Oh, What A Beautiful Day In Wyoming!

Thursday, July 24

We were up early today ~ to be at Dave Hansen White Water by 6:45.

1 (1)No, we were not going white water rafting!

We had chosen the more comfortable (for me), scenic, thirteen-mile float down Snake River.

1 (3)After being transported to the river by bus, we were divided into groups of 10 (9 plus a guide) or less and outfitted with lifejackets.

Many of these people were going white water rafting after this excursion.

1 (2)The waiting rafts.

1 (5)This is the raft that was just ahead of us.

We were blessed to get the guide leader, and he chooses to go last.

There were eight in our raft ~ three couples (Virginia, Illinois, Pennsylvania), a young girl from Utah, and the guide who was originally from eastern Texas.

1 (4)We had barely gotten on the river when a beautiful osprey flew overhead.

1 (7)Ducks on a small gravel island.

1 (8)The guide ahead of us got stuck in low water.

1 (6)We were pleased to see a young eagle early in the trip.

1 (9)We saw several marmots on rocks along the shore.

Our guide described them as a cross between a beaver and a squirrel. :)

1 (13)Our guide. Notice the raft that was stuck got going again – and eventually passed us.

Like I said, our guide likes to be last.

1 (12)We startled a great blue heron.

1 (11)An American white pelican looking for fish

1 (10)Our guide said that Bald Eagles often give each other about a mile of space, and on this thirteen-mile trip we saw about thirteen eagles.

1 (14)I will just show you the best pictures.

Some of the eagles were in the shadows because of the rising sun.

1 (15)The ones to our right (west) made the best pictures.

1 (17)

1 (18)

1 (19)Our guide said that an eagle’s nest can weigh as much as a ton – especially an old nest, because they add fresh sticks to the nest every year.

We were pleased to see this one near the end of the trip.

1 (16)Some of my serious birder friends will know what kind of ducks these are.

1 (20)Oh, that was delightful.

2After the river trip, we went to Wilson for a late breakfast at Nora’s.

2aWe chose this place because I am a blog/Facebook friend with Ariel, who is a waitress here. I had been in touch through Facebook and knew that she worked today.

Ariel is the daughter of friends of ours from back home. To those of you who live in our area, she is Dick Myer’s granddaughter. Her mom is Dick and Martha’s daughter Sue.

3Nora’s is especially known for their delicious, creative breakfasts.

4 (1)Cerwin chose a chili omelet.

4 (2)I had the asparagus and brie omelet.

4 (3)After breakfast (about noon) we headed toward Signal Mountain, as it was a road that we had not yet traveled in the Jackson Hole area.

4 (4)The Teton range is rarely out of view when traveling in this area.

4 (5)Pretty weed flowers along the road.

6At the top of Signal Mountain

7 (2)

7 (1)

7 (3)On the way down ~ near the bottom ~ we stopped to walk toward a lily pond.

7 (4)This was the path.

I wouldn’t have liked to walk too far in this kind of path. We felt like we had to make noise so we wouldn’t startle a bear or moose.

7 (5)As we headed back to Jackson, we saw a large heard of buffalo right next to a side road – so we drove back to get a closer view.

7 (6)I didn’t have to use my zoom very much as these two were right beside the road. I rolled the window down, but stayed in the car.

7 (12)By this time is was 3 PM, so we checked in at Elk Refuge Inn – just outside of Jackson. This is the view from our balcony.

7 (13)This is also a view from the balcony, but looking toward the ski slopes of Jackson.

We wanted to see more scenery before leaving this area in the morning, so headed south to Alpine, which is on the Idaho border.

7 (9)While driving through Jackson, we went by the Anvil motel where we had stayed the past two nights. It was not a fancy place, but it was nice and clean and right in town, making it possible for us to walk to many places we wanted to see.

7 (8)It was a beautiful, scenic drive along Snake River ~ as promised in the visitor literature.

7 (7)We crossed into Idaho at Alpine ~ just to say we had been there on this trip. This was the sign we saw when we turned around to come back into Wyoming.

7 (10)Neither of us was real hungry ~ even though we had not eaten since our 11 AM breakfast. There is a Dairy Queen near our motel and we thought that sounded appealing – and away from the busyness of town.

I got a small chicken wrap (which I ate in the restaurant) and savored this piña colada long after we got back to the motel.

7 (11)Cerwin had a hamburger and this “earth quake” sundae.

Oh, what a wonderful day.

