Birthday Breakfast

Friday, June 9

This was our first time to eat at Corner House Grill.

We ate here before – but when it had a different name and owner.

I had my camera along, but forgot to take pictures when we were inside.

This breakfast was for my sister, Nancy’s, birthday.

I was taking care of our great grandson, Anthony, so it was great fun to have him along.

I took a few small toys, so after eating his pancake, he played while Nancy and I caught up on each other’s lives. I took this picture when we got back to her house, just to document that we had been together. 🙂

Manheim Central Graduation – Part 2

Thursday Evening, June 8

Mr. Dennis Enck – Manheim Central Class of 1970 – inducted the Class of 2017 into Manheim Central’s Alumni Association.

Jana leaving the stage

Our crew preparing to leave the auditorium and look for Jana

Flowers from Uncle Roy

Hug from a friend

Deb, Roy, Jared, Josh, Great-Grandma Hershey, Jesse, Kristen, Ian, Jana, Jere, Me, Cerwin

Jere’s family with Great-Grandma

Great-Grandma and Jana

Great-Grandma with three graduates, Travis, Jamie (graduated from Manheim Township the night before), and Jana

Jere, Jana, and Kristen

Travis with his sister Ashlea

Jana and her big brother Josh

Travis with his dad and mom – Larry and Karen Dull – and sister

Travis with Grandma and Grandpa Becker – Nancy (my sister) and Marlin

Me, Jana, Cerwin

A hug from aunt Deb

Deb, Jana and Roy

Marcus and Jana – prom date

Diploma in hand!

Arms full

A hug from little brother Jesse

Goodbye hug from Josh before Jana goes to a pool party with several girlfriends.

Walking Mother Hershey to the car


Thanks, Jana, for inviting us. We were honored to be there.

Manheim Central Graduation – Part 1

Again, like baccalaureate the night before,  everyone’s photos were on a slideshow, but we were only interested in one. 🙂

The students entered the auditorium from two back doors – with cameras on them. The students were very aware of the cameras and often hugged, high-fived, jumped, or did some other unique activity. The split screen was displayed on the stage. The guy on the left screen is our grand-nephew Travis.

Jana is on the far right.

Jana walking to her place on the stage.

Welcome by Marcus Huber – Class of 2017 President

The Star Spangled Banner

The students stood and clapped to honor their parents.

Jana and thirty-something-others were recognized for Senior Awards and Scholarships.

Musical Selection – You’ll Never Walk Alone – Allison Dombach, Marcus Huber, Kaley Yeager.

Accompanist, Rene Siegrist

I did not get photos of the Valedictorian (Caleb Weaver) and Salutatorian (Benjamin Weaver). Each student was challenged to “always make adjustments.”

Musical Selection – A Song from the Heart – by Maria Carvell. Her accompanist was also Renee.

Speaker – Catharine Roland – Manheim Central Class of 1979. “Don’t Give Up Your Dream.”

Congratulating the Class of 2017 – Dr. Hughes

Presentation of Diplomas – this student is our grand-nephew Travis – grandson of my sister, Nancy, and her husband, Marlin

Jana High – Magna Cum Laude!

Emily Kline – Summa Cum Laude – daughter of friends from church

Blair Martin – Cum Laude – son of friends from church

Shtefan Rhoads – our grand-nephew – grandson of Cerwin’s sister Velda and her husband Mel

Changing tassels


More tomorrow night.

Bacalaureate ~ Manheim Central High School

Wednesday Evening, June 7

This service at Manheim Brethren in Christ Church is not mandatory for students but open for those who wish to attend.

All 200+ graduate’s photos were presented by a video slide show. However, we were only interested in one. 🙂


Welcome and Opening Prayer

Praise Songs

Sign language for those without hearing.

Scripture Reading – Psalm 139

Scripture Reading – Luke 9:23-27 – by Jana


Scripture Reading – Colossians 3:1-3 – by Jana’s friend Makenzie Burkholder


Scripture Reading – 2 Corinthians 5:17-21 – Emily Kline – daughter of friends of ours.


Scripture Reading – Proverbs 3:5-6


Message by Pastor Wes Siegrist

He gave a fabulous challenge on comparing the fingerprints of Satan and the fingerprints of God.

I did not keep notes on the fingerprints of Satan, but tried to write down the fingerprints of God – In Him you are: 1. Completely Accepted, 2. Extremely Valuable, 3. Eternally Loved, 4. Totally Forgiven. 5. Fully Capable.

The service closed with a candle lighting ceremony.

Benediction Prayer

With her parents and younger brothers

With us

Makenzie and Jana

Leaving the church at sunset as the moon was rising.

So blessed to live in a school district that encourages a service that honors God.

Blessing Our Preachers – Part 8

Tuesday Evening, June 6

I took a few pictures of my surrounding area as I waited for Cerwin to bring our guests to the table at Brickerville House Restaurant.

This time we enjoyed an evening with Dave and Shawn (next to Cerwin) and the family from church they wanted to get to know better – Glendon, Denise and their son Brayden. Glendon and Denise also have two young daughters who were enjoying an evening with cousins.

David is our Elder-In-Charge. He and Shawn have a married son and daughter, two daughters at home, and a grandson.

We had a great evening getting to know each person better. Our time ended rather soberly when, close to the end of our visit, we were notified that Alice, a church member who was in the hospital, had taken a turn for the worse.

We stopped to pray and Dave and Shawn left to call the family. We talked a bit longer with Glendon and Denise before heading home.

PS: Alice Bross is doing better, but her health is still a bit fragile. She and her family would appreciate your prayers.


If this is the first time you are reading about our church congregation’s involvement in blessing our preachers in 2017 – go to the top of this post where it says “search”, enter the word preachers and hit enter to read about our previous seven restaurant experiences.