Day 2 – Our Trip to Calgary – Evening

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset last night in Sauk Centre, Minnesota.



DSC_2014While I was taking pictures, Cerwin was talking to the driver next to us (second from left).

He used to be an over-the-road driver, and said, “Thanks for having chapels in truck stops. I used to stop in whenever I had time.” He now drives locally.

DSC_2018As you can see, this truck stop has a dirt lot in the back.


DSC_2022Truck feature of this post: my bunk in the truck. It is very comfortable and feels good at the end of a long day. The step to the right is what Cerwin uses to get to the top bunk.

Because I had poor Internet yesterday and tried to hurry, I realized this morning that I forgot two things.

1. When getting dressed in the truck, and putting on body lotion, I thought it didn’t seem to apply quite right, and soon discovered that I was using body wash. 🙂 Several wet ones later, I had it removed and applied the right stuff. I then made sure the body wash was in the correct Ziplock bag.

2. My brother Clair called me in the early morning when he was waiting for a breakfast meeting in Iowa and I was riding shotgun in Indiana. He knew I was awake because of my Facebook post. Because he travels so much, we usually communicate by email or Facebook, so a personal call was wonderful.

DSC_2032Our view out the front windows this morning.

DSC_2033Cerwin decided to get fuel before we got on the road for the day.


DSC_2038“Oh, what a beautiful morning. Oh, what a beautiful day.”

DSC_2040  I didn’t have time to buy a book before we left home, so I bought one in the truck stop. There weren’t many good choices. (Choice Books you need a book rack in the AmBest in Sauk Centre, Minnesota.)

I am enjoying this one so far.

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  1. Doris, I look forward to reading your blog everyday. I love your pictures. I am praying for you and Cerwin!!

  2. Oh my, I hope you don’t get caught in a rain storm — you’ll be all sudsy!!! I’m enjoying this trip with you as I always do. I like those gas prices too!

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