Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 10

I know – Mother’s Day was a couple of weeks ago, but I am still catching up with myself in my large file of pictures.

0Cerwin gave me these pretty flowers a few days before Mother’s Day.

1b (1)Jeff brought me pretty flowers on Saturday morning.

1b (2)These pretty begonias will be planted in our patio flower bed.

1b (3)I like when he drives their old Chevy.

1b (4)Someday I want to do a counted cross-stitch picture of it.

2Diane gave me Keurig tea. She knows I enjoy hot tea on cool days.

3 (1)My pretty cards.

3 (2)

4 (1)

4 (2)

4a (1)

4a (2)Though our children do a good job of letting me know they love me many times during the year, it is nice to have a day set aside for mothers.

By this time I had more than four screws loose to my emotional wellbeing!

I sent this to the TFC staff and our family today, so I thought I would post it here as well.


As I finished mailing TFC’s Prayer Calendar today, I thought, “This is the first time since early April – before we left for Pass Lake – that I had a bulk mailing go smoothly.” 

April 21 – the day after we returned from our trip – the old Pitney Bowes envelope printer died.

The tech said, “You have a very old printer. I cannot find a new motherboard anywhere in the country.”

A new one was ordered.

April 22 – A tech from Pitney Bowes spend most of the day here setting up and training me in their new ConnectRight Mailer software – which I needed to use by May 1.

Learning it has been quite a process.

April 23 – Our clothes dryer died (nothing to do with TFC).

The repairman said, “You have a very old dryer.”

In the process we purchased a new washer and dryer – because the washer was older than the dryer, and we figured it was the safest thing to do with our current record.

I now have a matching washer and dryer for the first time in our almost 52 years of marriage.

I used labels in place of printing directly on envelopes until the new envelope printer arrived a week later.

The new printer did not work after 200 envelopes.

I spent several frustrating hours trying to make it work.

The installer tech came the next day and discovered 4 loose screws from the factory.

By this time I had more than 4 screws loose to my emotional wellbeing!

 Last week a computer tech came to fix my old fax/scanner/printer which was no longer printing faxes.

He said, “You have a very old fax machine.”

I knew what was coming next.

You guessed it – it could not be repaired.

Yesterday a computer tech brought my new fax/scanner/printer.

It is so neat. I was sending faxes to people who did not need faxes because I can do it from my computer.  

On Tuesday – when mailing Gary and Pearl Nussbaum’s Ohio Truck Rally flyer – I discovered that I could not submit the form to the post office. Electronic forms have been required since last summer.

Figuring I made a mistake with the new software, I re-did the mailing process several times.

I finally called the post master. He said he would receive it with only printed reports this time.

By the time I discovered the problem, the envelopes were ready for the post office.

When I delivered the mailing to the postmaster yesterday, I told him that I was ready to go back to the way I did zip code sorting in 1978 – when I helped Mel and Joyce Mast (TFC Northeast Region Director) do bulk mailings.

Back then I lined up brown grocery bags on a long bench – by zip code – and dropped the finished letters in the appropriate bag!

The postmaster thought that probably worked better that today’s system.

I sent an email to the Post Office and my Pitney Bowes tech concerning my problem.

My Pitney Bowes tech responded first and said the Post Office updated Postal One, which is where I submit forms.

She said it was causing everyone a lot of frustration.

She fixed the problem remotely.

Imagine my delight when everything (software and printer) worked smoothly today when doing the Prayer Calendar mailing.

Then – after all the stuffed envelopes were in Post Office trays, I noticed that I had “Prayer Calendar Enclosed” spelled incorrectly on the envelopes!

It says “Prayer Calendar Enxclosed” on all 260+ envelopes.

 Maybe the next mailing will go smoothly.


I am posting this, just in case you are having a frustrating or stressful day, or week, or month.

Sometimes life is like that – the reason we cling to the grace and peace of the Lord, the only person who never has any screws loose to His emotional wellbeing.


I needed this reminder many days during the past few weeks.

Temporarily Upset

Music for Spring

Tuesday Evening, May 5

Fifth and Sixth Grade Band, Orchestra and Chorus – Middle School Auditorium

DSC_1866Welcome by Dr. Richardson

DSC_1870Orchestra – Mrs. Shirk, Director

DSC_1874Fiddles at Shady Gulch – Mark Williams

DSC_1876Antagonist – Larry Clark

DSC_1872DNA – Vince Gassi

Credo – Frank J. Halferty

DSC_1877Jazz Band – Mr. Eisenreich, Director

DSC_1878The Chicken – Alfred Ellis arr. Story

DSC_1881Take the “A” Train – Strayhorn arr. Gassi

Drama for Your Mama – Victor Lopez

DSC_1882Our view without the zoom lens.