Tomorrow we head to Cody where we will spend the weekend.

Wednesday In Wyoming

Wednesday, July 23

Though I am posting more than my usual limit of twenty pictures per blog, I eliminated most of the 362 pictures I took ~ to give you the highlights of yesterdays relaxing, delightful day.

01-DSC_4580Our first stop was here ~ to get information for traveling from Jackson to Grand Teton National Park.

Our second stop was at the airport to get air in one of our rental car’s tires. The indicator light on the dash told us that a tire was low ~ and the mechanic on duty did find a low tire.

02-DSC_4597A kind young man took this picture for us early on our drive.

04-DSC_4607This barn was made famous by a photographer ~ with Grand Teton behind it ~ and now many people (including me) stop and photograph it.

If you look closely you can see two buffalo between the tree on the left and the barn. There were also several buffalo to the right ~ just beyond the picture.

05-DSC_4628A pretty thistle flower near where I was standing to take the previous picture.

Later in the day someone told us that thistles came to the area through hay that was brought in to feed animals.

06-DSC_4633This little guy was eating a nut very close to where I was standing.

07-DSC_4670This was a very typical picture of the landscape we saw most of the day as we traveled near the Teton range ~ flat brushy grass and shrubs, trees, and mountains.

08-DSC_4676We saw several herds of buffalo and a few antelope.

I chose to post this picture because both are here. Cerwin liked the horns on the antelope on the right.

19-DSC_4751Jeff Batzer (Executive VP of TFC), this next series of pictures is for you. Because we had time, we looked up the ranches where you used to live and work. This is approaching Heart 6 Ranch.

12-DSC_4712We were pleasantly surprised to find a café in that grouping of buildings, as we were quite ready for lunch.

11-DSC_4706It was a highlight of our day. The food was delicious. The view was amazing on this screened in deck. And the people behind us were from Pennsylvania. We had a great time visiting.

10-DSC_4694My white bean buffalo soup. Oh, my! It was delicious.

09-DSC_4681The view. I wanted to put down stakes and stay awhile.

13-DSC_4713We loved this place! I could live here.

Jeff, the people you know who used to run this are now outfitters to the south of here.

15-DSC_4722We went to the sitting area to see the racks like you suggested.

14-DSC_4719Cerwin was impressed!

16-DSC_4728 We also found Diamond D Ranch where you used to live, but didn’t go far enough to locate Turpin Meadow where you worked. We thought we missed it, but later realized that we didn’t drive far enough.

18-DSC_4747Wow! What a beautiful area. And it was wonderful to get off the “beaten, touristy path.”

17-DSC_4737A beautiful lake with trumpeter swans and Canada geese.

23-DSC_4780Then it was back to the beautiful “beaten path” of all the other tourists in Grand Teton National Park. :)

21-DSC_4773It was the middle of the afternoon by this time, so we had coffee ~ just for the view on the deck ~ and shared a hot apple/huckleberry pie.

22-DSC_4776The birds cleaned up the crumbs at our feet.

25-DSC_4794Jenny Lake was just as beautiful as everyone said it would be.

24-DSC_4793We took time to walk several of the well-traveled trails that surround the lake.

26-DSC_4811It was a warm day ~ in the high 80′s ~ and I loved the scent of pine trees.

Sometimes I just stopped walking and breathed deeply.

27-DSC_4818I think this is fireweed.

I am not sure if I have seen it since our trip to Alaska eleven years ago.

28-DSC_4841Kayaks at Jenny Lake

31-DSC_4864By evening we were back at Jackson Hole, and after putting our few traveling things in our room, we walked to the town square for a picture of the celebrated horn arches (there are four arches ~ one on each corner of the park.)


34-DSC_4888The local stagecoach.

33-DSC_4884While walking around the park, we learned that there was going to be a “Shoot Out” in a few minutes, so stayed to see what would happen. 

35-DSC_4913It was put on by actors from the town’s playhouse, and the fight started over gold (in the closest actors hand) and then escalated into a fight over women as well.:)


37-DSC_4922Then the women were fighting over the guy.

39-DSC_4925Notice the sheriff (brown skirt), the guy on the balcony (and the smoke next to him), and all the people who gathered for the fight.

38-DSC_4924And, of course, someone always dies in gunfights.

40-DSC_4928We had to leave at this point, because we had a 6:30 reservation for supper, but as far as we could tell, it was the end of the story.

