Bible School – Tuesday

White Oak Church of the Brethren Bible School – Tuesday, July 12

I wasn’t able to attend every night, but have lots of pictures to post – from the four out of five nights that I did attend.

Bible School 1 (1)Gathering by class before Bible school began

Bible School 1 (2)

Bible School 1 (3)

Bible School 1 (6)

Bible School 1 (5)Registration

Bible School 1 (4)

Bible School 1 (7)Grocery carts were available for food donations to Manheim Central Food Pantry.

Bible School 1 (8)

Bible School 1 (9)I was on the balcony before the teachers and children came inside.

Bible School 1 (10)It felt like we were inside an ocean.

Bible School 1 (11)

Bible School 1 (12)

Bible School 1 (13)

Bible School 1 (14)

Bible School 1 (15)

Bible School 1 (16)

Bible School 1 (17)

Bible School 1 (18)

Bible School 1 (19)Tyler leading the singing

Bible School 1 (22)

Bible School 1 (20)

Bible School 1 (21)

Bible School 1 (23)

Bible School 1 (24)Our granddaughter Jana (black top) helped to teach one of the grade 3 classes.

Bible School 1 (25)

Bible School 1 (26)

Bible School 1 (27)

Bible School 1 (28)

Bible School 1 (29)

Bible School 1 (30)Anthony (superintendent) welcomed everyone.

Bible School 1 (31)

Bible School 1 (32)The theme verse

Bible School 1 (33)Opening devotions by Deitrick

Bible School 1 (34)

Bible School 1 (35)

Bible School 1 (36)Story time by David and his sons Caleb and Benny. “We’re going bear hunting and we’re not afraid.”

Bible School 1 (37)They went through swamps, rivers, and woods – squish, squish – swim, swim, stomp, stomp.

Bible School 1 (38)After each “difficulty” they reminded us – and themselves – that they were not afraid…

Bible School 1 (39)…until they met a “bear” – their little brother Elliot.

Bible School 1 (40)Then they went running back to their tent. 🙂

Bible School 1 (41)David asked if we noticed that they did not pray about their bear hunting trip or ask God to guide them. They just went – doing what they wanted to do. He reminded us to talk to God about each thing we do – asking Him for wisdom and guidance.

Bible School 1 (42)Going to their classrooms

Bible School 1 (43)

Bible School 1 (44)

Bible School 1 (45)I went around to many of the 23 classrooms to take a quick photo. There were two classes for each age group from Nursery to Grade 6. Grade 7 and Grade 8 had only one classroom. Grade 9 and above were in the sanctuary.

Bible School 1 (46)

Bible School 1 (47)

Bible School 1 (48)

Bible School 1 (49)

Bible School 1 (50)

Bible School 1 (51)You may recognize the teacher on the right as our grandson Nathan. This was grade 7.

Bible School 1 (78)Taken from another angle when Nate was teaching. Our grandson Ian was in this class – just in front of the podium.

Bible School 1 (52)

Bible School 1 (53)

Bible School 1 (54)

Bible School 1 (55)

Bible School 1 (56)Bible memory work was sometimes conducted in the quietness of the hallway.

Bible School 1 (57)I barely recognized the doorway to our Sunday school class room. 🙂

Bible School 1 (58)

Bible School 1 (60)

Bible School 1 (59)

Bible School 1 (61)

Bible School 1 (62)

Bible School 1 (63)

Bible School 1 (64)

Bible School 1 (65)

Bible School 1 (66)

Bible School 1 (68)

Bible School 1 (67)

Bible School 1 (69)

Bible School 1 (70)

Bible School 1 (71)

Bible School 1 (72)

Bible School 1 (73)

Bible School 1 (74)I walked in this room and our grandson Jesse (orange) said, “Hi, Grandma.”

Bible School 1 (75)

Bible School 1 (76)

Bible School 1 (77)

Bible School 1 (79)After making my rounds, I went back to the balcony and listened to the adult lesson with Luther.

Bible School 1 (81)Each night we heard messages (skype, recorded, or personal) from some of our missionaries who were supported by Bible school. This is Zachary and Monica Nolt, their son Jaden and Damon Crouse who serve in Maine.

Bible School 1 (80)Craig Russell and his daughters Madison and Abigail represented their family who have spent many years in Brazil. They are currently in North Carolina where Craig is training missionary pilots. Craig and Shannon have two other children – Daniel and Emily.


Tomorrow I will post pictures from another night of Bible school.

A Morning With Jesse

Thursday, July 14

7-14-16a (6)Everybody in his house was working, so Jesse got to spend a morning with me. I love that, because he is our only grandchild who isn’t old enough to stay at home by himself – so he is the only one who needs me now and then. 🙂

He spent the first hour racing on the X-Box while I did my morning clean up.

7-14-16a (7)Then we went to work in my office. I had him go through the leftover donation envelopes and cards from the Truck Rally and make sure each envelope had a card inserted and was stacked neatly.

