Truckers For Miracle Kids at The Buck

Saturday, August 22

DSC_9069The TFC chapel does not have a reserved space at this event, so we get up early – before I can take pictures as we travel.


DSC_9067Before long we saw signs of the sunrise.

DSC_9071After getting to our spot at The Buck, we enjoyed coffee and the beautiful morning. I thought this “tornado” shaped cloud was interesting.

DSC_9073There were a few other truckers who also arrived early to reserve their company spots.

DSC_9085We had several visitors before Chaplain Jake Wise (background) arrived at 9 AM with our canopy. He used it for a previous show when the chapel was in Ohio for promotional work.

DSC_9087By the time the benefit auction began, I had done my part in setting up the interior of the chapel, and Chaplain Jake and Volunteer Chaplain Bob Russell and his wife, Betty, were available to man the chapel, so I knew I had the freedom to go enjoy the auction.

DSC_9088It was nice to relax and enjoy the bidding – where nobody knew my name – even though I didn’t need anything. I did purchase a basket that included about two dozen Keurig K-cups and two coffee cups.

DSC_9091I am not sure how the idea began, but as I walked around the grounds taking pictures and talking to drivers, I began thanking those I recognized or learned had brought their truck to our rainy day Truck Rally in June.

It became a delight to watch the faces of the drivers as I told them that the 2015 Pennsylvania Truck Rally was the best ever in financial profit to TFC – even though it rained all day, the parade was canceled, and only 87 drivers brought their trucks to the Lebanon Expo. 🙂

DSC_9093Part of my praise story to the drivers was about the large Truck Rally sponsor check that arrived one week earlier. It was dated May, but arrived in our mail box on August 15. When I called the trucking company owner to explain what happened, he asked if he could tell me why he supports TFC. I said I would love to hear that.

DSC_9082He proceeded with the following story. “I rarely have to spend a weekend out on the road, but many years ago I ended up in Ontario, California, and spent the weekend on the chapel with Chaplain Doug Young and his wife, Carolyn (now retired). As I watched them minister to drivers, I became aware of the value of your chaplains and chapels and determined that this was a ministry worth supporting.”

God has ways of blessing us when we least expect!

DSC_9094Now back to the trucks at The Buck.

DSC_9097We understand that there were about 500.


DSC_9100I always enjoy seeing if John and Karen Rissler have done anything new to their beautiful rig – and this time they have a new scene on back of their cab.


DSC_9105It is difficult to take a good picture of the back of a cab when a trailer is attached.



DSC_9111Because I take so many photos of trucks, I try to look for trucks I have not seen before, or those with creative designs.



DSC_9120This was a truck I had not seen before, but the passenger door was open, so I walked up to look inside, then looked around to see if the driver was nearby. I don’t like shutting doors without a driver’s permission.

DSC_9121He noticed me before I saw him, and realized that I wanted to get a good photo, and quickly told me that I could shut the door.

DSC_9126A few more beautiful trucks.



DSC_9133Meanwhile, back at the chapel, I learned that Cerwin, Jake, and Bob also had a great day of sharing with drivers and friends and showing the chapel to those who were not familiar with truck stop ministry.

DSC_9134A.J. Blosenski is a generous supporter of Truckers For Miracle Kids and brings many of their beautiful burgundy trucks.




DSC_9155The truck next to us was difficult to photograph because of the sun and the many people who stopped to look at the pictures.

DSC_9137The placement of pictures was finished just a day or two before the show.


DSC_9139Needless to say, this truck will no longer be a working truck, but will only be taken to shows.

DSC_9143  DSC_9158We tear down by 4 PM to make room for people to park in our spot for the evening truck pull.

DSC_9161Several of the pull trucks were already there when we left the grounds.

It was a great day for us.