41-DSC_4932Our supper appointment at the other end of town. We decided that guns was our evening theme. :)

42-DSC_4934We were glad we had reservations, because the place was packed ~ with lots of people waiting to be seated.

43-DSC_4938I enjoyed this delicious elk chop. Cerwin isn’t one to try new things, so settled for his usual beef steak.

From there we went back to our motel, with the intention of walking back to the town square for ice cream, but we are still not used to Mountain Time, and sleep soon seemed more appealing than ice cream.

Highlights From Our Flight To Jackson Hole

Tuesday, July 22

I am keeping this online “diary” of our trip – for my benefit and memories.

Hope you enjoy it too. :)

We flew American because we had enough air miles to make it a free trip.

01-DSC_4477Our check-in went smoothly at Harrisburg.

Just after I went through security, and was waiting on Cerwin, a man came up to me and asked if I go to White Oak Church of the Brethren. :)

It was Jim Keller – Hershey Keller’s son. His friends teased him about finding relatives already! …and we are third cousins.

02-DSC_4480We left Harrisburg promptly at 7:05 AM.

03-DSC_4484We were supposed to land in Chicago at 8 AM (Central Time) and were a few minutes ahead of schedule.

04-DSC_4488Since we had two-and-a-half hours in Chicago ~ and our gate was close ~ we chose a sit-down restaurant.

05-DSC_4494Cerwin ordered this delicious breakfast sandwich and potatoes to share with me, and I ordered a bowl of fresh fruit – which I shared with him.

07-DSC_4503Our flight from Chicago to Dallas/Fort Worth.


06-DSC_4498That looks like a busy train station!

09-DSC_4523We had to wait a few minutes before we could pull into our gate.

We had a three-hour layover in Dallas, so relaxed, walked, recharged our cell phones and my computer, and shared an Annie Anne’s container of pretzel-wrapped mini hot dogs and lemonade.

10-DSC_4527Dallas to Jackson Hole – These irrigated fields create an interesting view from the air.

11-DSC_4530Before long we saw a pattern of square and oblong fields. I think we were in the area of Oklahoma.

We had an interesting seat mate – a pilot from USAir who was going off duty (still in uniform) and flying to Jackson Hole with his family. They go to Yellowstone every summer, so he had lots of information for us and often described what we were seeing below.

On weekends he is a solo stunt pilot! He showed us pictures of his plane.

12-DSC_4538Some of God’s beautiful creation.

17-DSC_4568This area reminded me of when I had to do a school project with brown paper and had to create mountains.


15-DSC_4555Breath-taking beauty.



18-DSC_4570This is what the Teton’s looked like when we landed in the late evening. I am anxious to see them in sunshine.

19-DSC_4573We found our motel, and were ready for supper by 8:30.

22-DSC_4579Liberty Burger was a short walk from our motel, and closed at 9 PM so we parked our car next to our room, left luggage inside, and walked to the restaurant.

20-DSC_4577Cerwin’s meal. I just got a salad.

We had the most fun talking to a couple sitting next to us. The tables were real close, so it was awkward to not talk. :)

They are in their fifties and getting married today (Wednesday) here in Jackson. Both were married previously and just wanted a simple wedding. He is from Michigan, and she is from Illinois.

When they asked where we were from, we said between Lancaster and Harrisburg, PA. He said the only place I know in there is Manheim! That got our attention, because that is our hometown.

He and his first wife adopted a girl (20 years ago), and a Mennonite couple from Manheim were fostering her. I asked who the Mennonite couple was. It was Lamar and Ruth Zimmerman. We know them. :)

It’s a small world some days.

21-DSC_4578The restaurant was supposed to close at 9, but we left at 10 PM (Mountain Time) and the doors were still open, and what looks like windows in this photo is also an open area.

It was a delightful night to walk back to our motel.


I am posting this at 8:40 AM ~ Wednesday, July 23

We are not getting an early start today, as we schedule some things for tomorrow, and Cerwin wanted to sleep in. He just now got some breakfast at the motel office, and brought me the orange juice I requested.

We have the same motel for tonight, and plan to get oriented to the area today and see what we can see. :)

Flying to Jackson Hole, Wyoming

I will just post a few pictures from our day, as we landed in Jackson Hole about 7:30 PM Mountain Time, got our luggage and car, found our motel, then went for supper – even before unloading our luggage, because the closest restaurant was closing at 9 PM.

It is now 10:17 PM Mountain Time (12:17 AM to our bodies).

