Our Yard ~ Easter Weekend

April 15 & 16

I snapped the picture just as this goldfinch headed toward the ground. 🙂

Remember when I advertised for Ian last week – that he was looking for a few more summer jobs.

It worked! He got several calls and has begun some new jobs. 🙂

A breezy evening ruffled its feathers

A beautiful, foggy Easter morning

Looking spiffy in the Easter morning sunrise.

Is this pose better for you?

How about I turn just a bit more.

Checked out the two tomatoes we planted on Saturday.

They looked pretty in the morning sun – with a few drops of dew still clinging to the leaves.

The sun will soon burn away the fog.

It was a beautiful Easter morning.

Getting My Affogato Fix

Thursday Evening, April 13

My affogato and Cerwin’s ice cream at Fox Meadows Creamery

We sat at a table for two and enjoyed the farm scenery – the farm that produces the milk for the ice cream products.

We were surprised to look up and see Jeff (oldest son) and Chris walk in the door. What fun to go to a table for four and catch up a bit on their family.

I love when that happens. 🙂

A Mix of Things I Saw in Our Yard Last Week

Our brand new red bud tree is beginning to bud.

We planted this in memory of Cerwin’s mother.

Our dogwood trees were beginning to display their flowers.

Our red maple was pretty in the evening sun as leaves were opening.

The Eastern Bluebirds were back.

The tulips are on their last days.

It had no idea that eating the bird’s sunflower seeds was frustrating to me.

Does anybody want to start a new scurry of squirrels in their yard?


Yes, I am still delighting in springtime.

Working the Field with Mules

Wednesday Afternoon, April 12

I was pleased to look out our kitchen window and notice our Amish neighbor working his field across the road from us.

At first I thought it was Eli, but then noticed that it was his son, Jacob. Eli has not been farming the land in the past few years – another neighbor was doing the work with his big equipment. I understand Jacob is farming the land this year – probably for feeding his goats.

The next morning – Thursday, April 13 – they were back in the field with equipment I had never seen, so I am not sure what he is doing.

PS: From my brother Dale, who read this and said, “That is a no-till drill and he was probably seeding alfalfa or grass mix for hay for his goats.”

Taking a break while the farmer stretches his arms.

Checking the bin.

I especially enjoy watching a large team of mules (or horses) synchronizing their turns.

When I came back to our kitchen window to clean up after supper, I saw more activity in the field.

This time he was again working the ground – with only four mules – and someone was putting lime on the soil.

So glad to watch mule-power from our windows again.