TFC Activities In Early October

Sunday, October 5

1 (1)We invited our TFC Prayer & Advisory Team for lunch and an afternoon of ministry information and visiting.

1 (2)Prayer before our meeting. We were excited to have two couples from Quebec – Chaplain Jacques (left) and Carmen (hidden to his left), and next to them Huguette and Chaplain Claude. They were in the area for Candidate Training School at the TFC Office.

1 (3)We had an exceptionally good afternoon as Dan – in light shirt to the right of Sam (teal shirt) – shared a bit of his background and the work he is doing with TFC as he serves with the Office of Chaplains. Another highlight was hearing Jacques and Claude’s testimonies.


Candidate Training School

2 (1)We were invited to the International Office for supper on Wednesday, October 8, to meet the two couples who were going through Candidate Training School. Ruth (Administrative Assistant, Office of Chaplains) – above – was in charge of the meal.

2 (2)Jacques and Carmen (couple in the front) were one of the couples going through training to come on staff. They serve with Claude and Huguette on the Quebec Chapel.

2 (3)

2 (4)The other couple was Sandy and Richard from Idaho. Since we do not have a chapel in Idaho, they will serve wherever God leads them. I was blessed to hear that one of the ways they learned about TFC was reading my blog.

2 (5)Jacques serenaded us after supper – songs in English and French.

As you may suspect, his and Carmen’s first language is French. French is also the mother tongue for Claude and Huguette. Carmen speaks only a few words of English, so she had fun trying to teach me some French words.

2 (6)


York/Adams Chapter Bake Sale

3 (1)We were up early on Saturday, October 11. It rained most of the one-hour drive to Abbottstown.

3 (2)We arrived at Menges Diner just before 6:00 AM, and set up the chapel for the prayer breakfast and bake sale benefit.

3 (3)After breakfast in the diner, we met in the chapel for a devotional by Bill Menges – and prayer.

3 (6)

3 (5)

3 (7)This is York/Adams Chapter’s third annual bake sale.

3 (8)They do a great job of soliciting for and selling baked goods to benefit TFC.

3 (9)

3 (10)

3 (11)The chapel cake is sold by silent auction bidding. I didn’t hear the final bid..

3 (12)Cerwin buying some things for his sweet tooth.


The Chapel for Pass Lake is almost finished!

4I thought you may enjoy being reminded of what it looked like in the beginning, and see what it looks like today.

4a (1)Back doors removed and doors and window cut into the trailer.

4a (2)Installing floor insulation.

4bIn early September the interior was almost finished and it was ready for the paint shop.

4cMerv Weaver had it for several weeks (he was busy painting other trucks and trailers.) and did a fantastic job. Cerwin picked it up on October 8.

4d (1)A few days later Cerwin took it to Eckert’s for lettering.

4d (2)

4d (3)

4d (4)On Saturday, October 18, Jay Brandt (Stiegel Flooring) installed the carpet in the living quarters and vinyl in the chapel area.

4d (5)Chaplain Sam wanted two recliners – rather than a bed in the living quarters.

4d (6)In a few days – early Saturday morning – we will be leaving to deliver the Passport Chapel to Pass Lake (east of Thunder Bay) in Ontario, Canada.

  • Pray for safety.
  • Also, taking a chapel across the border is not always easy. Pray that it goes well for us with the broker and other border authorities.

This is one of my favorite things about serving with Transport For Christ – going with Cerwin to deliver a new chapel.

Treasured Time With Family

Wednesday Evening, October 11 (1)We enjoyed supper at Landis Homes with Cerwin’s sister Doris, her husband, Bob, Cerwin’s mother, and her brother John. Bob and Doris were visiting from Minnesota, and since we wanted to see them, and know Cerwin’s mother likes to see them as often as possible when they are here, we decided to have our meal at Landis Homes.

(This was obviously before Mother’s fall.)

