Shoveling Snow & Golden Sunset

Tuesday, January 26 – a few days after the big snow.

DSC_7558Cerwin was concerned about the amount of snow on the roof, so pushed it to the ground – which meant the boys had to shovel again. ūüôā

DSC_7560Their big brother Josh (left) and his friend Sam arrived to hang out in the man cave and enjoyed the moment of watching the younger guys working.


DSC_7562That evening the sun created a sea of golden snow.

Wednesday, January 27 – We had a delightful birthday supper with Jeff and Chris at Cat’s Meow in Manheim.

Day After The Big Snow

Sunday, January 24

Day After (1)Enjoy the scenes from the day after our big snow – more than two weeks ago.

Day After (2)A view outside our dining area window.

Day After (3)

Day After (4)Our crepe myrtle bush –¬†deep in the snow.

Day After (5)I brought the tray to the surface once again, added some black oil sunflower seed and a suet block.

Day After (6)A junco relaxing in the morning sun.

Day After (7)

Day After (8)Enjoying the birdseed.

Day After (9)Sunbathing

Day After (10)

Day After (11)

Day After (12)

Day After (13)

Day After (14)Jesse is ready for going outside.

Day After (15)Jared

Day After (16)

Day After (17)Ian

Day After (20)

Day After (18)

Day After (19)

Day After (21)Going to Sarah’s – next door – to help her with shoveling.

Day After (22)Opening a way to our mailbox

Day After (24)Cerwin needed to open our driveway so he could go to TFC’s International Office to open the parking lot.

Day After (26)

Day After (27)

Day After (28)

Day After (29)

Day After (30)

Day After (31)How about a cup of coffee on our deck?

Day After (32)Our nephew Larry opening Anne’s driveway – below our yard.

Day After (33)

Day After (23)

Day After (34)

Day After (35)

Day After (36)Sunset

Beauty After The Snowstorm

Friday, March 6

1 (1)The day after the snowstorm was sunny and pretty.

1 (2)Every thing dirty and dull was covered in white.

1 (3)

1 (4)

1 (5)Red-bellied Woodpecker – female. The male has a red head.

1 (6)Blue Jay

2Carolina Wren


4I would appreciate if these gray critters would only go to the ground and box feeders, but they enjoy emptying any feeder within jumping reach.

5 (1)

5 (3)During our evening drive to a sportsman’s dinner (I’ll post about that tomorrow evening.) I noticed some interesting¬†clouds.

5 (2)This one almost looks angelic.

5 (4)

5 (5)Bare trees look pretty in a snow-covered landscape.


It was a beautiful day.

Snow ~ Again

Sunday, February 22

1 (1)Snow seems to be the theme for our weekends in recent weeks – and for many days during the week.

1 (2)Cerwin opened our driveway before church in the morning.

3 (1)Toward evening I went outside to take a picture of the sunset.

This is what I saw when I looked up.


4The sky was quite clear – opposite of the morning snow.


3 (2)The sun set without a lot of fanfare, but was still quite pretty.

A Blustery Day


Every time I looked outside or heard the wind, I thought of Winnie the Pooh.






My version of our blustery day.


2 (1)It is difficult to take a picture of “bluster”, but in this photo you can see the bird feeders swaying. I won’t add bird seed until the wind dies down.

2 (2)Along with the wind, it has been very cold.

As I enter this at 7:00 PM Рthe temperature on our thermometer is at 1 degree.



2b (1)Blowing snow across our valley.

2b (2)Our roads were plowed this morning, but blowing snow caused minor drifting.

2cAs vehicles got to the level area of the road in front of our house there was not much drifted snow, but I noticed that they drove quite slowly between us and the farm.




4 (1)

4 (2)The sunset even looked blustery.

Ice & An Observer

Monday, January 12

DSC_4812It was a beautiful day outside Рas long as you could stay inside.

DSC_4816Icicles were dripping from everything.

















DSC_4860Oh, look! Someone is watching me.

DSC_4862Some of you have asked how Reuben and Judi are progressing with the adoption process of their little guy.

DSC_4863Things are moving very slowly. They have been here (from Wisconsin) since December 26.

They are really hoping to make some progress in the next few days.

Keep them in your prayers.

Bare Branches

If this was my first winter in the northeast,

DSC_4744If I didn’t know about the seasons,

DSC_4747I would think that our trees are dead.

DSC_4749If this was my first winter,

DSC_4751I would think there isn’t much hope for those bare branches.

DSC_4755But I’ve lived here for almost seventy-one years

DSC_4760long enough to know better.

DSC_4773I know that spring will come again,

DSC_4768when all of these trees will be filled with new, green leaves.

DSC_4763Did you ever think that winter is a strange time for branches to be bare?

DSC_4775It seems that they should be covered with something when it is brutally cold and windy.

DSC_4776But, I don’t doubt that God knows what He is doing – because it works. ūüôā

DSC_4777A tree that is bare and dormant in winter is just as alive as when it is filled with new leaves in June.

DSC_4780As long as the earth endures, nothing will put a stop to planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night.

DSC_4793Genesis 8:22 The Voice

DSC_4800You have arranged the earth, set all its boundaries;

DSC_4799You are the Architect of the seasons:

DSC_4796summer and winter.

DSC_4804Psalm 74:17 The Voice

DSC_4811Praise God’s name forever and ever!

DSC_4807Power and wisdom belong to him.

DSC_4805He changes the times and seasons.

Daniel 2:20-21 Easy-to-Read Version

Beginning To Feel Like Winter

Thursday, November 13

DSC_2298This fire bush is one of the few pretty things left in our yard.

I decided to remember the beauty with a photo before it also gives in to shedding its leaves.

1 (1)It looks brilliant next to the other trees and bushes with bare branches.

1 (2)Some trees are not totally bare, but they still look wintery.

1 (3)

1aThe trees that do have leaves, are brown and dry.

1bThe floor of the woods and pavilion area is covered with leaves that used to be green –¬†giving us summer shade.

1c (1)

1c (3)It was only a few months ago that this lilac bush was beautiful and covered with pretty lavender flowers.

2The fern stems are also prepared for a cold winter.

3 (1)Our hosta are telling us that their season is over for another year.

3 (2)

3aThe once beautiful roses look aged and ready to be clipped.

4Most of the green of summer and color of fall is gone.

5There are only a few trees left in our yard with colorful leaves still attached to the branches.


1aaBut by the looks of the ground below, they will soon join the others with bare branches.

6 (1)Then as I was walking up the steps to our patio, I was surprised by a bit of beauty Рthe last four flowers of the season.

6aTwo light lavender and a pink yarrow.

6 (2)And the prettiest of all, a yellow one.

I went back inside my warm house to finish a mailing for one of our staff chaplains and was so surprised the next time I looked outside.

It was snowing!

DSC_2342No wonder it felt wintry today.


DSC_2346Yes, I now know why it felt wintry all day.