1-DSC_4544It was a relaxing day of good flights (Harrisburg to Chicago ~ Chicago to Dallas Fort Worth ~ Fort Worth to Jackson Hole) but the most beautiful scenery was during the descent into Jackson Hole.

2-DSC_4567I would have loved to get a picture of the Tetons from the air, but the sun was behind them, causing them to be shadowed. Maybe I can get a picture from the air when we leave, as that will be morning.

3-DSC_4572The Jackson Hole airport is being remodeled, so we picked up our luggage outside the airport. That was a new (and rather crazy) experience.

The weather is fabulous, so we are looking forward to seeing the Tetons tomorrow.

Day-By-Day ~ Last Week

I am going to post more pictures than usual tonight to bring you up to date in our lives.

1The chapel for Pass Lake, Ontario, is coming along nicely ~ thanks to a great crew of workers.

1aThe paneling is finished.

1b (1)Monday and Tuesday: At our house – the Daryl Bollinger Company did a great job of installing fascia and soffet in the spouting/roof area of our house. They also installed a gutter guard in the spouting (to keep leaves and sticks from getting inside).

Now no more painting under the roof, and hopefully Cerwin will not have to get on the roof to clean out the spouting. :)

1b (2)Tuesday: It was a beautiful, foggy morning as I traveled to and from the post office.

1b (3)Tuesday and Wednesday: Jesse and Gloria got to spend time at our house.

1b (4)Wednesday was Jesse’s first experience at helping to label the Highway News. Behind him is Alex, a next-door-neighbor who came with his grandma.

1b (5)At the other table was Gloria, Mary (Alex’s grandma), Julia, Glen, and Cerwin.

1cThat evening Gloria’s friend Ashlea came to spend the night ~ and brought a cake she had decorated in cake-decorating-class.

It’s fun for me that my sister and I have granddaughters who are good friends.

2 (1)Great job Ashlea.

2 (3)Jesse

Friday Evening: Jere’s invited us for supper.

While we waited for supper the boys showed us the boats they made with Legos.

2 (2) Ian

2 (4)Jared

2 (6)Ian showed us his new glasses.

He usually wears contacts, but at times needs glasses and his old ones were getting too small.

2 (5)It was fun having Lydia (from Maine) join us. She is in Pennsylvania for BBI (Brethren Bible Institute) next week.

2 (8)Jere grilled the chicken and steak to perfection!

2 (7)

2 (9)Jesse, Irene (exchange student from Spain), Jared, Kristen, Josh, and Jere.

2aOur dessert was ice cream and s’mores.

Jared was roasting mine ~ and I told him that I like them melted the whole way through.

24-7-16-14  HN, Jere's (14)Oh my. It was perfect!

26-7-16-14  HN, Jere's (16)  He also made a good one for himself.

27-7-16-14  HN, Jere's (17)After supper Jesse decided to go for a swim.

28-7-16-14  HN, Jere's (18)

29-7-16-14  HN, Jere's (19)

30-7-19-14 Daylily (1)Saturday: I spend the day working in the flowerbeds, so our yard would look nice for the weekend.

32-7-19-14 Daylily (3)The daylilies were so pretty.

31-7-19-14 Daylily (2)

33-7-19-14 Daylily (4)

34-7-19-14 Daylily (5)

36-7-20-14 Pavilion (2)Sunday lunch: Cerwin and I had the pavilion ready, the tables set, and the doggie fire ready for the Hershey Reunion a few minutes before everyone arrived.

35-7-20-14 Pavilion (1)Since we had a bit of time, I told Cerwin that I want to take a picture of him showing how tall the corn in beside the pavilion.

37-7-20-14 Pavilion (3)Our sister-in-law Brenda brought a delicious taco salad.

38-7-20-14 Pavilion (5)Dave and two of his and Laura’s boys (Caleb & Benny) roasting hot dogs.

41-7-20-14 Pavilion (8)It was a small group for the Hershey’s (maybe 35 or 40) but it was a perfect day for a family get-together and we had fun visiting aunts, uncles, and cousins.

40-7-20-14 Pavilion (7)Victoria and Emma in the sand and Kelci in the background.

39-7-20-14 Pavilion (6)Regan and Jake.


After the Hershey’s left, we refreshed the table cloths and prepared for our Sunday school picnic.

42-7-20-14 Pavilion (9)It was a great evening of eating and visiting.


That brings you up to last night ~ and we have big travel plans for tomorrow, so stay tuned.