O Lord, your mercy reaches to the heavens,

your faithfulness to the skies.

Psalm 36:5 GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

DSC_2607It is rare that I wake up to the sun in my face. (I slept on my reclining chair between 5:30 and 7 AM.)

It reminded me that no matter what happens during the night, the sun is faithful to rise in the morning.

Last night our sleep was interrupted at 12:17 AM with the ringing of our phone.

It was Cerwin’s sister Velda. Pleasant View Retirement Community called to say they were calling the ambulance because Mother was coughing up blood.

We live just a few miles from Pleasant View and got there just as the ambulance was leaving, so followed it to the hospital.

IMG_20141121_010835Mel and Velda were just behind us. Elvin (Cerwin’s brother) was at the ER when we arrived.

After she was settled in her ER room, we were invited to take turns staying with her two-by-two. The other three of us visited in the ER waiting room watching all the comings and goings:

  • Mothers with sick babies
  • A man who injured his thumb
  • A young man came in a wheel chair and left on crutches with a bandaged leg
  • People like us were there to be with someone in the ER
  • A rather handsome man was discharged – for whatever reason he was there. He was apparently homeless, because he tried to sleep in one of the chairs. Security evicted him.
  • A pretty young woman – fashionably dressed – took a liking to us and was obviously high on something. She was cleared to go home. She said her mom brought her – saying she was crazy – but did not wait for her, so she called a cab. At one point she sat next to me and asked what I do. I showed her a picture of a TFC chapel. She leaned over and kissed me several times on my cheek. :)

We smile because she was acting strange, but she is someone loved by God, and I reminded her of that. She knew that. She said her dad is a pastor.

  • Spending time with people like her and the homeless man reminded me of the great love and patience it takes for those who serve and work with them on a daily basis.

By 4:00 we knew that Mother had pneumonia and was being admitted. Cerwin and I stayed to see her settled in her room on the 7th floor. Room 7014.

Today the family is emptying her old apartment at Landis Homes as she will be going to Personal Care in another part of the campus.

We appreciate your prayers for Mother and her family.

God is good and faithful.

Sunday With Mother High

Sunday, November 16

DSC_2558Roy and Deb were babysitting her cousin’s son Bryson for the weekend, and decided to join me and Mother High at Pleasant View Retirement Community for church.

I chose to go to church with mother since it didn’t suit either Cerwin’s brother or sister – and Cerwin was in Kentucky hunting.

DSC_2561After church we prepared to go for a walk, since Roy and Deb hadn’t seen some of the pretty areas of the home that I had discovered.

I was not familiar with much of the interior of Pleasant View prior to mother’s stay here. I have been here to visit people now and then, but never went farther than that person’s room.

Church is over at 11:00 AM and lunch doesn’t begin until noon, so we had plenty of time.

DSC_2562Deb and I in the elevator waiting for Roy, Mother, and Bryson.

Bryson stayed on Mother’s lap the whole time – about forty-five minutes.

Mother loved that.

DSC_2564Enjoying the pretty view outside one of the sitting areas.


DSC_2568Coming across “the bridge”.


DSC_2571Stopping at a mirror.


DSC_2576Bryson seeing himself.



DSC_2582A pretty fall decoration on one of the side tables.

DSC_2583Bryson wanted down from great-grandma’s lap when he saw these two.

After this we went to Mother’s room for a few minutes before lunch.

DSC_2585“Hey, this was across the hall, do you think grandma can use it?”

DSC_2586“No. Okay, I will take it back.”

DSC_2587Enjoying banana cream pie for dessert.

After Roy and Deb left us, they took Bryson back to his parents, Bryan and Leslie.


Mother continues to improve. I went along with her to a checkup on Monday. The surgeon is very pleased with how the hip area has healed.

A Pleasant View therapist told me that they are ready for Landis Homes to evaluate her and determine when she is ready to return. Mother is anxious to see her new “home”, as she will be living in a different area of Landis Homes. Prior to her fall she lived independently in an apartment. She will now be living with some nursing assistance.

Successful Whitetail Hunt

Cerwin, our oldest son Jeff, and Jeff & Chris’ middle daughter Diana, are on a five-day hunt at Hunt West Kentucky: https://www.facebook.com/HuntWestKentucky.

They only needed three days! :)


Jeff got his eight-point on the first day of the hunt.


Cerwin was next – on the third evening. His is also an eight-point.


Diana texted me about half-an-hour after her grandpa, saying, I just point!!!

The High’s will be eating venison this winter.

20141117_130304All packed and ready to travel home.