Spiritual Refreshment Day ~ Part 1 of 4

Ladies Fellowship Day Program

1aIt was a rather unsettling morning for the committee because it had snowed several inches overnight.

However, it was a wet snow meaning when it was plowed, the roads stayed clear.

1b (1)The Wengers were busy plowing the parking lot when I arrived.

1b (2)I asked Cerwin to take me because I am not comfortable driving on snowy roads.

1c (1)

1c (2)Bob made sure the sidewalk was clear.

1d (2)My first stop was the fellowship hall which was set up for lunch.

1d (1)

1eThey were set up for 280 ladies – making the room full of tables.


1gI always enjoy seeing the pretty decorations for this luncheon.

1h (1)Brenda and her daughter Korina did a great job with the theme – burlap & lace.


1h (4)

1h (3)

1h (5)

1h (2)


1k (1)

1k (2)Church cookbooks were available for purchase at one end of the room.

1k (3)

1k (4)When I got to the narthex, ladies were beginning to arrive and register.


The committee was pleased that despite the snow there were still about 225 ladies in attendance – some from quite a distance. I talked to several ladies from West Virginia and some others from an hour or two away.


Part 2 tomorrow night.

Sunrise & More Snow

Wednesday, January 21

DSC_5036It was a cold, beautiful morning, but I wanted to go outside and get a photo of the pretty sunrise.


DSC_5040On the way back I noticed the frosty grass and leaves beneath my feet.

DSC_5083Thursday, January 22 – We woke up to another layer of snow.

DSC_5086Reuben and his girlie shoveled the driveway.



DSC_5102Then she helped Cerwin carry a few of the lighter mail bags to the car – after her mom and John, Kathy, and Jason Diffenderfer helped label the individual Highway News.

DSC_5103It was a beautiful drive to the post office.

DSC_5106After the post office we went to have lunch with Cerwin’s mother.

DSC_5107On the way home from Landis Homes we met lots and lots of Manheim Township buses – on the way to pick up students.




DSC_5119We also saw a farmer rescuing his tractor and manure spreader. It slid off the road and down a steep embankment before stopping in the creek. It could have been a very dangerous situation, but it appeared that it did not roll – so I expect the driver is okay.

Snow & Doves

It’s been a snowy week – beginning with Wednesday, January 21



DSC_5051The Dark-eyed Juncos were busy.








DSC_5066As I looked for photo opportunities, I saw a dove that I had missed.

DSC_5070Then I saw another.

DSC_5071and another.

DSC_5076I was surprised to see how many doves were perched in the branches.

DSC_5073They were at first camouflaged to my eyes because they looked like large leaves until I started recognizing them.

DSC_5081I was surprised to see a whole bevy of them in one tree.


It was a beautiful, snowy day.

Last Weekend

January 17 & 18

DSC_4996-001Judi and her children enjoying window sunshine.



DSC_5000-001They just got word today – Friday, January 23 – that the paperwork has been completed for them to leave Pennsylvania and head home with their little guy – who is in the process of being adopted.

DSC_5001-001I am going to miss all four of them, and hearing K calling for Aunt Sheen. Reuben and Judi call me Aunt Doris Jean, and Aunt Sheen is her shortened version.

Now I can add Aunt Sheen to the list of names I respond to: Doris Jean, Doris, DJ, Jeanie, Aunt Jeanie, Mom, and Grandma.

DSC_5005-001A pretty Saturday evening sunset.




DSC_5011-001Sunday afternoon Truck Rally meeting.

This is the day each committee member fine-tunes their plans for the day – which is Saturday, June 27 this year.

DSC_5013-001Our son Jere leads the meeting as Rally Coordinator.

DSC_5014-001There are some fun new events for this year – like an outside climbing wall for the children and teenagers.

We are discontinuing the evening light show due to safety reasons. We are all concerned about trucks moving into place and away from the grounds with so many people walking around.

DSC_5016-001I say this every year. I do not like committee meetings, but this is the best team in the world.