Birthday Supper at Inn 422

Wednesday, February 8

We don’t get here very often, but Cerwin knows that this will be my choice if I choose my favorite restaurant.

My salad

My favorite meal here is a breakfast: Eggs En Cocotte (Sheared Eggs, Baked with Asparagus, Lump Crab Meat & Mornay Sauce)

When our waitress saw Cerwin taking pictures of me, she offered to take pictures of the two of us.

Then we got a picture of her.

It had been more than a year since we were here and the first thing she said to us was, “It’s been a long time since you were here.” I felt honored that she remembered us.

My lemon meringue pie

Cerwin’s pecan pie

It was a delicious, relaxing way to spend a birthday evening.

My Birthday Morning

Wednesday, February 8

Day 5 of my birthday week

Our living room window presents a new “Painting by God” each morning – and it changes by the minute.

Love my morning view

It was a beautiful morning to take a TFC mailing to the post office – then meet our youngest daughter Deb at “Nails Only” for a bit of pampering.

I think it’s been two years since we did manicures, pedicures and lunch – just the two of us.

The beginning stage of getting French tips on my toes.

Then we walked up the mall to Wasabi Japanese Restaurant for an early (11 am) lunch.

Our fruit drinks

Soup and salad

Deb’s chicken and broccoli

If I remember correctly, we both got a rice dish.

My tofu and broccoli

We watched tofu being made on a TV documentary the other week, so I decided to try it. Not bad hot and fried.

Deb’s fried cheese cake

My crème brulee


We had a fabulous morning.

Thanks, Deb, for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend the morning with your mom.

Tulips & Chocolates

Tuesday, February 7

Day 4 of my birthday celebration 🙂

Tulips and chocolates from Cerwin – for my birthday and valentines day.

Each piece of candy was fabulous, but the piece on the bottom left was the best.

The tulips were a bit “wimpy” when they arrived and the buds very tight.

Look at the difference half an hour later.

A few days later they were open and still beautiful.

That evening as we drove to Stewardship Advisors Winter Seminar at Spooky Nook Sports, I noticed the beautiful sky.

Sometimes I think the Sky Artist has fun creating masterpieces for us to enjoy.

Great American Outdoor Show ~ Part 4

Monday, February 6

One trip that is still on my bucket list is a photo safari to South Africa.

So I visited the South Africa vendors in Outfitters Hall. It may never happen, but one can dream – and to make a dream happen we must sometimes take the first step. 🙂

Some of the safari vendors interested me, others not so much.

After Jim Shockey’s program, I asked Cerwin if he wanted to visit some of the South African vendors – and dream with me.

In between visiting South Africa vendors, we stopped to admire several taxidermist displays.

Just about the time I thought we had visited every safari vendor, we came upon this one – Bosbok Safaris.

What a delight to meet Phil and Kate de Koch.

We know the Wagners and Martins who hunted and did photo safaris with them, and thought it would be fun to find the outfitter they used – but didn’t really expect they would be here.

They showed us lots of pictures of the Wagner family’s visit last year – and even had 2017 calendars for us to take to John and Joyce. The calendars featured their children and grandchildren who had successful hunts.

Now we know where to go for a safari in South Africa – but we are still in the dreaming stage. 🙂