7-14-16a (9)Then he counted two stacks of 25 and weighed them on my postage scale and came up with a weight for 100. After that he would weight them by hundreds. Now we have three boxes of 300 ready for next year’s truck rally. 🙂

7-14-16a (13)After he finished that job he wrote a note on back of a damaged donation card and handed it to me. 🙂

7-14-16a (18)Then he wanted to play darts in Grandpa’s workshop – next to my office.

7-14-16a (20)

7-14-16a (19)

7-14-16a (15)Oops, it looks like one missed the dart board. 🙂

7-14-16b (2)It was a mutual agreement that we had earned an early lunch at McDonalds.

7-14-16b (5)He got chocolate chip pancakes.

7-14-16b (6)I needed some suet for our birds, so stopped at G & G Feed and Supply on the way home to purchase some and say hi to our granddaughter Diana who works there. She kindly took time to go with Jesse to visit the in-store rabbit.

It was a great morning. Then his mother came for him – when she was finished working – and I went back to my office – all by myself – without our sweet Jesse.

Construction Update on the Chapel for Houston, Texas

7-5-16 (1)July 5 – Glenn finishing work on the paneling.

7-13-16 (1)July 13 – beginning the installation of living quarter cabinets.

7-13-16 (2)

7-13-16 (3)

7-13-16 (4)

7-14-16B (1)July 14 – More cabinet work

7-14-16B (2)

7-21-16 (2)July 21 – This is what the living quarters looked like yesterday.

7-21-16 (4)

7-21-16 (3)The chapel area

7-21-16 (5)The next step is to paint and letter the exterior.

It goes to Merv Zimmerman’s for sand and glass blasting on Tuesday. When that is finished, Cerwin will take it to Trans Equipment for painting, then to Eckert’s Signs for lettering.

Everything is still on target for delivery to Texas in mid-September. 🙂

Good Old Summertime

1 (1)I was surprised to see a rabbit on our patio. I rarely seen one in our yard – especially near the house.

1 (2)

1 (3)Corn fields across the road from our yard.

1 (4)

2 (1)A mushroom in one of our flower beds.

2 (2)Does anyone know what kind it is. I could not find a similar one when I googled Pennsylvania mushrooms.

2 (3)

2 (4)

2 (5)

3The crepe myrtle bush is just beginning to bloom.

4 (1)

4 (2)

4 (3)The ferns at the back of our property are lush and green.

4 (4)

5 (1)Our gooseneck loosestrife flowers are in full bloom in our memory garden.

5 (2)

6 (1)

6 (2)

6 (3)This is the first year that I have ever been successful in raising gerbera daisies. I have tried a variety of locations in our flower beds, and thought this spot right in front of our house would be to hot and sunny, but it is working.

I am loving the good old summertime of 2016.

Traveling Home from Ohio

Sunday, July 10

DSC_2278It was obvious that the Amish in the area had worship services, because we met many of them as we began our drive home – shortly after 7:00 AM.


DSC_2288This was not as comfortable a drive for me as I am usually familiar with, since Cerwin was driving the International Chapel back to Pennsylvania, and I was following in our RAV4.

DSC_2290I asked several people to pray for me, because driving for seven hours – mostly on interstates and turnpike – is a real stretch for me.

I don’t like on and off ramps or passing other vehicles. I like to enjoy the ride and observe things like animals, farms, people, and clouds, but I had to give that up on this day to follow a truck driver who likes to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible. 🙂

I did get a nice break shortly after I took the above picture – when we came to a detour due to an accident. Cerwin talked to one of the traffic directors to make sure the detour was workable for a big rig. The director suggested that we wait for the accident debris to be cleaned from the road, so we were directed to move ahead a few hundred feet to not interfere with traffic behind us or the accident in front of us.

My delight of the day was rolling down the windows, turning off the engine, and enjoying coffee while listening to the birds and observing the nearby scenery.

DSC_2295Before long we were on our way and traveling on I-77 South. It was a beautiful morning, and Cerwin tried to be thoughtful of the little red RAV4 that was following him.

We used walkie-talkies for communication every now and then. They were much easier to use than having to call each other on a cell phone.

DSC_2296We enjoyed having several street rods pass us at one point.

DSC_2301My favorite part of the drive was calling in to our home church (with my cell phone) and listening to the Sunday school class that is hooked up to a microphone – then listening to our worship service. It made me feel like I was right there. (I had hooked up my cell phone to an auxiliary cord before we left the motel, so listened to the services through the radio sound system.)

DSC_2303It was good to see the Pennsylvania tunnels because it meant we were getting closer to home.


DSC_2310One funny thing happened when we stopped for lunch. I parked in the car lot and he went around the building to the truck lot. After lunch, he said he would wait for me to drive around the building to the truck lot. I went around the building on the truck side of the driveway thinking it would be easier for me to find him. He had parked on the car side of the truck lot thinking it would be easier for me to find him there. Thus I could not find him. 🙂 I stopped next to a rig and called him to ask where he was parked. He was on the other side of the truck where I was parked. 🙂

DSC_2312Finally we were on a road where I was more comfortable.


DSC_23233:00 PM – eight hours later – I made it!

Thanks to everyone who prayed for us – especially for me. I felt God’s peace and strength each mile of the way.