We always choose the balcony so we can see Ian.

DSC_1889The best view from the balcony.

DSC_1894Chorus – Ms. Shoffner, Director.

DSC_1896Sesere Eeye – Traditional

Shine On Me – Traditional spiritual arr. Rollo Dilworth

DSC_1902On Wind, On Wing – Amy Bernon

DSC_1904Our grand-nephew, Jake (plaid shirt).


Fairest Lady – Nick Page

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen, arr. Roger Emerson

God Bless America – Irving Berlin

DSC_1921Our grandson, Ian, plays in the Band

DSC_1922Above and Beyond – James Swearingen

DSC_1926Mr. Eisenreich, Director

DSC_1932Halo 3 – arr. Michael Story


DSC_1947Bartok Folk Trilogy – arr. Anne McGinty

DSC_1960Clarinets Packing Up Early – Gary Fagan



DSC_1985Recognition of the directors

DSC_1996Jesse carrying his dad’s tripod.

DSC_1997Congratulating Ian.



DSC_2003Heading home after a great concert.

Make A Wish Lancaster – The Convoy

Sunday, May 10

DSC_2313The convoy began promptly at 1:30 PM.

DSC_2317Because they exit Burle Business Park to Route 30 West, the trucks go right by the chapel, giving us a good view of those that leave early.

DSC_2318Waiting for their turn to leave the parking lot next to me – on the passenger side of the chapel.

DSC_2319I read several news articles and most say there were 380 trucks this year, with 100 kids getting “their wish” to ride in a truck for the convoy.

DSC_2322The event raised about $300,000.00 for Make a Wish.



DSC_2326We left our spot a 1:47 PM and immediately saw several family members.


DSC_2331The umbrellas were for shade as it was quite humid and warm.



DSC_2338There were lots of signs like this: Blow your air horn – or use your Jake brake.

DSC_2340Ian was our official-air-horn-blower.

We rigged up a plastic grocery bag so he didn’t have to reach over Cerwin’s head and hinder his driving.

He had a lot of fun developing different sounds.



DSC_2347One of the articles I read concerning this day, said there was an estimated 6,000 spectators.

DSC_2352The Rissler’s exited Route 222 N at Brownstown just ahead of us, giving me a good view of their rig.


DSC_2366Now we are going around the exit – to Route 272 – looking up at trucks behind us who are preparing to exit.






DSC_2382Main Street Ephrata (Route 322)





DSC_2397This is the official end of the convoy – as we exit 322 and get back on 222.

DSC_2407There were still a few people – in small groups – watching the trucks.

DSC_2409At one point we had a good view of 272. These trucks were several miles behind us.





DSC_2421Then we met the end of the convoy. These trucks had not yet exited 222 at Brownstown.



DSC_2428My last picture of the day is this Amish girl waving to us.


This shot was taken exactly one hour after the shot of our family waving to us as we left the business park.

Reports say that if you return to Burle Business Park, it will take about 1 hour and 45 minutes to make the 27-mile loop.

We did not go back to the Park, but headed to the TFC shop where our rig is parked.


It was a fabulous day.

Make A Wish Lancaster ~ Part 2

Sunday Morning, May 10

make a wish 2 (1)It’s almost 11:00 AM – time for the second chapel service.

make a wish 2 (2)Chaplain Jake’s wife, Jane, leading singing.

make a wish 2 (3)Jake sharing the devotional.

make a wish 2 (4)

make a wish 2 (5)Outside the chapel following the service.

make a wish 2 (6)

make a wish 2 (7)Ian reading “The Prayer of Jabez for Teenagers”. Several books were donated to the chapel, so I gave him one.

make a wish 2 (8)Our nephew, Bryan, his wife, Leslie, and their son Bryson talking to Josh and Jana at the Highgrade trucks.

make a wish 2 (9)

make a wish 2 (19)A short time later I talked to Cerwin’s brother (right) and his wife, Pat, as they headed in the direction of the Highgrade trucks which Elvin owns. They have their granddaughters Bailey and Peyton with them.

make a wish 2 (10)The clowns began assembling for their group picture.

make a wish 2 (11)Don’t miss the two clowns on the far left. :)

make a wish 2 (12)

make a wish 2 (13)Several Make A Wish children joined the clowns.

make a wish 2 (14)Ian got in on this picture – left.

make a wish 2 (15)What a delight to watch and hear a group of clowns praying for the safety of the convoy.

make a wish 2 (17)

make a wish 2 (16)

make a wish 2 (18)Afterwards they went about their clowning duties.

make a wish 2 (20)1:30 PM time for the convoy to begin.

make a wish 2 (21)Tomorrow night the convoy.