Lydia’s Graduation from College – Part 2

Saturday, May 13

These are the photos I took after the graduation ceremony – pretty much in the order I took them.

We went outside to look for Lydia.

Found her!

With her instructors


Grandpa giving her a hug

A hug from her mom

Diane, Lydia, and Mark

Checking on a cell phone picture

We liked this unique tree.

Heading to the van before going to Portland for lunch.

This was when I noticed her sneakers.

Lydia said, “We were told to wear comfortable shoes.” 🙂

I like this view of Diane and Mark who were walking ahead of us.


Next post: Lunch

Lydia’s Graduation from College ~ Part 1

Saturday, May 13

Diane watered some of her seedlings before we left for York County Community College, Ogunquit, Maine.

We watched a downy woodpecker for a bit.

When I went outside to wait at the van for the others, I noticed dew drops on some of the new growth around the side of the house.

We are on our way to Ogunquit – south of Portland.

Lydia and Grandpa – waiting for the auditorium doors to open

York County Community College – 22nd Commencement Ceremony – 10:00 AM


National Anthem

It was difficult to get good photos with the bright lights on the stage, but I did my best.

The speaker, Jean Ginn Marvin, Innkeeper at Nonantum Resort, gave a great speech on facing life after graduation.

One of her points was: there are times that you have to toot your own horn, because nobody else will do it for you. 🙂 She proceeded to play her “horn.”

Lydia receiving her Associate in Applied Science.

I enjoyed seeing the decorated caps of some of the students sitting in front of us.

Closing remarks by the Dean of Students

It was delightful to be here for this special event in her life.


Tomorrow evening I will post the pictures we took outside the college and where we went for lunch.

Traveling to Maine

Friday, May 5

We left early – as usual – to make the nine-and-a half to ten hour trip to Maine. It seems that we have been traveling in rain a lot the past few weeks. I took this picture at 5:30, and we had already been on the road about twenty minutes.

This picture was taken about the same time – with the focus on the road instead of the window.

Fifteen minutes later we were watching a beautiful sunrise as we traveled east on I-78.

We traveled in heavy traffic about 7:30, but were able to keep moving at a good speed.

Cerwin took the route by the Tappan Zee Bridge (over the Hudson River) because he wanted to see the progress on the new bridge. They got a lot of work done since we were last over it in early January.

We crossed the bridge into Maine just after 1:00 PM.

It looked like springtime when we arrived at Mark and Diane’s house at 3:30 PM.

They are about two or three weeks behind us, so it felt like we were seeing early springtime all over again.

It was a beautiful afternoon, so I asked Diane if she wanted to go with me on a walk. We stopped to look at the swampy area between their house and the Catholic church.

She began checking for tadpoles that she thought should be swimming in the water.

She said the green “mass” is frog eggs. She thinks these are the tree frogs they hear at night. (We heard them that night. They are quite loud.)

As our eyes adjusted to the water, we began seeing tadpoles.

Then we continued our walk around the church.

This is a nice walk because the long entrance and exit roads to and from the church are behind Mark and Diane’s house – meaning there is no traffic. Unless you happen to be walking about the time of a service.

You can enter the church driveway beside the Myers’ drive way and return by going only a short distance on the road by their house.

Flowers next to the church

We came back to the house through the back yard and garden area. Their rhubarb will soon be ready to cut.

They garden with raised boxes.

Strawberries are coming through the ground.

Lydia and Hannah came for supper – and brought dessert.

Their delicious dessert. If I remember correctly is was a cheese cake with caramel topping.


We had a great evening catching up on their lives and making plans for the next morning when Lydia would graduate from college.

Putting Lime on Our Yard

Wednesday, May 10

It was the perfect afternoon to put lime on our yard.

From the Internet: When lawns are weedy, patchy in spots or turn yellow, it may be a sign that the pH balance of your yard is out of whack. One of the primary methods of correcting the problem is to add lime to your lawn to restore depleted nutrients and repair the damage. 

Such was the case of our yard this spring, so Cerwin decided that it needed lime.

Cerwin works hard at keeping our lawn green and healthy.

Gettysburg Make A Wish

Sunday, May 7

Jesse and Jared in the bottom sleeper of the chapel tractor.

They were with us over night – because their parents were chaperons for Manheim Central’s Post Prom – all night at a rec center.

I always enjoy this view of the Susquehanna just before we get on Route 30 west.

It was a rainy cool morning.

However, I could see the sun trying to break through the clouds in the rearview mirror.

Helping grandpa set up the steps to the chapel.

Jesse is already scoping out the kids activities.

Jesse proving that he fits into a storage box under the chapel – and Jared being tempted to shut the door. 🙂

As soon as we were set up, the boys went to the ticket table to see how much it cost to play on the obstacle course.

$10.00 for the day to play on or ride any of the activities. Grandpa thought that was a good deal. 🙂

Jared hurrying through the course.


Climbing the wall

By the end of the day Jared definitely got his $10 worth on this. Jesse probably got $40 worth out of his $10 payment. We had to call him in for the morning service and remind him it was time for lunch. After each activity he was back to going through the course. 🙂

These two came early to distribute the advertisements for the chapel service at 11:00 AM.

One of my set up jobs is putting out our display of books and literature – in the living quarters and in the chapel area.

Outside there were lots of signs directing drivers to the correct street and parking lot.

There were several “creatures” walking the lot to entertain the children – especially the Make A Wish children. I think this costume was new, because there were lots of yellow feathers blowing around the grounds during the afternoon. 🙂

Bill Menges – right – York Adams Chapter contact person for TFC helps us at this event and enjoys talking to visitors.

Cerwin and Bill conducted the fifteen-minute devotional.

I was surprised when this man came to the chapel and greeted me by saying my name.

He looked vaguely familiar, but I did not recognize him until he said his name – Joe Vena. I hadn’t seen him since the mid-eighties when he attended TFC functions.

What fun to catch up on his life. He moved to Gettysburg from New Jersey in recent years.

The beginning of the convoy.

I tried to take a picture of every truck and had 140 pictures, so expect there were about that many that left the Gettysburg Harley-Davidson lot.

I will give you just a sampling so you don’t have to look through all 140 vehicles. 🙂

Joe and Cerwin watching the parade.

We are parked in among the activities for the day so do not go out on this parade.

There was a display of race cars behind the chapel.

I was in the living quarters when I heard the beginning of the return of the trucks.

We had a nice group of visitors to the chapel.

Because of the cool, drizzly weather we couldn’t keep the door open or take a table  display outside the chapel. We get to talk to a lot more people when we can be outside the chapel.

Crossing the Susquehanna on our way home. The river was high due to recent rains.


It was another good day of representing the Gospel of Jesus Christ at Make A Wish.