Birds & Blossoms of May 20

It was a beautiful day in our yard.

1 (1)I think this robin must have “heard” a worm on our patio, because it was here for quite awhile.

1 (2)

1 (3)Then a mockingbird came by.

1 (4)Mr. Cardinal was looking for sunflower seeds.

2Our lilac bush has gotten quite large – and smells delightful.

DSC_2587Lilacs and early summer seem to go together.

DSC_2590I love the birds and blossoms of summer.

A New Chapel for Houston, Texas

A few weeks ago Cerwin got the word from TFC President, Scott Weidner, to begin construction on a new chapel for Houston, Texas.

Yay! I get a road trip to Houston – which will take us through the only two states in the lower forty eight in which we have never traveled – Mississippi and Louisiana. (After that, Hawaii will be the only state we have not seen.)

This chapel will be placed a the Flying J, US 59 & Highway 242, New Caney (Houston), Texas.

0 - 10-26-15Cerwin purchased this trailer for TFC at the end of last year in preparation for a new chapel, and was waiting for the word to begin construction.

1 - 11-5-15 a1The first job for Cerwin and Glenn is to remove the back doors.

1 - 11-5-15 b1Next, Glenn welds angle iron on the rear opening in preparation for a wall.

1-19-16The angle iron frame is finished.

5-18-16 (1)2 x 4 lumber – ready for the base flooring.

5-18-16 (1)1Clarence and Glenn cutting insulation board for over the fifth wheel area.

5-18-16 (2)The base flooring was installed on Wednesday, May 18.

5-18-16 (2a)Clarence putting insulation between the 2 x 4s

5-18-16 (3)The base floor is finished.

5-23-16 (5)Because Cerwin could not take a picture of himself, this doesn’t show how he and Glenn make sure the trailer walls are straight. Cerwin uses a skid loader and 4 x 4 piece of lumber, then Glenn checks it with an eight foot straight edge. (Used trailer walls are never quite straight after years of hauling freight.)

5-27-16 (2)The work crew on Thursday, May 26.

5-27-16 (3)Trimming 2 x 4’s

5-27-16 (4)The wall partition that goes between the chapel and living quarters.

5-27-16 (5)Glenn fastening a line to make sure the wall sections are straight.

5-27-16 (5a)A wall section. Notice Inge in the background taking a picture.

5-27-16 (6)This is what the chapel looked like by the end of work yesterday.

Music for Spring

Tuesday Evening, May 17

We love being invited to school concerts where our grandchildren are involved.

1This one involved our grandson Ian.

DSC_2368Welcome by Mrs. Debbie Rill, Interim Principal at Manheim Central Middle School

DSC_2374Seventh and Eighth Grade Orchestra – Mrs. Shenna Shirk, Director

String Ensemble

Viva La Vida – Berryman, Buckland, Champion and Martin – arr. Larry Moore

DSC_2381Seventh and Eighth Grade Select String Ensemble – Courtney Weaver, Solo

On an Eastern Shore – Alan Lee Silva

DSC_2386Time Machine – Richard Meyer

DSC_2388Iroquois Journey – Doug Spata

DSC_2391Luminescence – Alan Lee Silva

DSC_2401Seventh and Eighth Grade Jazz Band – Mr. John Brackbill, Director

Scooby-Doo, Where are You? – David Mook and Ben Raleigh – arr. Mike Lewis

DSC_2404April in Paris – Vernon Duke and E.Y. Harburg – arr. Rick Stitzel

DSC_2405Birdland – Josef Zawinul – arr. Michael Sweeney

DSC_2411Spinning Wheel – David Clayton Thomas – arr. Michael Sweeney

DSC_2412Flight of the Foo Birds – Neal Hefti – arr. Roy Phillipe

DSC_2420Seventh and Eighth Grade Chorus – Mrs. Stephanie Magaro, Director – Charis Dinger and Shiloh Harrill, Piano

