Easter Sunday Lunch

April 20 ~ At Jere and Kristen’s House

1a (1)Jana adding dollops of Cool Whip to this lemon treat.

It was served after the meal and before the dessert as a palate cleanser.

1a (2)

1a (3)Grating nutmeg on top for garnish.

1a (4)It was delicious ~ as was everything else.

1a (7)Twice baked potatoes

1a (6)Peas and onions.

1a (5)Sweet potatoes

1a (8)Asparagus

1bFresh pineapple

1a (10)Butter lamb

1a (9)Salad

1bbA delicious molded salad.

I enjoy going to Jere and Kristen’s to eat because she and Jana love to bake and cook.


1bd (1)When I looked at the pictures, I noticed that I did not have a picture of the ham, but I can prove that we had ham, because Jere gave Jake a piece before the rest of us ate ~ to celebrate his birthday.

1bd (2)It was his 6th birthday.

1c (2)Prayer before the meal.

1c (1)More pictures tomorrow night.

Since this is “Take Your Child To Work Day”, Cerwin thought our children should show up at the TFC office and help him polish a chapel.

He thinks their excuses are of biblical proportions!

Jeff: Yeah, right. (laughter) I have enough of my own work to do.
Diane: Too bad we don’t live closer!
Jere: Oh man … I have this thing…it just isn’t going to work out…real bummer… wish I could be there.
Deb: If he would have asked before today I would have made that work and brought cookies and food too. I need at least one day warning.

Our Meal At Inn 422 ~ Continued

Saturday Evening, April 19

1 (7)As we ate our meal, Roy said, “I think I just found a new favorite restaurant.”

1 (1)I ordered Quinoa Salad – mostly because I never heard of quinoa and wanted to see what it was. I learned it was the grain on top of the salad.

From the Internet: Quinoa, pronounced “keen-wah,” a protein-packed grain contains every amino acid, and is particularly rich in lysine, which promotes healthy tissue growth throughout the body. Quinoa is also a good source of iron, magnesium, vitamin E, potassium, and fiber. It looks a bit like couscous and is as versatile as rice, but quinoa has a richer, nuttier flavor than either of them.

It was delicious.

1 (2)Cerwin’s filet mignon

1 (6)He chose succotash made of edamame (soybeans) and corn for one of his sides.

1 (3)Roy’s steak. I’m not sure what cut he ordered.

1 (5)One of his sides was snow peas. When he commented on how delicious they were, I asked for permission to steal one. I think I asked – or maybe I just sole it. It was delicious.

1 (4)Deb had Crab Imperial and Filet Mignon.


When looking through the pictures, I realized that I forgot to photograph my Fettuccini Alfredo with Shrimp. I don’t think I ever had so much shrimp in a fettuccini.


1 (8)Any thoughts of not having dessert vanished when we saw the dessert tray.

1 (9)Deb ordered crème brulee with berries.

1 (10)Our waitress caramelized it at our table.

2Deb allowed me to sample it. Oh, yum! The fresh berries made it one of the best I ever tasted..

DSC_8190I had a mango cheese cake – also delicious.

DSC_8191Roy had this chocolate delicacy.

DSC_8193Cerwin’s pecan pie became his birthday treat.

DSC_8194By this time the room had filled with a family who was celebrating a lady’s 75th birthday.

They kept apologizing for interrupting our quiet, but they were so much fun, and added to the celebration of our evening. As they waited for the birthday lady to arrive, they told us about her and their family, and as we asked questions they told us even more stories.

It was quite funny. After she arrived and visited everyone in the room, she kept looking at us and asking people who we were. Roy told one of her relatives to tell her that he was a long-lost cousin and was here to claim his inheritance. :)

DSC_8196When they realized that Cerwin was celebrating a birthday, one of her nieces insisted that he wear one of the party hats.

DSC_8197After saying goodbye to our new-found friends, I asked our waitress if I could see the upstairs where there are six bedrooms for their bed and breakfast.

DSC_8199She said I could photograph any room that had an open door. I was glad there was one unoccupied room.

DSC_8202From there we went out back to see the patio where meals are served on warm days ~ or you can just sit and enjoy the area.


DSC_8203I cannot believe this place is so close to our house and I never heard of it until my sister brought me here in February.

Delightful describes our evening.

Thanks Roy and Deb.

Supper at Inn 422 With Roy & Deb

This was a special celebration ~ a gift from Roy and Deb for Cerwin’s birthday.

Saturday, Evening, April 19.

DSC_8152I have been looking forward to going back to this restaurant ever since my sister took me here for a birthday breakfast in February.


DSC_8156When Deb and Roy read my reviews from that morning, they decided that this would be a perfect place for Cerwin’s birthday celebration.

DSC_8162This looked like a lovely place to sit and visit.


DSC_8171Deb asked for the best seat in the house ~ and we got it!

We even had this room to ourselves for the first hour.

DSC_8169Notice Cerwin and Roy’s chairs. They decided that they were the most comfortable restaurant chairs they ever had.

DSC_8164Roy and Deb wanted appetizers. Deb shared her Oysters Rockefeller with Cerwin.

Roy and I each tried an oyster, but preferred the shrimp.

DSC_8168Roy shared his Shrimp Cocktail with me. Oh, yum!


More tomorrow evening.


Saturday Morning Prayer Breakfast

Saturday, April 19

DSC_8083We were up early enough to see the beautiful sunrise as we drove to New Holland.

DSC_8084The exquisite lighting made it so much fun to take pictures as we drove.




DSC_8092I like this one.



DSC_8095Oh, that was fun!

DSC_8099Cerwin and I were asked to give a ministry report at this breakfast ~ and used a PowerPoint presentation.

DSC_8101It was an incredibly encouraging morning for us.

DSC_8100It’s fun giving a report to men and women who pray for and truly care about what is happening in TFC.

DSC_8104On the way home we came upon this Amish buggy. We couldn’t quite decide what it was hauling.

DSC_8105Cerwin thought it looked like a platform of some sort.

DSC_8125After a stop at Wal-Mart we spent the afternoon working in flower beds. This was after I pulled all the spring weeds and wild garlic that would like to take over this area. I am trying to train the Creeping Jenny (yellow ground cover) to take over instead.

Cerwin was trimming tree branches that were dead or too low.

We were glad to stop by 3:30 pm to get ready for Roy and Deb to arrive, as they were coming to take us out for a birthday supper for Cerwin. More about that tomorrow night.