Supper With Jere & Kristen

Friday, August 15

1 (1)We were just beginning to hear about the cardboard boat races that were coming up for a Sunday school class picnic and got to see the early stages of Ian and Jesse’s boat that Josh was building for them.

1 (2)Flowers on the table.

1 (3)One of the reasons we were invited for supper was that Kristen made a corn pie, which was very large.

1 (4)It was incredibly delicious.

1 (5)Love fresh tomatoes.

1 (6)Blueberry cobbler

1 (7)

1 (8)There was also warm peach cobbler.

1 (9)

1 (12)After supper we went outside to see the chicks.

1 (10)They love their little barn and yard.

1 (11)

1 (13)Roy and Deb had to leave early, so the boys taught us to play a game they had just gotten.

1 (17)Toasted Roasted

1 (14)What fun trying to light fires and roast marshmallows ~ and put out other people’s fires and burn their marshmallows.

1 (15)Since we were in the garage, Jake kept watch – letting us know he wanted to be included.

1 (16)After a game of Roasted Toasted, some of us tried another new game.

1 (18)If I remember correctly, they got both games at an Amish store.

1 (19)It was a combination of Parcheesi and Sorry.

1 (20)

1 (21)…and the winner of the Marble game was Jesse.

Shopping With Granddaughters

August 12 & 13

8-12-14 Lunch With ElizabethCell Phone Photo

Our oldest granddaughter, Elizabeth, came to spend a week with us ~ the evening before Reuben and Judi went back to Wisconsin.

A few days later I asked if she wanted to go along to AC Moore to get some supplies for Cousin’s Week. We had a delicious lunch at Coffee Co. which is just across the parking lot.

The next morning I heard Elizabeth and Abby talking about going shopping, and as I thought, “It would be fun to go along,” I derived a plan, and told them that I would drive if they invited me to go along.

These sisters are smart girls, and took me up on the offer. :)

8-13-14 (1)Elizabeth buckling in Anthony (Nathaniel and Abby’s baby – our great-grandson) before we went shopping.

8-13-14 (2)Our first stop was a roadside vegetable stand where Abby bought a basket of peaches, and I bought a tomato. I love garden-fresh tomatoes and ours weren’t  ripe yet.

8-13-14 (3)We bought a lot more at Sharp Shopper. I got some good food bargains for Cousin’s Week.

8-13-14 (4)Abby bought another basket of peaches at Glenwood Farms and I found a few more things for Cousin’s Week.

8-13-14 (6)By the time we got to Wal-Mart, Anthony needed lunch, so Abby stayed in the van to feed him while Elizabeth checked on a special tea that Abby wanted (they didn’t have it) and I bought Subway sandwiches. (Our Wal-Mart has a Subway inside.)

8-13-14 (5)We opened the van windows and enjoyed a delightful picnic.

8-13-14 (7)

Internet picture

Since Anthony was full and happy again, Abby asked if we could stop at Madelyn’s Closet in Ephrata (a thrift store). It was half-price day, and she was looking for little boy clothing for Anthony.

I found a light, dressy Chico jacket that was a perfect fit for me. As I was examining it for flaws, I noticed that it was new – with an original price tag of $88.00 ~ then marked down to $52.99. The thrift store price was $9.85 ~ and since everything was half-price, I paid $4.93. :)

8-13-14 (8)

Internet picture

Our last stop was Good’s Store where I bought two air mattresses for Cousin’s Week as Cerwin was taking two of ours along on a chapel maintenance trip to Shrewsbury, Massachusetts ~ during Cousin’s Week.

Cerwin and Glenn Fahnestock were replacing a chapel door and making several other repairs ~ that would take more than one day, so they were going to sleep on the chapel one night.

Elizabeth 2014Elizabeth spent the next week ~ August 17 -26 ~ in New Windsor, Maryland, with other members of her team as they trained for a one-year term of volunteer service in Lewiston, Maine, with Brethren Volunteer Service/Brethren Revival Fellowship.

Bryson’s Birthday Cake

Saturday, August 9

1The “Cat in the Hat” leads the singing of the birthday song.

1b (1)Are they singing that song for me?

1b (2)I wonder why Daddy removed my shirt?


1b (3)Oh, wow! I do understand food and I see a pretty cupcake.

1b (4)

1b (5)

1b (6)

1b (7)

1cOh, I see the Cat is still here. I hope he doesn’t want my cake.

2 (9)

2 (14)

2 (16)Stop that kissing stuff, Mom and Dad. I just want to eat my cake.

2 (17)

2 (18)This is so good.

2 (19)

2 (20)

2 (21)

2 (24)

2 (23)

2 (29)

2 (28)“Grandma, do you think there is another cupcake?”

“No, Bryson. The party is over. It’s time for you and the Cat to go home.”

2 (30)Thanks for inviting us, Bryan and Leslie. It was a great party.

Bryson’s First Birthday

Saturday Afternoon, August 9

1 (1)Bryson is our great nephew, the son of our nephew Bryan and his wife, Leslie, and the grandson of Cerwin’s brother, Elvin, and his wife Pat.

1 (2)

1 (3)Arriving: Cerwin’s mother with her granddaughter Crystal – aunt of Bryson.

1 (4)The birthday boy

1 (5)Bryson’s cousin Bailey

1 (6)Grandma Pat with three of her grandchildren, Peyton, Bailey, and Bryson

1 (8)Mother and Jakey (Bryson’s uncle)

1 (9)

1 (10)Roy & Deb arriving

1 (16)Notice the poster on the pavilion corner pole. Leslie made these for each month of his first year and had them posted around the pavilion.

1 (17)

1 (11)Playing with birthday favors.

1 (12)Bryson on his mother’s (Leslie) lap – with great-grandma.

1 (13)With his grandma (Leslie’s mother)

1 (14)With his grandma (Bryan’s mother)

1 (15)

1 (18)

1 (19)We were asked to not bring gifts, but to bring diapers to benefit a community service for needy families.

2 (26)

1 (20)We were promised a surprise, and we were surprised when a very professional Cat in the Hat arrived.

1 (21)Bryson was fascinated…

1 (23)…as were the other children and adults.

1 (22)

1 (24)

1 (25)

1 (26)

1 (27)

1 (28)

1 (29)

1 (31)Posing with the children and a few parents after his great stories.

1 (35)

1 (30)These two enjoyed the balls.

1 (32)With Bryson

1 (33)

1 (34)

1 (36)Taking some of his things to his “Cat in the Hat” vehicle.

1 (37)Coming back to the party.

1 (38)Taking a selfie.

1 (39)Getting ready for the birthday cake.

Pictures of that tomorrow night.