Ohio Truck Rally – Mount Hope Auction

Saturday, July 11

a (1)We followed this interesting cycle for several miles…

a (2)…then to our surprise, they turned into Mt. Hope Auction.

a (3)This is a sampling of Saturday at the Ohio Truck Rally. If you want to see many more pictures, go to my Facebook album –¬if_t=like

a (4)I asked for permission to photograph it. I think they were there for the horse auction.

bThere were lots of Amish on the grounds – some for the TFC event and others for the horse auction.


d (1)Many truckers left after the parade the previous night, but there were still a nice number of trucks on the grounds.

d (2)

d (3)

d (4)

d (5)Big stacks on a little tractor

d (6)

d (7)

d (8)

d (9)Grilling hamburgers and hot dogs.

d (12)Door prizes

d (11)Children’s activities

d (14)Going a little too fast!

d (18)

d (10)

d (13)A special item for the benefit auction

d (15)

d (16)

d (17)Eating and listening to the auction

d (19)The auction was still in full swing when we said our goodbyes and began our six-hour drive home.


We were pleased that the Ohio TFC staff changed the Truck Rally date – from the third Friday and Saturday in June to the second Friday and Saturday in July. It hasn’t suited us to go to this Rally for many years. We were blessed and delighted to be there.

Ohio Truck Rally – Parade of Trucks

Friday morning, July 10

Mount Hope (1)We arrived at Mount Hope Auction just before 10 AM.

Cerwin helped Jason Nussbaum and a volunteer set up a canopy where the grill was going to be placed.

Mount Hope (2)My job was to photograph the activities.

That sounds like tough duty. 🙂

Mount Hope (3)All Events Rental set up tables and chairs.

Mount Hope (4)Cerwin and Gary Nussbaum.

Gary and Pearl and their son Jason and his wife, Shannon, oversee the rally activities – with help from many volunteers.

Mount Hope (5)Reuben Miller and his dad, Lester, brought the stage.

Mount Hope (6)The children’s activities were at one end of the large auction building.

Mount Hope (7)The auction was in the middle – between the children’s activities and the eating area.

Mount Hope (8)

Mount Hope (9)Toward evening we went to Kidron where the trucks were gathering for the parade.

Mount Hope (10)I understand that there were 208 trucks – a record number for them.

Mount Hope (11)Pearl Nussbaum (right) serving food to the truckers and their families.

Mount Hope (12)A police sheriff was the ‘pace car” for the parade of truck which began at 7 PM.

Mount Hope (13)The chapel looked good in front of the trucks.

Mount Hope (14)

Mount Hope (15)

 Mount Hope (16)

Mount Hope (17)

Mount Hope (18)

Mount Hope (19)

Mount Hope (20)

Mount Hope (21)This is just a sampling of my pictures.

If you want to see all of them, go to

Mount Hope (22)After the last truck went by, we followed it for a bit and got to seem some of the many observers.

Mount Hope (23)

Mount Hope (24)

Mount Hope (25)Then we took a back road to see if we could get ahead of the parade as it arrived at Mount Hope Auction.

Mount Hope (26)As we crossed a back road, we met the parade – so took another back road to get ahead of it.

Mount Hope (27)The spot we wanted was still available, and we waited about fifteen minutes before the trucks arrived.

Mount Hope (28)We got Gary’s attention.

Mount Hope (29)The trucks looked pretty in the dusk and later in the dark.

Mount Hope (30)

Mount Hope (31)

Mount Hope (32)

Mount Hope (33)

Mount Hope (34)

Mount Hope (35)

Mount Hope (36)

Mount Hope (37)

Mount Hope (38)

Mount Hope (39)The next time we attend this event I want to take pictures as the trucks arrive at Mount Hope Auction.

Mount Hope (40)The Hart Brothers were already picking and singing when we arrived.

n (1)

n (2)

o (2)Jason was serving food and drink…

o (3)…as him mom, Pearl, put hot dogs and pulled pork in buns.

o (4)Popcorn

o (1)Enjoying food and music.

o (5)Homemade ice cream was a favorite – whether in dishes or root beer floats.


q (1)This was my evening meal.

q (2)Gary closed the evening and invited everyone to come back in the morning for a pancake breakfast.

TFC’s Mobile Chapel At ATCA – Macungie – Final Post

Saturday, June 20

Macungie Saturday (1)We woke up to rain on Saturday morning – heavy rain.

Macungie Saturday (2)

Macungie Saturday (3)

Macungie Saturday (4)

Macungie Saturday (5)

Macungie Saturday (6)

Macungie Saturday (8)Despite the rain, trucks continued to arrive.