1 (2)Bob was interested in a family story during the depression, and asked a few questions which got John started on some amazing stories.

He is a great story-teller.

1 (3)Uncle John will be 99 in a few weeks and also lives at Landis Homes.

2A few nights later, Saturday, October 4, we took Cerwin’s mother to the 60th Wedding Anniversary party of Daddy High’s youngest brother and his wife.

3 (1)We arrived early, so I took a few pictures of the room.

This place used to be a family home. Mother remembers visiting the former residents many years ago.

3 (2)

3 (3)

3 (4)Gift table

3 (14)Head table flowers.

3 (5)The guests of honor arriving – Betty and Sam – with their son Scott and a great-granddaughter.

3 (6)

3 (7)Their other son John, talking to Mother.

3 (8)

3 (9)Each person received a bag of M & Ms.

3 (10)We enjoyed a delicious meal. Our entrée choices were clam cakes, chicken, or steak. There were also vegetables and grilled potato slices.

3 (11)Betty and Sam posing for pictures.

3 (12)

3 (13)

3 (15)Three great-grandchildren and a daughter-in-law

3 (16)Daughter and mother

3 (17)With their great-grandchildren.

3 (18)

3 (2a)Someone wanted a picture of Mother before we left, and asked us to pose with her. I gave them my camera so I would have a picture as well.

4Fall scenery in the parking lot near our car.

Monday Evening Update On Mother

For those who don’t have Facebook and receive my daily updates on Mother:

I spent the day with her – 9 AM to 4:30 PM. I was honored to have that time with her – alone – while the others had to go to work. I did counted cross-stitch when I wasn’t attending to her. I massaged her shoulders, tried to feed her (she is not interested in eating), facilitated two long-distance phone calls from her daughter Doris (Minnesota) and granddaughter, Judi (Wisconsin) by using my cell phone’s speaker, and did my best to keep her cool (when the room was warm) or warm (after the nurse changed the temperature). :)

She is still weak from her fall, broken hip, and surgery. The medical team decided to give her a unit of blood today because her blood pressure was low. After the four-hour transfusion her blood pressure was finally over 100. I saw it as high as 117 over 61.

By 4:30 PM she was being transferred out of the Intermediate Intensive Care Unit to the 4th floor where they will begin physical therapy.

Keep praying!

Fog ~ Dirt ~ Fall Sunset

The last few days of September.

1 (1)A foggy, fall morning.

1 (4)

1 (6)

2 (1)Cerwin ordered a load of topsoil to fill in a low area in our yard.

2 (2)

2 (4)

2 (6)Then he borrowed my brothers’ skid loader to level it.


It was not enough, so he ordered a partial load the next day. Then it rained, then he was busy, then it rained, then it rained. So there is still a pile of dirt in our yard. :)

3 (1)We have been having some beautiful fall evenings.

3 (2)

3 (3)

3 (5)

3 (6)

3 (7)

4 (2)I love a beautiful, fall sunset.

An Evening With Clayton & Peggy

Saturday, September 27

2Cerwin and I were thrilled when we learned that Peggy (fwren on Xanga) and Clayton were coming to visit us.

1 (1)We took them to a local restaurant (Lintias) for a light supper before going to Sight and Sound.

1 (2)

3-DSC_0185Going to Sight and Sound was one of their goals when in southeastern Pennsylvania.

DSC_0188The sun was bright, but we wanted pictures in front of the building.






DSC_0200You are not supposed to take pictures during the production, so I took a few before it started.

Three highlights for me were:

Moses running away to the dessert after killing a man.

The arrival of the death angel during the plagues.

The parting of the red sea. Just amazing! It engulfed the front and side stages.

DSC_0202I would have loved to take a picture during the parting of the sea. It was amazing..

Clayton and Peggy stayed with us overnight, went with us to Sunday school and church the next day, and enjoyed soup and sandwiches with us for lunch before they began their journey to Vermont.

We treasure their friendship.