Ice Sculptures

It has been so cold in our area that ice sculptures from the 10th Anniversary Fire and Ice Festival in Lititz are still intact.

The festival was held from February 13-16.

DSC_5892This one is in front of Hershey and Gibbel Insurance on Broad Street.

DSC_5895The five I photographed are all from Broad Street.


In front of the Police Station.


I would have enjoyed driving around town and seeing more of the 50-plus sculptures that were handcrafted by DiMartino Ice Company, Jeannette, PA.

Mules In The Snow

Wednesday, February 18

After labeling the individual March Highway News and Good News, we headed to the Lititz Post Office. (Thanks Mel, Velda, Mary and Lois for helping.)


1 (1)A small stone wall at a Lititz traffic light looked pretty in the snow.

1 (2)

1 (3)Cerwin putting the 14 bags of mail on the post office dock.

Because we are halfway to Landis Homes when we go to the post office, we usually have lunch with Cerwn’s mother on Highway News and Good News mailing day.

Velda (Cerwin’s sister) and Mel joined us.

2 (1)To my delight, the mules were out grazing in the snow-covered field near Landis Homes.

2 (2)

2 (3)

2 (4)



DSC_5880Seeing the mules made my day.


February 14 to 22 was an unusual period of time in which we were the recipients of many kind gifts.

1a (1)This arrived on Valentine’s Day.

1a (2)Oh, how I love fresh fruit.

1a (3)It was delivered by five of my favorite young people ~ Josh, Jana, Ian, Jared, and Jesse.

1a (4)

1a (5)Jesse was pleased that he got to sign the envelope.

1a (6)On the 16th we got donuts from my sister.

I share most food that arrives at our house, but I make sure the man cave guys know that these are not for their eating. :)

It is difficult to find a donut that is more delicious. The “square-ish” ones have raisins inside.

1a (7)That evening Cerwin came home with fresh sugar cookies from Rachel.

1a (8)My favorite Jordan was here on the 17th – just after a light snow – and shoveled the driveway for Grandpa.

1a (9)

1a (10)We mailed the Highway News on the 18th.

Mary – one of the helpers – brought fauschnauts and sugar cookies.

1a (11)

1a (12)Then one evening we were given two boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.

…and I forgot to take pictures of the homemade whoopee pie cake and cream cheese filled cupcakes.

Thank you everyone. We are feeling very blessed.

I’m glad that I didn’t give up sweets for Lent. :)

Evening Travel

I enjoy road trips – whether just a few minutes or many hours – especially when Cerwin is driving.

1 (1)I love observing what is going on around me as we travel.

1 (2)

2Lights, reflections, and bare trees in wintertime fascinate me.



DSC_5799On this particular night the traffic was heavy in Lancaster.

I wonder where everyone was going?