Macungie Saturday (7)

Macungie Saturday (9)

Macungie Saturday (10)

Macungie Saturday (11)

Macungie Saturday (12)

Macungie Saturday (13)

Macungie Saturday (14)

Macungie Saturday (15)

Macungie Saturday (16)The weather cleared by 9:00 AM and people began checking out the trucks again.

Macungie Saturday (17)I would guess that this golf cart is owned by a trucker.

Macungie Saturday (18)I was pleased when an old trucker friend (green) – who I haven’t seen in years – stopped to say hello. He introduced me to his brother (blue).

Macungie Saturday (19)

Macungie Saturday (20)The owner of the trucker golf cart heard that I liked it and came back for some posed photos. 🙂

Macungie Saturday (21)

Macungie Saturday (22)

Macungie Saturday (23)

Macungie Saturday (24)This couple was interested in seeing the inside of the chapel. Volunteer Chaplain Bob gave them the tour.

Macungie Saturday (25)

Macungie Saturday (26)Our nephew Bryan (black shirt), his wife, Leslie, their son Bryson, and two of her relatives came to visit us.

Macungie Saturday (27)We began hearing that rain was supposed to arrive by 2 PM, so decided to take the canopy down before it got wet.

Macungie Saturday (28)By this time it was cloudy and the canopy was not as important as when it was sunny.

Macungie Saturday (29)Drivers began pulling out before the expected rain.

Macungie Saturday (31)It was interesting to watch the owners of this dump truck – filled with “rocks” – load it onto a lowboy.

Macungie Saturday (30)

Macungie Saturday (32)Leaving the park

Macungie Saturday (33)

Macungie Saturday (34)

Macungie Saturday (35)

Macungie Saturday (36)Watching the trucks leave the park is a highlight of the two-day event, because it is kind of like watching a parade.

Macungie Saturday (37)The drivers know they have an audience and love to give us a “show of power” as they go up the grade to the exit into the town of Macungie.

Macungie Saturday (38)I told Cerwin that I am doubtful that most boys ever grow up, because many of these men giving us lots of noise are way beyond middle age. 🙂

Macungie Saturday (39)

Macungie Saturday (40)

Macungie Saturday (41)

Macungie Saturday (42)Then it was time for us to leave – and I was following the chapel to TFC’s headquarters.

Macungie Saturday (43)I’d much rather be inside the chapel tractor, but there are a few times a year when I must be in a car following it.

Macungie Saturday (44)We were blessed to be there again this year.

Chapel At ATCA – Macungie – Part 2

Friday, June 19

DSC_5179It was nice to find a few daylilies at a truck show.

DSC_5176Macungie is a large park, and a beautiful place to have a truck show

DSC_5169Trucks continued to arrive all day long.



DSC_5182It was a beautiful day to be a vendor at a truck show.


































DSC_5246Back at the chapel – following an afternoon walk around the park.

DSC_5252One thing we have learned after many years of taking a chapel to truck shows, is to have plenty of chairs for visitors.


DSC_5250Supper was being served at the other end of the park, so we left in plenty of time for browsing and checking out trucks.

DSC_5258That’s an interesting vehicle for pulling a camper.

DSC_5261Our friend Doug Maney was the MC, and after introducing and honoring a few people, and waiting for the food line to be ready, he called on Chaplain Jake to pray for the meal.


DSC_5268Time to eat

DSC_5271I made sure that I had plenty of butter for corn and clams.

DSC_5272The food line.

DSC_5274Chaplain Jake, his son Jesse, their friend Joe, our cousin Resie’s husband, Leon, and me (helping him send a cell phone picture to Resie.

DSC_5277Checking out more trucks as we walked back to the chapel.

DSC_5280Evening clouds





DSC_5290A local man stopped in to tell Cerwin about a near death experience when he told God he was coming home.

DSC_5291Cerwin using the air pump to fill the sofa bed mattress in the chapel living quarters.

DSC_5295The sleeping bags are ready – and we are tired.


Tomorrow night – Day 2 At Macungie

Chapel At ATCA – Macungie – Part 1

Antique Truck Club of America – Friday, June 19

DSC_5109We had a pretty, hazy, drive to Macungie, which is located about one-and-a-half-hours northeast of us.


