Cousin’s Week – Great-Grandma Day – Part 2

Monday Afternoon, July 13

After leaving Great-grandma Hershey’s house, we went to Landis Homes to see Great-grandma High.

1 (1)Heading toward her room.

1 (2)We took Great-grandma for a walk to see the ducks, swans, and peafowl.

1 (3)There was a visitor to the pond – a great blue heron.

1 (4)I was pleased that it did not seem to be afraid of the humans on the other side of the fence.


3 (1)

3 (2)

3 (3)This swan seemed to be in a nasty mood – chasing other water fowl out of the pond when we were there. The other swan just relaxed near the shore.

3 (4)I think this was the male. He had his feathers ruffled during our entire visit to the pond.

3 (5)The ducks tried to keep their distance from him.

3 (6)

3 (7)

3 (8)

3 (9)

3 (10)

3 (11)Then we went to see the peacock.

3 (12)We would have liked to see the peahen and her babies, but they stayed in their pen. We could see them through the small entrance area, but they could not be photographed.

3 (13)

4Jared found a wounded butterfly and cared for it a bit.

DSC_7247You may remember that in my description of him last night, I mentioned that he liked critters.

DSC_7256We enjoyed supper in the Café where the children could chose from a wide variety of food.

We all had a good day. I think it was good for the children and the great-grandmas.


You will have to come back tomorrow night to see what we did on day two.

Please Pray For the Ocala, Florida, Chapel Delivery

Thursday, July 30

20150729_125544The newest TFC chapel is on its way to Florida – from Marietta, Pennsylvania. Cerwin took this picture yesterday after pulling it out of TFC’s shop.

Pray for Cerwin and Glenn Fahnestock as they make this delivery – first to Tri County Baptist Church, Lady Lake, Florida, for their Missions Conference on Sunday, August 2, then on to Pilot Travel Center, I-75, Exit 358, Ocala, Florida, on Monday, which will be its permanent location.

Cousin’s Week – Great-Grandma Day – Part 1

Monday, July 13

Great-grandma day (1)Our day began when I picked up Gloria, Jared, Jesse, Ian, and Jana – and their luggage – then went grocery shopping. After putting the groceries away, we picked up Diana at work and went to Manheim Twin Kiss for lunch (above).

When we first began Cousin’s Week, there were usually ten or eleven children at our house for the week, now we are down to the six youngest as the others are out of school and busy at their jobs. Abby is married and Jenna is getting married in September.

We have sixteen grandchildren (six grew up in Maine). The Maine grandchildren usually got to be involved in Cousin’s Week when they were twelve and spent the summer with us.

These are the six who spent Monday – and most of the week with us.

Great-grandma day (2)Diana will be a senior in high school, and missed out on morning activities because of her job at a local animal feed and supply store.

Great-grandma day (3)Jana was recovering from gallbladder surgery – which happened the week before. Many of you know about her eleven-month health struggle. We are delighted that removing what seemed to be a healthy gallbladder has restored her health. She works at a nearby dairy and ice cream store a few days a week.

Great-grandma day (4)Gloria is fourteen and thinking about ideas for her first job. She enjoys taking care of her two miniature horses.

Great-grandma day (5)Ian is in middle school and enjoys playing percussion instruments.

Great-grandma day (6)Jared will go to middle school this fall and loves learning about critters.

Great-grandma day (7)Jesse our youngest grandchild is the only one left in grade school, and as you can see, loves climbing trees.

Great-grandma day (8)After lunch we went to visit their Great-grandma Hershey.

Great-grandma day (9)Before going in the house, I suggested that we visit her yard.

Great-grandma day (10)

Great-grandma day (11)

Great-grandma day (12)She is 91, and probably spends part of every weekday taking care of her flowers.

Great-grandma day (13)Our plan was that we would play Golf with her – using Skip-bo cards.

Great-grandma day (14)

Great-grandma day (15)

Great-grandma day (16)Jesse was more interested in games from her game closet.

Great-grandma day (17)

Great-grandma day (18)After several rounds of Golf, Ian and Gloria had fun with the marble chaser…

Great-grandma day (19)…and Jesse played Golf

Great-grandma day (20)Then it was time for a snack.

Great-grandma day (21)

Great-grandma day (22)Before leaving, she pointed out the beautiful orchids in her living room. The plant was a gift for her 90th birthday last year, and she is so pleased that it continues to bloom.


Our next stop will be their Great-grandma High.

The High Reunion

Sunday Afternoon, July 12

High Reunion (1)Cerwin’s cousin John was grilling hamburgers and hot dogs when we arrived at High Sports for the lunchtime reunion.

High Reunion (2)The pavilion is located in a pretty area next to the miniature golf course.

High Reunion (3)

High Reunion (4)Prayer before the meal.

