Scanning Old Slides

A few of my favorites – when our children were young.


I am about three-fourth finished with changing our old slides into digital pictures. My goal is to finish this job by the end of January.

Our family in 1975: Diane, Jere, Deb, Me, Cerwin, Jeff

My cousin Barry and Jeff at the Miller’s hunting cabin – probably 1965.

Jeff pumping water. (We think the other boy is Jimmy, the son of a friend of Cerwin’s parents.)

Jeff fell asleep on the potty chair. 🙂

Diane fell down some steps at the farm – while my parents were babysitting. It was the fall of 1967 (almost 50 years ago) when we were building our house.

Diane helping to shell peas.

Jere – 1969

Easter eggs 1970 – The period of time when we had three preschoolers.

Jere with chicken pox

Jere. These boys of ours seem to fall asleep when they sit down.

This band never got beyond our living room. 🙂

The boys are ready for church

Jere and Diane on a lake.

Cerwin and Jeff building our shed.

Diane was pleased to hold her new sister, Deb, in 1974

Deb – 1 year old

A vacation day

A birthday party for Deb

Diane and Deb.

Deb, maybe this is where your love for deer began.

Female Finch

Before I started watching and photographing our birds, I used to think these were ordinary birds.

They aren’t as colorful as some, but I love their feather pattern.

Then God said, “Let the water be filled with living things. And let birds fly in the air above the earth.”

So God created great sea animals, and every sort of fish and every kind of bird. And God looked at them with pleasure, and blessed them all. Genesis 1:20-22 Living Bible


Oh what fun to keep our great-grandson for four days last week while his parents ministered to others at a conference.

Some pictures from our week…

On day one we spent time in the office, so we had envelopes for the mailbox.

Since we already had our coats on, we filled a few birdfeeders.

He makes me smile.

Putting in the last piece of a puzzle.

Helping unload the dishwasher

He loves to mop the kitchen floor.

Preparing a snack.

He loves to watch hunting programs with great-grandpa.

On Saturday morning he was a horse. 🙂

Watching African animals on grandpa’s computer

One afternoon we made a deer, cow, horse, and pig out of these tinker-toy-type things. He is holding the pig. 🙂


Oh what fun to have a little person in the house. It has been almost eight years since we took care of a two-year-old for several days. Our youngest grandson, Jesse, will be ten years old this year. It worked out well that it was a slow week in my office so I had plenty of time to keep an eye on him.

An Icy Fall

Wednesday, January 11

The ice was beautiful on Wednesday morning, so I went outside – barefooted and still in my housecoat to get a few pictures from the porch.

Before I knew it I slid off the porch and unto the patio. 🙂

…and I thought the porch was just wet.

It wasn’t easy to get on my feet because of the ice, but I finally worked my way to the porch rail and got back in the house to assess my injuries and check on my camera.

Checked on the camera first: Apparently no harm done.

Checked on my body: A slight cut on top of my right hand and a bruised palm. A slight cut on my left palm. A small bruise on my left hip. A sore right knee. A bruised right ankle. Two beat up toes on my right foot.

It made me wonder what my fall would have looked like if it had been on video – and in slow motion. Our daughter Deb said she would have been glad to come and photograph it if I had given her warning. 🙂

I am fine and thanking the Lord that there were no broken bones in this old body. Four days later I barely feel any of the bruises.

Lessons learned: Take ice pictures from inside the house and never suppose a wet-looking porch is just wet when the temperature is at freezing.

Downy woodpeckers don’t slide on icy feeders.