DSC_5124The first thing we did was set up the chapel – which Jake and Cerwin took to Macungie the day before to make sure we can get into our spot before a lot of other trucks arrive.

This was called the “power” row as it was us and the military. 🙂

DSC_5113Betty, Bob, and Jake helped us man the chapel.


DSC_5112After we were settled in, I walked around the grounds to see what had arrived.


DSC_5122Since we have been to several truck shows lately – and have more coming up, I tried to take some creative pictures.









DSC_5142Inside the old milk truck













DSC_5160Love these old trucks

The Mobile Chapel At PMTA Truck Driving Championships

Saturday, June 6

From the Internet: The Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association was organized to promote the common business interests of persons engaged in the motor transportation industry and is dedicated to effectively representing the concerns of the trucking industry to members, government and regulatory agencies and the general public.

DSCN0039Several TFC staff went to this event at HACC (Harrisburg Area Community College) – which is fairly close to TFC’s International Office.

Cerwin asked if I wanted to go along, but I felt that my body, soul, and spirit needed a quiet day at home – especially since it suited several others to represent TFC.

I cleaned, did laundry, and spent the afternoon watching Undercover Boss. I enjoy watching what happens when a boss disguises himself (or herself) and comes into the business on an entry level job.

DSCN0040Several men stayed at the chapel while others went to the “bull pen” to talk to the drivers who were waiting for their turn to go through the course.

DSCN0042Bunny, Chris, Bob, and Jake

DSCN0043Another picture of the same four.

DSCN0044The Pennsylvania driver who wins this championship goes on to the national championships.

DSCN0045Cerwin said they had a good day visiting with drivers and representing Christ and the ministry of TFC.

American Truck Historical Society Truck Show – May 28-30 – Part 3 of 3

Saturday, May 30

Day 3 (1)This is what the parking lot looked like outside our chapel window at sunrise on Saturday morning.

Day 3 (2)The trucks looked nice in the morning sun.

Day 3 (3)Our first visitor was this Wal-Mart driver.

Day 3 (4)He was waiting for the registration line to open.

Day 3 (5)

Day 3 (6)We were surprised at how many trucks arrived on Saturday morning.

Day 3 (7)

Day 3 (8)By the time registration closed on Saturday afternoon, there were a few more than 1,200 trucks on the grounds – a record for ATHS.

Day 3 (9)Lester Good – from Good Transport Service, Inc. – not far from the TFC Office – stopped to visit.

Day 3 (10)

Day 3 (11)Saturday was a big day for visitors to the show.

Day 3 (12)

Day 3 (13)

Day 3 (14)

Day 3 (15)

Day 3 (16)

Day 3 (17)

Day 3 (18)

Day 3 (19)

Day 3 (20)

Day 3 (21)

Day 3 (22)Our son-in-law Roy (left) and two young friends surprised us with a visit.

Day 3 (23)This driver came to tell us, “If it wasn’t for Chaplain David, I would have divorced my wife. David helped me to think sensibly and keep my feet on the ground.”

Another driver told us that Chaplain David influenced his walk with the Lord.

Day 3 (24)Chaplain Jake telling a couple and their daughter about TFC’s ministry.

Day 3 (25)Bill, Jesse, Jake, and Cerwin (hidden behind the steps) preparing to put the steps in the storage bins.

Notice the canopy on the ground. It got windy just before we began packing up and destroyed it. Not a serious problem, because it was time for a new one. This one had some bends and tears and was getting a bit fragile.


We are always pleased to give out TFC literature, Bibles, and at times pray for those who are discouraged or looking for wisdom.

One of our goals in promoting the ministry at truck shows, is to help make drivers feel comfortable to visit our chapels when they are out on the road, and to let them know there are worship services every Sunday and Bible studies during the week, or they can stop in anytime when they have questions about God and the Bible, or just need a quiet place to pray.

Someone asked if we ministered to a lot of drivers at this show, I said, “I think more drivers ministered to us this time – with their kind words about our ministry and staff.”

