~ Food/Music/Rodeo

Saturday, July 26

1 (1)We began our evening at 5:30 at The Cody Cattle Company.

1 (2)They serve a delicious chuckwagon meal.

1 (3)My plateful after going through the line ~ and I chose to not take the tossed salad or beef.

1 (4)6:30 PM: The music is about to begin.

1 (6)The hour of lively cowboy and bluegrass music was performed by Triple C Cowboys.

1 (7)The band consists of the Wilson family – father, mother, three sons, a daughter, and a family friend. They are incredibly talented musicians.

2Our last stop for the day was the Cody Rodeo. About the time we got to this area of the entrance, I heard someone calling, “Doris High!”

I didn’t expect anyone here to know me by name. 🙂

3 (1)It was Jeremiah and Rachel ~ from our home area. They are on their honeymoon. We talked a bit before going to our seats.

3 (2)Bulls waiting in their pens.

3 (3)I spotted Rachel and Jeremiah across the stadium.

We were told by our travel guides in the morning to choose the side with our backs to the sun – and with bleachers with back rests. (Since Jeremiah and Rachel are on their honeymoon, they probably weren’t bothered by either the sun or the backless bleachers.) 🙂 We old people are bothered by things like that.

I will post just a few of the many pictures I took.

3 (4)Opening ceremonies.

3 (7)Most participants in this rodeo were very young people, so there were few high scores, but it was fun watching them try.

3 (5)One second he had the calf…

3 (6)…the next second it was gone.

3 (8)

3 (9)

3 (12)

3 (11)

3 (10)

3 (13)This was a fun event. All the children age twelve and under were called to the field. When the two calves were let loose, the children were told to capture the ribbons tied to their tails.

3 (14)This was my favorite ride of the night. I expect to see this young girl’s name as a winner in barrel racing when she grows up. She was one of the youngest and came in close to the top.

3 (16)The clowns kept us entertained between events and sometimes during events.

3 (15)

3 (17)Here the clowns are messing with a bull that didn’t want to leave the field.

That was an interesting and fun day in Cody.


My next post will be about our beautiful Sunday drive to Bighorn National Park.

Learning About Buffalo Bill Cody & The City Of Cody, Wyoming

Saturday ~ Morning and Afternoon ~ July 26

1We began our day by purchasing a combination ticket for a 9 AM trolley tour of Cody and a two-day pass for Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

1b (1)We had time to relax before the tour, so went inside the dining room to order orange juice (me) and coffee (Cerwin). Cerwin is sitting at the far end of the famous Cherry wood bar that was given to Bill Cody in 1900 by Queen Victoria.

1b (2)It was made in France and shipped to New York by ship. In New York it was loaded on a rail car and sent to Montana. After that it traveled over mountains and rivers by a horse-pulled freight wagon.

1b (3)Cerwin likes this old cash register.

1aEnjoying my orange juice on the porch.

1b (4)Getting on the trolley. The man behind Cerwin was our driver, Chuck.

1b (5)He and Jessika shared tour guide responsibilities. They were energetic and funny.

1b (10)A picture of the city of Cody and the Irma Hotel in its early days.

1b (6)Buffalo Bill Cody when he was one of the best-known people in the world ~ because of his Wild West shows. It took two ships to take his animals and people to Europe, which is how he became friends with Queen Victoria.

1b (7)A buffalo horn was passed around as Jessika told us about the wildlife in the area.

1b (8)We saw these mule deer in yards in Cody.

1b (9)

1b (11)It was interesting to learn many things about Cody, Buffalo Bill and his family. Our guide said that one theory about people who are immortalized on a horse statue is that when the horse has one foot in the air, it means the person died a natural death. If both front feet are in the air, the person died in battle. Buffalo Bill died a natural death following an illness.

1b (12)Following the tour, we decided to go to MoJoe’s for brunch.

1cWe learned about MoJoe’s the night before at the Dan Miller’s Music Revue, because one of the musicians, Wendy Corr is the restaurant manager.

We enjoyed talking to her a bit before taking our food to the patio.

1d (1)Cerwin ordered pecan/banana oatmeal. I had a BLT wrap.

1d (2)Our next stop was Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

We learned why you get a two-day pass for this place, as it is five museums in one. Since our grandson Jared is interested in museums, we thought of him several times.

1d (3)Cerwin standing next to an interesting picture of Bill Cody as we entered the Buffalo Bill section of the museum. The picture was created in smoke that was coming from a machine to the right of Bill.

1d (4)Imagine our surprise when we looked up and saw Kevin and Angela Nolt from our home church in Pennsylvania.

1d (5)Later I was able to capture all seven of them at a display. They have five boys.

1d (6)My favorite section was Draper Natural History Museum.

