A Gray Morning ~ With a Bit of Light

I was fascinated by this very gray morning on November 29

dsc_2504-001I don’t know why – but I love a foggy, gray morning now and then.

dsc_2505-001I’m sure that I would get tired of them if this is how every morning looked.



dsc_2515-001Isn’t it amazing what a little light (flash) from a camera can do.


It made me think

In a world where there is a lot of dark, gray news.

Jesus came to give us light

and asked us to pass it on.


Thursday, November 24 – at Jere and Kristen’s

thanksgiving-1Our daughter Deb brought them this beautiful, live decoration.

thanksgiving-3They make the BEST turkey.

thanksgiving-4This is all the goodies in which the turkey was roasted. They used apple cider this year.


thanksgiving-7We started with sparkling grape juice.


thanksgiving-8Oh, yum!

I never did get a picture of the people! I was waiting for everybody to be at the table – and when they were, I was eating too. 🙂

I learned something interesting about Allie (Josh’s girlfriend). Her grandma Margie was a high school friend of mine. None of us ever put it together until Allie showed her some pictures of Elizabeth and Nsimba’ s wedding. Her grandma said, “Is that Doris Jean? Why was she at the wedding?” She was surprised to learn that I am Josh’s grandma. I am anxious to meet her sometime. We haven’t seen each other for 50 years or more. If I remember correctly I worked with Margie’s mother at Raybestos-Manhattan after high school – 1961 to 1964 – until our son Jeff was born.





thanksgiving-13It was fun spending time with our family and eating Jere and Kristen’s delicious meal.

A Thoughtful Gift

This was my thank you gift for taking pictures of the play “Choosing Avalon.”



dsc_2448It was a delicious treat on the days that Cerwin was hunting.

There was some left for him when he got back. 🙂

Thank you, Nicole – and the cast and crew.

Outside Our Front Windows

dsc_2407Male Downy Woodpecker

dsc_2443Female House Finch

dsc_2416Chickadee – I am not sure if it is a Black-capped or Carolina.

dsc_2422Gray Squirrel


dsc_2429I wish they ate from the ground feeders, but they are fun to watch when they come to a feeder near our kitchen window.


dsc_2498 A full Amish buggy. The two young people are sitting on the outside. 🙂