American Truck Historical Society Truck Show – May 28-30 – Part 2 of 3

Friday, May 29

Day 2 at the truck show (1)After a cup of coffee in the chapel, we set up the outside display table.

Day 2 at the truck show (2)Then we got a breakfast sandwich and another cup of coffee and watched the trucks arrive.

Day 2 at the truck show (3)

Day 2 at the truck show (4)The John Deere that crossed the country last year.

Day 2 at the truck show (5)

Day 2 at the truck show (6)

Day 2 at the truck show (7)At one point I looked up and said to Cerwin, “Is that a drone?”

Day 2 at the truck show (8)It was – and it appears to have a camera on it.

Day 2 at the truck show (9)

Day 2 at the truck show (10)

Day 2 at the truck show (11)Mid-morning was a busy time of trucks arriving.

Day 2 at the truck show (12)

Day 2 at the truck show (13)

Day 2 at the truck show (14)This time I purposed to find Candy and Dave in the vendor room.

Day 2 at the truck show (15)

Day 2 at the truck show (16)Each time I visited the vendor room, I checked the wet board to see how many trucks had registered.

This was at 10:00 AM. Their goal is 1,000 trucks and it appears they are going to make it.

Day 2 at the truck show (17)When I got back to the chapel, I was surprised to see Larry and Nancy. They are old TFC friends from the ’80s – and I don’t think we have seen them since then.

Day 2 at the truck show (18)They are retired and interested in reconnecting with TFC, so it was good to have Bill Menges (back to camera) there as he is the contact person for the York-Adams Chapter which is the area where they live.

Day 2 at the truck show (19)

Day 2 at the truck show (20)More visitors

Day 2 at the truck show (21)

Day 2 at the truck show (22)

Day 2 at the truck show (23)Ted Hurn, a driver from Craigsville, Virginia – came to show his wife, June, a chapel. As they were standing in the doorway and preparing to leave, he said, “Thank you for what you do for us. I don’t know where I would be without the help of Chaplain Allan. Because of his encouragement I am still walking with the Lord.”

Wow! That made my day.

Day 2 at the truck show (24)This is another couple that we have know since the ’70s – Lynne and George. It was good to connect with them again. We see them at truck shows every now and then.

Day 2 at the truck show (25)This vehicle makes me feel like the Beverly Hillbillies are here.

Day 2 at the truck show (26)

Day 2 at the truck show (27)There he is again – with a different vehicle.

Day 2 at the truck show (28)Shortly after we arrived on Thursday – and I was alone at the chapel – someone from ATHS asked me if there would be a chaplain who would give the invocation at the banquet on Friday night. I assured him that someone would. He said there would be free tickets.

Cerwin and I were the only ones who stayed for the night, so we were blessed with the free tickets to the meal, and were treated to bluegrass music by Durham Station Bluegrass who played for about an hour before the meal began.

Day 2 at the truck show (29)

Day 2 at the truck show (30)There was a slideshow of trucks that were brought to this event as we waited for the banquet to begin and during the meal.

Day 2 at the truck show (31)

Day 2 at the truck show (32)Opening by a ATHS official.

Day 2 at the truck show (34)The MC for the evening was Tim Ridley of the “Dave Nemo Show.”

Day 2 at the truck show (35)

Day 2 at the truck show (36)

Day 2 at the truck show (37)Cerwin invited people to visit the chapel – before praying for the meal and the entire event.

Day 2 at the truck show (38)The speaker was Alex Debogorski, The Original Ice Road Trucker. He had many stories.

There were also several very interesting awards.

Day 2 at the truck show (40)On our walk back to the chapel, we enjoyed seeing trucks that participated in the light show.

Day 2 at the truck show (41)It was a very good day.

American Truck Historical Society Truck Show – May 28-30

Thursday, May 28

Truck Show one (1)The morning clouds were beautiful when we left the house at 6 AM.

Truck Show one (2)The eastern sky

Truck Show one (5)This was one of the first trucks we saw when we entered York Expo Center, York, PA.

The lettering about the sign says “Worlds Longest Semi-Tractor.

Truck Show one (3)Cerwin, Glenn, and Jake took the chapel to the expo center the day before, so there was no setup necessary when the show opened on Thursday morning.

