Visiting Uncle Lester & Aunt Hazel

Sunday afternoon, March 19

It has been a while since we saw my Uncle Lester and Aunt Hazel Hawthorne, so we purposed to visit them on Sunday afternoon.

After talking to my cousin Bonnie, I learned how to find their apartment at Masonic Village in Elizabethtown. We invited my step-mother – who was pleased to go along.

We had a most delightful afternoon.

Lester is a brother to my mother.

As we traveled home and neared Penryn, we could see remnants of the mud sale. The mud was on the side of the road leading away from Penryn. 🙂

As we drove by the fire hall the road was mud-covered on both sides of the road.


It appears that spring weather is just around the corner. The snow is melting and spring flowers are showing signs of life.

Penryn Mud Sale

Friday Evening, March 17

This year it was a “real” mud sale – with lots of mud – due to melting snow.

We went on Friday afternoon – before any of the auctions began. It was a good time to get pictures – especially in the grassy areas.

Inside the antique tent

The furniture tent

We had to navigate more mud to get to the quilt and craft tents.

After leaving the craft tent, we went to the fire hall for supper – the real reason we went. I didn’t feel like cooking. 🙂

Also it was supposed to be cool and rainy on Saturday when the mud sale began in full force.

A few more sights as we headed to the car.

This sale benefits the Penryn Fire Company and a local Amish school.

These little guys were so cute – and never stopped moving.

I stopped to capture a photo of my boot in the mud.

Even the parking sign was muddy.

We walked through the snow in our yard to get rid of some of the mud on our boots.

I brought a donut home – half for an evening snack and the other half for breakfast with my coffee.

They are the best filled donuts in the world! My opinion.

Cabela’s with Donovan & Diana

Saturday, March 18

We were pleased that they had a open day to celebrate Donovan’s 2017 birthday choice of things to do with us.

I wanted an updated photo of them – and Cerwin photobombed it! 🙂

That’s better

We each went our own way – because we all shop differently. It makes shopping more enjoyable for everyone.

Me. I rarely shop in this store because I’d rather take pictures. (I did find some dried soup packs in the house wares area. I like to keep them on hand for quick, rainy day meals.)

My first stop was the huge aquarium.

Then I checked out the safari area.

It is amazing to stand next to the elephant.

I met Donovan and Diana when I was entering the whitetail exhibit – and they were leaving.

Can you find the cougar?

Deb, this one is for you.

Baby fawns are so little – and cute.

Housewares is relaxing and pretty.

We enjoyed a delicious supper at Cracker Barrel – Donovan’s choice.


On the way home I said to them, “Someday, when you are grandparents, you will understand why we work hard at doing creative things that give us time with our grandchildren.” 🙂

I know that it is much cooler to be with their young friends. But it blesses my heart to spend time with them and learn a bit more about their likes and dislikes – and their plans and dreams.

Thanks Donovan and Diana. We love you guys.

Birds & Melting Snow

Friday, March 17

The birds were glad for the suet since there was still a lot of snow on the ground.

Female Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

It’s been fun seeing them this winter. I don’t remember seeing them so much on previous winters.

The mourning doves are glad for the sunflower seeds I throw on the ground.

A junco looking for seeds

The township drivers were busy widening the roads and getting rid of any drifting snow.

The afternoon was warm enough that icicles were merrily dripping.

I love late winter days.