There is a tent next to the pavilion to give more space.

High Reunion (5)

High Reunion (6)I had fun watching two bunnies searching for their lunch.

High Reunion (7)

High Reunion (8)

High Reunion (9)

High Reunion (10)A small waterfalls next to the tent.

High Reunion (11)The pretty flowers surrounding the pavilion and tent got my attention.

High Reunion (12)

High Reunion (13)

High Reunion (14)

High Reunion (15)I love a beautiful Sunday afternoon at a family reunion.

Ohio Truck Rally – Mount Hope Auction

Saturday, July 11

a (1)We followed this interesting cycle for several miles…

a (2)…then to our surprise, they turned into Mt. Hope Auction.

a (3)This is a sampling of Saturday at the Ohio Truck Rally. If you want to see many more pictures, go to my Facebook album –¬if_t=like

a (4)I asked for permission to photograph it. I think they were there for the horse auction.

bThere were lots of Amish on the grounds – some for the TFC event and others for the horse auction.


d (1)Many truckers left after the parade the previous night, but there were still a nice number of trucks on the grounds.

d (2)

d (3)

d (4)

d (5)Big stacks on a little tractor

d (6)

d (7)

d (8)

d (9)Grilling hamburgers and hot dogs.

d (12)Door prizes

d (11)Children’s activities

d (14)Going a little too fast!

d (18)

d (10)

d (13)A special item for the benefit auction

d (15)

d (16)

d (17)Eating and listening to the auction

d (19)The auction was still in full swing when we said our goodbyes and began our six-hour drive home.


We were pleased that the Ohio TFC staff changed the Truck Rally date – from the third Friday and Saturday in June to the second Friday and Saturday in July. It hasn’t suited us to go to this Rally for many years. We were blessed and delighted to be there.

Ohio Truck Rally – Parade of Trucks

Friday morning, July 10

Mount Hope (1)We arrived at Mount Hope Auction just before 10 AM.

Cerwin helped Jason Nussbaum and a volunteer set up a canopy where the grill was going to be placed.

Mount Hope (2)My job was to photograph the activities.

That sounds like tough duty. :)

Mount Hope (3)All Events Rental set up tables and chairs.

Mount Hope (4)Cerwin and Gary Nussbaum.

Gary and Pearl and their son Jason and his wife, Shannon, oversee the rally activities – with help from many volunteers.

Mount Hope (5)Reuben Miller and his dad, Lester, brought the stage.

Mount Hope (6)The children’s activities were at one end of the large auction building.

Mount Hope (7)The auction was in the middle – between the children’s activities and the eating area.

Mount Hope (8)

Mount Hope (9)Toward evening we went to Kidron where the trucks were gathering for the parade.

Mount Hope (10)I understand that there were 208 trucks – a record number for them.

Mount Hope (11)Pearl Nussbaum (right) serving food to the truckers and their families.

Mount Hope (12)A police sheriff was the ‘pace car” for the parade of truck which began at 7 PM.

Mount Hope (13)The chapel looked good in front of the trucks.

Mount Hope (14)

Mount Hope (15)

 Mount Hope (16)

Mount Hope (17)

Mount Hope (18)

Mount Hope (19)

Mount Hope (20)

Mount Hope (21)This is just a sampling of my pictures.

If you want to see all of them, go to

Mount Hope (22)After the last truck went by, we followed it for a bit and got to seem some of the many observers.

Mount Hope (23)

Mount Hope (24)

Mount Hope (25)Then we took a back road to see if we could get ahead of the parade as it arrived at Mount Hope Auction.

Mount Hope (26)As we crossed a back road, we met the parade – so took another back road to get ahead of it.

Mount Hope (27)The spot we wanted was still available, and we waited about fifteen minutes before the trucks arrived.

Mount Hope (28)We got Gary’s attention.

Mount Hope (29)The trucks looked pretty in the dusk and later in the dark.

Mount Hope (30)

Mount Hope (31)

Mount Hope (32)

Mount Hope (33)

Mount Hope (34)

Mount Hope (35)

Mount Hope (36)

Mount Hope (37)

Mount Hope (38)

Mount Hope (39)The next time we attend this event I want to take pictures as the trucks arrive at Mount Hope Auction.

Mount Hope (40)The Hart Brothers were already picking and singing when we arrived.

n (1)

n (2)

o (2)Jason was serving food and drink…

o (3)…as him mom, Pearl, put hot dogs and pulled pork in buns.

o (4)Popcorn

o (1)Enjoying food and music.

o (5)Homemade ice cream was a favorite – whether in dishes or root beer floats.


q (1)This was my evening meal.

q (2)Gary closed the evening and invited everyone to come back in the morning for a pancake breakfast.