Truck Show one (4)We had a fabulous spot – just inside the truck entrance – which means we could sit under the canopy and watch trucks arriving.

Our first visitors were from Mars Hill, Maine. They were surprised that I knew where it is because it’s a very small town. They were even more surprised when I told them we stopped in their town two weeks earlier – for our son-in-law to visit a relator friend – when we went to our grandson’s graduation in Presque Isle, Maine. They knew the realtor – because there is only one in town. 🙂

Truck Show one (35a)We made sure there were plenty of chairs under the canopy – inviting other drivers to join us for the view – or to just sit and talk.

Truck Show one (8)Our view of the three registration lines.

Truck Show one (6)

Truck Show one (9)

Truck Show one (7)

Truck Show one (10)

Truck Show one (11)The parking staff were kept busy.

Truck Show one (12)

Truck Show one (13)After coffee and a breakfast sandwich, I went for a walk to see trucks. These pretty, tiny flowers were not far from the chapel.

Truck Show one (38)

Truck Show one (14)

Truck Show one (15)

Truck Show one (16)There were trucks from across the USA – and people from many countries.

Truck Show one (17)

Truck Show one (18)

Truck Show one (19)

Truck Show one (21)Back at the chapel to watch the registration lines and visit with drivers and other visitors

Truck Show one (22)Watching trucks arrive

Truck Show one (20)I like the heart-shaped windows in the sleeper.

Truck Show one (23)

Truck Show one (24)

Truck Show one (25)By the time the show was over on Saturday, I met this guy several times – pulling four different wagons – always wearing the umbrella hat.

Truck Show one (26)These people wanted to see inside the chapel.

Truck Show one (27)By early afternoon I was ready for a walk around the air conditioned Utz Building which was filled with vendors and old trucks.

Truck Show one (28)

Truck Show one (29)

Truck Show one (30)

Truck Show one (31)

Truck Show one (32)

Truck Show one (33)

It was also where people could get an autograph and photo taken with Alex Debogorski – The Original Ice Road Trucker.

Truck Show one (34)His area was quite popular between 2 and 5 PM.

Truck Show one (35)

Truck Show one (36)

Truck Show one (39)Outside again

Truck Show one (40)

Truck Show one (41)

Truck Show one (42)

Truck Show one (43)We had two special visitors after the show closed for the day and the other chaplains had gone home – Dave and Candy Richards from Ohio.

They were vendors in the Utz Building. Even though I had been there earlier in the afternoon, I missed seeing their spot.

We learned to know them years ago when their company donated tires for a TFC chapel. It was delightful to see them again.

Truck Show one (44)From the Internet: A family owned business since 1962, making us the oldest BandagTM dealer in Ohio.

  • Canton Bandag Co., located in Canton Ohio, offers sales and service of Tires and Semi Truck Aluminum Wheel Polishing.
  • We sell a wide selection of new tire brands and sizes, including those by Toyo, Yokahama, Kumho, and most other brands.
  • We also specialize in retread tires, using the Bandag process on industrial tires, including tires for medium trucks, skid steers, forklifts, and light OTR’s.
  • Our staff uses years of experience to give you the highest value in quality products and services.

Truck Show one (45)After they left for their motel, we walked around the fairgrounds.

Truck Show one (46)By this time there were 800 trucks registered.

Truck Show one (47)

Truck Show one (48)

Truck Show one (49)

Truck Show one (50)We saw several tailgate parties – and were invited to one, but we had already eaten supper.

Truck Show one (51)One of our retired chapel tractors.

Truck Show one (52)

Truck Show one (53)A neighbor’s truck

Truck Show one (54)

Truck Show one (55)

Truck Show one (56)

Truck Show one (57)

Truck Show one (58)

Truck Show one (59)

Truck Show one (60)

Truck Show one (61)The sun was setting when we headed back to the chapel.

Truck Show one (63)

Truck Show one (62)

Truck Show one (64)We often sleep in the bunks of the tractor when we deliver a new chapel because the chapel part is not set up until they are in place, but this time we had the mobile chapel, which is fully furnished, so we slept on the bed in the living quarters.

Come back tomorrow night to see what happened at the show on Friday.