It was like traveling down a mountain and learning about animals and birds that live at those levels. You could see underground prairie dog tunnels and underwater beaver dams through glass.

1d (7)The Plains Indian Museum had beautiful displays that gave the history of the Indians from the area.

2Cerwin enjoyed the Cody Firearms Museum.

1d (11)While he checked out the guns, I went to the Whitney Western Art Museum in adjoining rooms.

1d (12)

1d (9)I enjoyed learning about Joseph Henry Sharp and his Absarokee Hut.

1d (10)

1d (8)His cabin was moved to the museum grounds ~ just outside the art exhibit.

After spending a couple of hours at the museum, we went back to our room to relax and prop up or feet, before taking an afternoon walk to discover another block of shops near our hotel.

1eCerwin found his favorite shop in Cody this afternoon ~ The Cody Dug Up Gun Museum. Many of the guns were found under ground or under water.

Our son Jeff could spend a day in this museum. He would enjoy talking to the owner, who purchased every gun in the museum.

3Cerwin especially liked this 1855 Colt because he has a Shirk ancestor who reportedly designed a revolver (without the desire for a patent) and showed it to Samuel Colt. 🙂 The story goes that Mr. Colt gave a nice amount of money to Mr. Shirk in his will.

4 (1)

4 (2) This was my favorite gun story.

4 (3)This was Cerwin’s favorite story.

5This was my favorite shop from our afternoon walk in Cody.

8I would like a desk like this.

6Cerwin checking out a $33,000.00 wooden bike. That’s more that we paid for our house in 1967.

7The owner of the shop told us that he sold two of these. He has a friend who designs them.

He (owner) designs things with antlers. You can see some of his designs in the previous picture.


After that two-hour walk, we went back to our motel room to freshen up for our evening excursion – supper, music, and a rodeo. I will post those pictures later today.

Driving To Cody, Wyoming

Friday, July 25

1 (1)This was the view outside our motel window this morning.

1 (2)With sunrise just a bit closer.

1 (4)Before long the hills were covered with sunshine.

1 (3)When we told the desk attendant that we were hoping to seen an animal or two in this landscape, he said, “You never know what will show up in summer. Last week there was a moose out there at 2:00 in the afternoon. If you really want to see animals, you must come back in winter when this area is filled with thousands of elk.”

1 (5)We were on the road only a few minutes when we saw this buffalo walking near the edge of the road. I thought he looked nice being silhouetted by the sun.

1aA beautiful view of the Tetons in the early morning sun.


2 (2)You probably didn’t notice these pelicans in the previous two pictures, but if you go back and look closely, you can see them in the upper left-hand section of the lake.

2 (1)There were several kayakers. These were just to the bottom left of the first lake picture.

2 (3) I didn’t realize that we would be driving through Yellowstone to get to Cody.

2 (4)The scenery made me anxious to take time to explore this area early next week.


4 (1)I didn’t notice the ant until I looked at this picture on the computer.

2 (6)

2 (5)

4 (2)We traveled at a very high elevation where there was still some snow beside the road.

4 (3)I find it amazing at how the scenery and rock formations continually change during a few hours of driving.

4 (4)

4 (5)We arrived in Cody a few minutes after noon.

4 (6)We stopped here for a light lunch.

4bAfter lunch we stopped at the Irma Hotel where we had reservations for the next few nights.


codyirmahotelThe Irma Hotel, shown here around 1920, opened in 1902. It was named for the daughter of William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody.

4c (1)We thought it would be fun to stay here and learn more about its history.

4c (2)It is obviously an old building, but the rooms are fairly modern ~ along with air conditioning, TV, and Internet.

4c (3)We like the old water closet ~ a reminder of days gone by.

4c (4)This is how the toilet is flushed.

5We spent the afternoon browsing through stores on the block next to the hotel.

5aThere was a blacksmith working from his truck.

5c (2)

6The Wyoming Made store included a replica of John Wayne.

7 (1)I do not enjoy shopping, but I do like to browse through antique and second-hand stores ~ especially in a new area.

7 (2) Cerwin liked looking at the guns, pistols, and music instruments in this store.

7 (3)Second-hand stores in the west have a different variety of things than stores in the east. There may be one or two pair of cowboy boots in our stores, but out here most of the “shoes” are boots.

1-DSC_5252We had a delicious buffet supper here in the hotel, then walked across the street to Dan Miller’s Cowboy Music Revue. They turned the old Cody Theatre into a music theatre and perform six nights a week (every night but Sunday).

1-DSC_5254What a refreshing, fun evening. Their style is cowboy/folk.

I have been humming the chorus to “Home On The Range” the past few days as we saw buffalo and wide open spaces, so it was nice to hear it sung in full tonight.