We Are Home From Pass Lake ~ Day 3

Friday, October 31

DSC_2035We started out in eastern Ohio and by daylight were in western Pennsylvania.




DSC_2056Cerwin’s goal was to stop at Sapp Brothers Truck Stop for breakfast.

It was 9:15 when we arrived here.

DSC_205811:03 AM


DSC_2069This area of Happy Valley is one of my favorite places to take truck photos.


DSC_2082Christmas colors.


DSC_2087Pretty rock veins.




DSC_2101Exiting our last interstate.

DSC_2102There are still some pretty leaves in our area.


DSC_2104Pretty reflections

DSC_2105Three Mile Island

DSC_2108The beautiful final few miles




DSC_21161:06 PM.

The truck is home. Trouble free.

Thank you! Thank you for praying.


After leaving the TFC Office/Shop, we stopped to visit Cerwin’s mother. She is doing well. There was a therapist with her when we arrived, and when we said that we are anxious to see her walking, the therapist asked if she wanted to show us now.

She did! She still needs assistance and uses a walker, but she used a walker before she fell.

Yesterday she had forty something staples removed from her hip and head, so we are hoping this increases the speed of her healing.

DSC_2118It was good to see “our” valley.

DSC_2119I am never quite ready to get home from a trip until I am in our house – which you can see in the distance – on the right.

It is good to be home.

Home From Pass Lake ~ Day Two

Thursday, October 30 – Rochelle, Illinois, to Girard, Ohio

DSC_1859We left the truck stop just before daybreak.

DSC_1866Before long the sky was beautiful and I spent the next forty minutes playing with my camera and the morning light.




































DSC_1994We will be on I-80 East until I-99 South – north of Penn State.

DSC_1996Someone is getting a large piece of John Deere equipment.


DSC_2005Our first stop of the day was near Toledo, Ohio, for fuel.

DSC_2002We stopped in to visit Chaplain Wayne

DSC_2008He was visiting with the grandmother of a truck stop employee.


DSC_2012Our ride

DSC_2018We saw a lot of corn harvest today.

DSC_2031Some evening beauty.



DSC_2021We are spending the night at a truck stop in Girard, Ohio.

It was another good day.

Home From Pass Lake – Day One

Wednesday, October 29

DSC_1730Just as we prepared to leave the motel this morning (8:30), a Canadian policeman came up to us to check Cerwin’s log book and the truck.

Everything was okay. 🙂

DSC_1734It was a beautiful drive to the border.



DSC_1750We were the only ones going south into the USA. Maybe that is why we had to get out of the truck, go inside, and answer a lot of questions. The female office was very gracious, then got inside our truck to make sure we were not bringing anything into the states that is illegal.

DSC_1755Twenty minutes later we were on our way and back in our home country.

It took us almost as long to cross the border with only a truck as it did with the chapel attached. 🙂

DSC_1760The drive from the border to Duluth was filled with beautiful scenery as we followed Lake Superior.



DSC_1778Three hours later we were on Wisconsin interstate.












DSC_1813Cerwin decided to bypass the Chicago area and go south to Rochelle, Illinois – stopping there for the night.




DSC_1839We surprised Chaplain Jay LeRette when we met in the doorway of the truck stop.

DSC_1844After a quick supper at the restaurant buffet, we went to the 7:00 PM chapel service. Two more drivers joined us after I took this picture.

DSC_1848Jay shared a challenging message on the importance of making a decision to follow Christ – a decision that changes our destiny – Heaven or Hell.


DSC_1852We enjoyed meeting Igor in the chapel. He is originally from the Netherlands and now lives in Canada.

He stops at TFC chapels whenever he can and knows most of our Canadian chaplains.

It was a good day.

Pass Lake Chapel Setup ~ Day 2

Tuesday, October 28

1 (1)I posted early yesterday, so have a few pictures left over from Monday’s work on the chapel. The guys installed three awnings – two doors and one window.

1 (2)Dennis installing a venetian blind in the living quarters.

1 (3)Cerwin watching as Dennis and Sam put the microwave in place.

1aSam hanging a light fixture in the chapel area.

1bLots of empty boxes.

This what the chapel looked like after a day of installing lights, shelves, and appliances.

1cThe guys checked cell phone messages and waited while Janet prepared supper in their home.

We enjoyed a delicious meal of roast beef, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and cheese cake.

Thanks Sam and Janet.

2 (1)One of the first things the men did this morning was set up the steps.

2 (2)It was a rainy day, so they were glad they had done most of the outside work yesterday.