Bonse Alba – Victor C. Johnson

DSC_2421Blackbird – John Lennon and Paul McCartney – arr. Audrey Snyder – Abby Ritter and Francesca McClure, soloists

DSC_2423Rejoice and Sing – Rollo Dilworth

DSC_2434Jailhouse Rock – Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller – arr. Ed Lojeski – by fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade boys

DSC_2438This was the fun song of the evening. 🙂


DSC_2442Meistersingers – Mrs. Stephanie Magaro, Director

DSC_2444Arlequin dans sa boutique – French Folk Song – arr. Earlene Rentz and Suzanne Rita Byrnes – Andrew Rajaratnam, Piano

DSC_2447Letter from a Girl to the World – Andrea Ramsey

DSC_2448And This Shall Be for Music – Mary Lynn Lightfoot

TJ Faulkner, Seth Haldeman, Ethan Harner, Kate Huber, Isaac Martin – percussion

DSC_2451Manheim Momentum Percussion Ensemble – Mrs. Stephanie Smith and Mrs. Chelsea Smith, Lead Instructors

Londonderry Air – Traditional – arr. Mario Gaetano

DSC_2458Xylophonia – Joe Green – arr. Bob Becker

DSC_2472Seventh and Eighth Grade Band – Mr. John Brackbill, Director

This is the group that we had been waiting for. 🙂 Ian is second from left – standing in the back.

DSC_2479Ian (green shirt) does a great job in perrcussion.

Themes from Jurassic Park – John Williams – arr. Michael Sweeney

DSC_2495Ionosphere – Dwight Beckham, Sr.

DSC_2521Ancient Ritual – Elliot Del Borgo

DSC_2535Fire Dance – David Shaffer


DSC_2558Good job, Ian!

DSC_2560Thanks for inviting us!

Baltimore Oriole

Monday Morning, May 16

DSC_2307I was surprised to see a Baltimore Oriole at one of our humming bird feeders. I rarely see them in our woods. The last time I saw one was in 2002, and before that it was 1997. (I date my bird book when it is one I rarely see.)

DSC_2313He also stopped at the jelly feeder.

DSC_2321He came to our kitchen window and made a lot of noise. I wish I could have understood what he wanted – or was he seeing himself in the window and talking to his reflection.

DSC_2323He stayed near our window for five minutes – but kept moving.




DSC_2332He’s back at the window again.

DSC_2333The female also came to our feeder area, but was only there for a short period of time. This is the only sighting I had of her.












DSC_2354I think they must have just been passing through, because I haven’t seen them since that day.

TFC Susquehanna Chapter Banquet

Saturday Evening, May 14

1 (1)We had about an hour and a half – after the last people left from yard cleanup – to get ready for the banquet.

I kept looking at our beautiful yard and watching the birds return to their turf near our feeders.

1 (2)The flower beds look so nice with mulch or red stones. If you think you see part of a shoe next to the geranium, you do. I placed my Dad’s last pair of work shoes in this flowerbed in 1997 after his residence was changed from earth to heaven. They are in pieces now, but I think the soles will last a very long time.

DSC_2298We arrived at Ric-Mar Restaurant, Northumberland, PA, about 4:30 PM and prepared for the banquet. This is a small group of wonderful supporters of Transport For Christ.

After ordering our meals, we were blessed with a solo by Lora Bawel, accompanied by Rita Michael. They also honored us with another song following the meal.


DSC_2302Cerwin also gave a chapel construction update before the meal arrived.

DSC_2303Following the delicious meal, the audience enjoyed a ministry update by Bunny O’Hare, who told some interesting stories about events that happened recently – on chapels or as a result of contacts by TFC staff.

DSC_2305Bunny and Peg traveled with us during the two-hour drive to Northumberland. They are always delightful travel partners. Don and Nancy Goss – near camera – are the contact people for this chapter.

DSC_2306We were blessed to meet new people and renew old friendships. Some of these people have been TFC supporters since the mid-seventies.