Getting Ready for the Wedding

Thursday, November 10

Now that I’ve given you a sampling of wedding pictures, (and we are home in Pennsylvania) I will go back to the day of our arrival in Maine.

1-1It was early (5 am) on Thursday when we stopped to pick up Elizabeth’s brother Josiah who lives about 45 minutes from our place – and on our route to Maine.

1-3We stopped for fuel and breakfast, then at the chapel in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, where Cerwin replaced the thermostat.


1-4Sunset at Mark and Diane’s house

We checked into our hotel in Auburn, then went to Mark and Diane’s house – where Josiah will be staying. We chose to stay at the hotel where the wedding was going to be held since Mark and Diane’s house was full with their out-of-state children.

1-5Then eight of us (ladies) went to Elizabeth Nails in Brunswick where we got manicures and pedicures.


1-7Our favorite part – when our hands and feet are in warm paraffin.

1-9Lydia’s friend Mary Ellen and our daughter Diane – mother of the bride.

1-10Elizabeth’s sisters – Hannah and Abigail

1-11Elizabeth’s sister Lydia

1-12Elizabeth  and Cora – the bride and her bridesmaid.

1-13Several got French tips on their toes.

2Drying the polish

dsc_0065Showing the ladies a picture of her wedding dress.


dsc_0069Watching a game. I think it was soccer


dsc_0075Back at the Myers, I gave Elizabeth and Nsimba a card from my friend Inge.



dsc_0081Nsimba read Inge’s note to them that was written in Portuguese.

dsc_0083While we were at the nail salon, Nathaniel (Abby’s husband) set up the train and tracks for Anthony.


Tomorrow night – Wedding Preparations

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  1. Auburn is where my mother was born. I thought it was Lewiston, but found out it was her father who was born in Lewiston. It looks like you ladies had a good time.

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