A Going Away Luncheon For Michelle

Monday, August 24

Michelle (1)Michelle has been part of the TFC team at the International Office for the past few years, but her dream job – working in the church office where her husband is pastor – came available, so we all reluctantly released her. :)

Michelle (2)Cerwin thanking Michelle for her excellent service to TFC.

Michelle (3)Katie, the newcomer to the office, was hired to take Michelle’s place.

Since Katie’s last name is Hershey, we talked family as my maiden name was Hershey. Her husband’s grandfather Isaac and my grandfather Milton were brothers!

Michelle (4)Each of us brought food for the luncheon.

Michelle (5)

Michelle (6)

Michelle (7)

Michelle (8)

Michelle (9)

Michelle (10)Enjoying lunch in the board room.

Clockwise from the top of the table: Scott, Mike, Cerwin, Jeff, Peg, Bunny, Jane, Dan, Katie (hidden), Carol, Michelle, Ruth, Lynn, Inge.

Michelle (11)

Michelle (12)While we were eating, Trucker Ron called Michelle to wish her well and pray with her.

Our prayers and love go with you, Michelle.

Church Service Highlighting Our Maine Churches

Sunday Evening, August 23

Church (1)This was a special Sunday evening service at our church focusing on our Church of the Brethren ministry in Maine. Ron (one of our preachers) was in charge of the evening program.

Church (2)Jim and Lois Ann were part of the first group who moved to Maine to help develop a church fellowship in Lewiston – more than thirty years ago. He opened with devotions and shared a bit about their move from Pennsylvania to Maine, and the stroke he had several years ago that brought them back to Pennsylvania.

Church (3)Jim shared how Church of the Brethren volunteer units in Maine eventually developed into church fellowships.

Church (4)Zach and his wife, Monica, were last years house parents, and agreed to serve in Maine for another year. He gave an update on the past year and introduced the four volunteers who will be serving in the unit this year.

Church (5)After a brief service, we went to the fellowship hall where there was more to learn about the ministry in Maine. Our granddaughter Elizabeth (left), who served in the unit last year, gave us a taste of African culture with a variety of samosa (meat filled pockets).

Church (6)Lewiston is home to many immigrants, and The Root Cellar helps them adjust to the American culture. The volunteers also learn about of other cultures.

Church (7)

Church (8)

Church (9)Jim and Lois Ann hosted the Maine Churches area where there were scrapbooks and slides. We currently have three church fellowships in Maine – Lewiston, Wales (where our daughter Diane, son-in-law Mark and their family attend), and Sanford.

Church (10)

Church (11)

Church (12)Kezia (in black) was in charge of the children’s coloring section. She will be serving with the 2015-2016 Maine unit.

Church (13)The Root Cellar is a location in Lewiston where our volunteers spend a lot of time. I understand the word “root” means to help develop roots.

Church (14)Beverly (in navy) was stationed here to help answer our questions. She served in the unit for the 2014-2015 term.

Part of The Root Cellar’s mission statement is: We work together to provide empowering opportunties for the many children, teens and families in Downtown Lewiston.

Church (15)

Church (16)A photo of Elizabeth (bottom left) during her time in Lewiston.

Church (17)Two of the guys who will be with the 2015-2016 team began their time of service by recording encouraging greetings from our church to the churches in Maine.

Church (18)It was an informative and interesting evening.

Truckers For Miracle Kids at The Buck

Saturday, August 22

DSC_9069The TFC chapel does not have a reserved space at this event, so we get up early – before I can take pictures as we travel.


DSC_9067Before long we saw signs of the sunrise.

DSC_9071After getting to our spot at The Buck, we enjoyed coffee and the beautiful morning. I thought this “tornado” shaped cloud was interesting.

DSC_9073There were a few other truckers who also arrived early to reserve their company spots.

DSC_9085We had several visitors before Chaplain Jake Wise (background) arrived at 9 AM with our canopy. He used it for a previous show when the chapel was in Ohio for promotional work.

