High’s At Our House for Lunch

Sunday, February 11

When we heard that Reuben, Judi, and their family were visiting from Wisconsin, we knew that we needed to have another family get-together. ๐Ÿ™‚

Because there are always last minute things to do before lunch, we came home after Sunday school and listened to the church service by cell phone. Since the boys were still here, and Josh was coming for lunch, they sat around the table while I quietly worked next to them in the kitchen.

They each wrote a few sermon notes on back of the bulletin – for their parents who were in New Zealand.

I almost forgot to take pictures – until someone said they needed to leave. That is Judi and Reuben closest to the camera – with Cerwin, his brother Elvin, our nephew Don (standing) and his son Jeremy (in the background).

Cerwin’s sister Velda helping her great-granddaughterย Audrina with her coat.

In this picture Judi is looking at pictures of her sister Juanita’s house. Mel and Velda visited Juanita on their way home from Florida a few weeks ago.

Audrina and her grandpa Rod preparing to head home. Next to them is my step-mother, Velma, talking to our brother-in-law Mel.

Mother Hershey likes to keep in touch with the High’s – as she and Mother High were good friends, and the two of them often went with us when we visited Cerwin’s sister in Minnesota.

Reuben and Judi (right) have amazing parent-hearts and have adopted three children. If you follow my blog, you may remember when they lived with us for several weeks a few years ago during their son’s adoption – and the ups and downs of that situation.

Their youngest is a beautiful, special needs little girl.

The other two were in the man cave being entertained by our grandsons.

I wanted Little Man to smile for the camera, but he kept making funny faces at me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Josh is a good friend to them as well. Even though they don’t see him very often, they always remember him.

Meanwhile, Little Miss enjoyed watching Jesse play a game. As you can see, it didn’t take long for them to renew their friendship.


We enjoyed a bit of time with Reuben and Judi after the others went home. It was good to catch up on their lives. Visiting with them was like old times when they lived with us.


Friday Night, February 9 – at American Music Theatre

From the Internet: Riverdance is a theatrical show consisting mainly of traditional Irish music and dance. Since February 1995 the show has visited over 450 venues worldwide and has been seen by over 25 million people, making it one of the most successful dance productions in the world.

This was Chris’ choice for her 2017 birthday gift. It was also nice that it helped expand my birthday celebration this year.

We purchased the tickets in late October or early November last year (about the time of her birthday) and had trouble finding good seats. I was pleased to find seats – about a dozen rows from the stage.

Photos cannot be taken during the show, but I found a lot on their website.

I cannot imagine being able to make my feet move this gracefully and quickly.

I was amazed at everyone’s talent.

One of my favorite scenes was when the drummer came out from behind his enclosed area. He created much of the instrumental background and was an unsung hero of the entire performance.

Another favorite scene was when there was a bit of competition between Irish dancing and tap dancing from the “hood.” By the audience response – it was also a favorite part for everyone else. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Irish singing – oh, my!


I am so glad that Chris chose this performance for her birthday – or we might not have known about it.

I kept saying to myself, “This is amazing.”

Lunch at E-Town Noodles

Friday, February 9

Following our pedicure and manicure pampering, Deb and I met Lydia at E-Town Noodles.

We chose this restaurant because we were hoping to meet Deb’s former manicurist/pedicurist – who owned this restaurant. However, he sold it a week ago. ๐Ÿ™

We were not disappointed with the new owner – who took this picture.

I took a picture of Lydia and Deb while we waited for our Vietnamese Cuisine.

My egg rolls and coffee

Their coffee is quite strong and sweet.

I forget why these two were laughing, but I had fun taking pictures.

Our lunch

Lydia’s rice dish included seafood.

Deb’s rice dish

A Vietnamese Crepe

Deb asked the owner to sing Happy Birthday to me – the song came with a hug. ๐Ÿ™‚

Being Pampered

Friday, February 9

I make it a habit to plan a manicure/pedicure for my birthday – and schedule it to work for our daughter Deb. (Since she lives an hour away, we don’t see each other as often as I see the other Pennsylvania daughters-in-love and granddaughters.)

After we chose a date, I invited the other ladies. This year it suited Chris.

What fun celebrating with these two.

Deb took a photo from her end.

The best part of winter pampering is getting our hands and feet placed in paraffin.

Chris’ feet in paraffin.

Deb’s pedicure

Chris’ manicure

Paraffin on her hands

Deb always gets fancy nails.

Removing the paraffin from Deb’s hands.

Paraffin leaves hands and feet feeling soft and pampered.


After this, Chris left to clerk an afternoon auction, and Deb and I met Lydia at Noodles Restaurant in Elizabethtown. I will show those pictures tomorrow night.