2 (4)

2 (5)Carol (standing) one of the truck stop owners stopped by to talk to us while we were having coffee. When I asked if I could take her picture, she said if she can stand behind Sam and Janet.

2 (6)

2 (8)Her husband, Ron, (the other owner) stopped by a short time later as he took a load of milk to the kitchen.

2 (9)We were impressed with their friendly and gracious personalities.

2cThe men were finished with what they could do by early afternoon and began putting Cerwin’s tools away.

The electrician must come and hook up the electric according to Canadian guidelines.

2d (2)The owners and electrician have not yet decided if this will be the final setting for the chapel. They like it here because of the visibility, but they have to make sure they have the right electric hookup here.

They will also have to do some work at this area if it stays here because of the mud on rainy days.

There is another possibility for the chapel to be placed closer to the building. It would be on asphalt, but it would not be as visible from the road.

2d (3)

2d (4)View from the road.

2d (5)Our final look at the chapel and truck stop as we left for our motel in Thunder Bay.

2d (6)It is still cold and rainy.

2d (7)We enjoyed a wonderful meal and evening with Dennis, Janet, and Sam at Montana’s Cookhouse in Thunder Bay. Cerwin and Dennis got steak, Sam and I got pot roast, and Janet had fried chicken and waffles. I had my first Yorkshire pudding – which came with my meal. It was similar to a unfilled cream puff and could be eaten with gravy or butter.

2d (8)

2d (9)Sam’s Mile High Mud Pie

2d (10)Janet’s Upside Down Pineapple Cake

2d (11)Cerwin and Dennis got apple crisp.

Cerwin had his with blueberry topping. I had a few spoonfuls of this and a taste of Sam’s dessert.


When the evening was over, and we said our goodbyes, we decided that the time here had gone too quickly. Maybe we can come back for the chapel dedication in April.

We will be heading toward home in the morning.

We’re At Pass Lake Flying J Travel Plaza!

Monday, October 27

DSC_1576This is what Duluth looked like this morning before daylight.

We were out of our truck bunks by 4 AM and on the road by 5 AM.

DSC_1578Kristen, I thought of you when we went through several tunnels – as I know how much you like them. 🙂

DSC_1585It was a damp, cloudy morning, so it seemed to take a long time for daylight to arrive. It was eight o’clock before it was light enough to take a photo.

There were many miles of this kind of scenery. When it was still dark, I told Cerwin, “It looks like a place where we could see moose.”

He said, “Don’t say that.”

“I’m just saying, it looks like it.” 🙂

There were no signs warning of moose – and we didn’t see any.

Hopefully our return trip will be in daylight. On occasion we saw signs of Lake Superior to the right – and it looked choppy this morning.

DSC_1592We got to the border crossing just before 8:30 EST. We are going by Eastern Standard Time today, because we are in both Central and EST. The time change is right here. Our cell phones changed as we drove around the border crossing area.

After a few questions, examination of the interior of the chapel, and asking Cerwin to take the permit papers inside, we were on our way after only half-an-hour. That is a record time for us taking a chapel across the border.

DSC_1595Thank you for praying!

DSC_1597We followed this cattle-hauler for many miles.


DSC_1601As we passed him on a hill, I noticed angus cattle when one stuck his nose out an opening. I wished that I had my camera ready. 🙂


DSC_160612 more kilometers!

DSC_1608A Lake Superior sighting. We had been going around the lake all morning.

DSC_1613Almost there

DSC_1617Is that the truck stop on the left?

DSC_1626It is!

DSC_1638There come Dennis (TFC’s Canadian Director) and Sam (lead chaplain for this truck stop). Can you tell that they were watching for us?


DSC_1644Cerwin and Chaplain Sam

DSC_1648Park it over there – next to the electric pole.

DSC_1652But first – a hug from Dennis.


DSC_1657Cerwin checking the electric hookup.

DSC_1658After breakfast in the truck stop restaurant and meeting the wife (of the husband/wife owners) the men began working on some of the setup.

Over breakfast Sam told us he learned yesterday that the border crossing we used this morning has a reputation for being one of the toughest because it is a training crossing. So he was surprised when he learned that we crossed so quickly.

DSC_1661They will not complete the setup before we leave, as there are things to do yet in the area where the chapel is parked – like stoning the area so it won’t be muddy for the approach to the steps.

DSC_1670The truck stop was recently remodeled and repaved.




DSC_1673It is good to be here – after many months of construction and planning.