DSC_9087By the time the benefit auction began, I had done my part in setting up the interior of the chapel, and Chaplain Jake and Volunteer Chaplain Bob Russell and his wife, Betty, were available to man the chapel, so I knew I had the freedom to go enjoy the auction.

DSC_9088It was nice to relax and enjoy the bidding – where nobody knew my name – even though I didn’t need anything. I did purchase a basket that included about two dozen Keurig K-cups and two coffee cups.

DSC_9091I am not sure how the idea began, but as I walked around the grounds taking pictures and talking to drivers, I began thanking those I recognized or learned had brought their truck to our rainy day Truck Rally in June.

It became a delight to watch the faces of the drivers as I told them that the 2015 Pennsylvania Truck Rally was the best ever in financial profit to TFC – even though it rained all day, the parade was canceled, and only 87 drivers brought their trucks to the Lebanon Expo. :)

DSC_9093Part of my praise story to the drivers was about the large Truck Rally sponsor check that arrived one week earlier. It was dated May, but arrived in our mail box on August 15. When I called the trucking company owner to explain what happened, he asked if he could tell me why he supports TFC. I said I would love to hear that.

DSC_9082He proceeded with the following story. “I rarely have to spend a weekend out on the road, but many years ago I ended up in Ontario, California, and spent the weekend on the chapel with Chaplain Doug Young and his wife, Carolyn (now retired). As I watched them minister to drivers, I became aware of the value of your chaplains and chapels and determined that this was a ministry worth supporting.”

God has ways of blessing us when we least expect!

DSC_9094Now back to the trucks at The Buck.

DSC_9097We understand that there were about 500.


DSC_9100I always enjoy seeing if John and Karen Rissler have done anything new to their beautiful rig – and this time they have a new scene on back of their cab.


DSC_9105It is difficult to take a good picture of the back of a cab when a trailer is attached.



DSC_9111Because I take so many photos of trucks, I try to look for trucks I have not seen before, or those with creative designs.



DSC_9120This was a truck I had not seen before, but the passenger door was open, so I walked up to look inside, then looked around to see if the driver was nearby. I don’t like shutting doors without a driver’s permission.

DSC_9121He noticed me before I saw him, and realized that I wanted to get a good photo, and quickly told me that I could shut the door.

DSC_9126A few more beautiful trucks.



DSC_9133Meanwhile, back at the chapel, I learned that Cerwin, Jake, and Bob also had a great day of sharing with drivers and friends and showing the chapel to those who were not familiar with truck stop ministry.

DSC_9134A.J. Blosenski is a generous supporter of Truckers For Miracle Kids and brings many of their beautiful burgundy trucks.




DSC_9155The truck next to us was difficult to photograph because of the sun and the many people who stopped to look at the pictures.

DSC_9137The placement of pictures was finished just a day or two before the show.


DSC_9139Needless to say, this truck will no longer be a working truck, but will only be taken to shows.

DSC_9143  DSC_9158We tear down by 4 PM to make room for people to park in our spot for the evening truck pull.

DSC_9161Several of the pull trucks were already there when we left the grounds.

It was a great day for us.

The Day After The Rain

Friday, August 21

day after (2)The morning was beautiful – the day after the rain.

day after (1)Raindrops were still hanging to the leaves.

day after (3)

day after (4)

day after (5)Somebody was busy during the night.

day after (6)By evening the sky “called” me to the outside.

day after (7)

day after (8)

day after (9)

day after (10)I couldn’t get enough of this sky.

day after (11)

day after (12)

day after (13)It won’t be many days before this corn will be in storage bins, so I will enjoy this view as long as I can.

day after (14)

day after (15)

day after (16)

day after (17)

day after (18)Before I knew it, this beautiful day was over.

Lots of Rain

Thursday Afternoon, August 20

DSC_8946After a very dry, almost rain-free July and August, we were glad to hear that this was supposed to be a very rainy day.


DSC_8956By 3:30 PM we were enjoying a downpour.











DSC_8996By 5:00 PM our yard looked like a small river.


DSC_9004When our rain gauge filled at five inches, Cerwin emptied it, and before the afternoon was over we had another one-and-six-tenth inches.



DSC_9021That was good for our yards and cornfields.