Banff, Alberta, Canada – Part 2

The second part of our day trip was lunch at Stanley Thompson Club House.


DSC_3411The last time we were here, it was fall, and the golf course was full of elk. We didn’t expect that to happen this time of year.

The waitress said that only happens around New Year and September or October.

DSC_3385It was fun to revisit one of our favorite stopping places during our trip from Vancouver to Banff and Jasper almost 13 years ago.

DSC_3386The golfers in our family would enjoy this place.

DSC_3387The view outside our window.

DSC_3388Eyes can barely take in all the beauty surrounding this place.



DSC_3394Helen’s corn chowder and yam fries.

DSC_3400Dan’s fish and chips.

DSC_3401Cerwin’s chicken sandwich and yam fries.

DSC_3403My chicken kabobs. The dips were hummus and dill.

DSC_3406The fireplace in the center of the restaurant.


DSC_3412We saw this mule deer on the golf course driveway as we left.

The driveway is a beautiful one-mile-long.


DSC_3415We had a bit of an emotional time when at the end of the driveway, Dan and Helen told us that this is where their youngest daughter died.

She was 18 and with friends from Bible school. They were walking along the river above the falls – taking pictures. It happened when a rock gave way and she fell into the rushing water.

I think I remember them saying that it was about 16 years ago.

DSC_3423From there we drove toward Lake Louise. On this stretch of road there were high fences to keep wildlife off the road, then every so often there were walkways – above bridges – where the deer and other critters could cross to the other side if they wanted.

DSC_3425More beautiful scenery.


DSC_3429The next post will be of Lake Louise.

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