A Quick Trip to Greensboro – Part 3

Thursday, April 14 – Traveling home

1As I was going through the pictures of our drive home, I thought of the comments I receive now and then from people who are housebound. They tell me they like seeing pictures of our road trips because it gets them out of the house.

These pictures are for you.

DSC_0089I enjoyed seeing all the green leaves as it was not yet this green in Pennsylvania.

DSC_0095Drinking coffee and enjoying the view.

This Thermos cup is the best travel mug I ever had. It keeps coffee hot for a long time.

I don’t keep it on the dash – it was just there for the picture. :0






DSC_0112I couldn’t get a good picture of this cross because it was close to a bridge.

DSC_0114Remnants of an old building

DSC_0113Love seeing (and praying for) the truckers





DSC_0133Drivers slowing down for the scales.







DSC_0152Soda and a milkshake for the road – after a sandwich at Chick-fil-A.




DSC_0163Close to our place.

Notice the bare trees – compared to those in North Carolina in the morning.

A Vacation for My Soul – Part 2

Sunday Afternoon, April 10

Sam and Alice (1)I am not even going to attempt to put names to the flowers and budding trees in Sam’s orchard.

I’ll let you do that if you know what species they belong to.

Sam and Alice (2)

Sam and Alice (3)

Sam and Alice (4)

Sam and Alice (5)

Sam and Alice (6)

Sam and Alice (7)

Sam and Alice (8)

Sam and Alice (9)

Sam and Alice (10)

Sam and Alice (11)

Sam and Alice (12)

Sam and Alice (13)

Sam and Alice (14)There were a few signs of snow in the shaded areas.

Sam and Alice (15)Susie the dog (I think that’s her name), Sam, and Cerwin

Sam and Alice (16)

Sam and Alice (17)

Sam and Alice (18)After walking through the orchard we went into his greenhouse.

Sam and Alice (19)

Sam and Alice (20)

Sam and Alice (21)

Sam and Alice (22)Then he showed us his basement seedlings.

Sam and Alice (23)

Sam and Alice (24)Last summer’s produce from his and his sister Betty’s gardens.

Sam and Alice (25)

Sam and Alice (26)While Sam went to get Alice out of bed, I took a few pictures in their dining area.

Sam and Alice (27)

Sam and Alice (28)

Sam and Alice (29)Alice had just spent several days in the hospital, then in rehab and feels better in bed, but it is good therapy for her to get up and walk several times a day.

I was pleased that we found her looking so good.

Sam is a fabulous caregiver to her – along with caring for his orchard and garden.

Sam and Alice (30)Then it was time to go home – this time by the turnpike – which is Cerwin’s favorite way to travel. 🙂

Sam and Alice (31)There weren’t as many opportunities to get pretty pictures as there were on the backroad drive, but Cerwin is happy when he can move forward as fast as possible. 🙂

Sam and Alice (32)When we travel west on the  turnpike to the Lancaster-Lebanon exit, we go by “our” woodlot. We can barely see our house in the background to the right of my sister, Nancy and her husband, Marlin’s house.

Sam and Alice (33)It looks a bit more like springtime in our area now than it did when this picture was taken on the 10th.

It was a great afternoon – and like I said in the previous evening post – a vacation for my soul.

A Vacation for My Soul

Sunday, April 10

1 (1)There was still a bit of snow among our flower beds when we woke up on Sunday morning.

1 (2)Our tulips have been through a lot of stress this spring – snow, hail, and more snow.

A day or two earlier we decided to visit our friends Sam and Alice after church, because Alice recently spent some time in the hospital. They live about an hour and forty-five minutes away from us.

I asked Cerwin if it would be possible to take the back roads instead of the turnpike. He kind of grumbled about that. I said, “I thought it would be fun since we had the entire afternoon open.”

A few hours later he told me to get Sam and Alice’s address so he could put it in the GPS. He knows how to get there by the turnpike, so I knew we were taking the back roads. 🙂

Remember I like back roads, but he prefers interstates.

1 (3)The conservative Mennonites were just leaving church as we went by.

1 (4)When we began meeting other horses, we figured that we were approaching another conservative church.

1 (5)

1 (6)These ladies must live close enough to walk to church.

1 (7)This is when we saw the second church.

1 (8)I told Cerwin that we would not have seen this on the turnpike. 🙂

1 (9)We stopped at the Burger King near Morgantown for a quick lunch and met a couple who recognized us from Transport For Christ.

1 (10)About this time I thanked Cerwin for the back road drive because it felt like a vacation for my soul.

1 (11)

1 (12)

1 (13)There were still a few signs of the previous days snow.

1 (14)When we arrived at Sam and Alice’s place, he was outside walking their dog. He was still in his “lunch-preparing” apron. He is a great cook.

1aWhile he and Cerwin visited a bit, I took a few front yard pictures.




DSC_9918Some of you may remember that he has a great orchard in his back yard. Tomorrow night I will show you those pictures.

Driving Home From Maine

Tuesday, September 8

DSC_0032It was a nice day for a ten-hour drive from Maine to Pennsylvania.


DSC_0041Leaving Maine

DSC_0042We passed several vehicles with this logo – Team Rock Ministries. I took this picture so I could remember the name and check out what their ministry.

From the internet: http://teamrockministry.com/ Team Rock exists to proclaim Christ and make disciples globally through creative outreach. Team Rock seeks to do as Jesus did and go where people are at.

DSC_0048New Hampshire trees were beginning to show signs of autumn.


DSC_0050Working on a bridge.

DSC_0051More signs of fall.





DSC_0063Looks like someone enjoyed a weekend in the water.

DSC_0068That’s a lot of axles. We wondered what it had delivered.

DSC_0077Shortly after we got home, I noticed something orange in our yard.

DSC_0079I often wonder what makes fungus grow. I don’t think I every saw one like this one in our yard.

It was good to be home again.

Traveling To Maine

Thursday, September 3

DSC_9299We were out of the house shortly after 5 AM on Thursday morning for our annual Labor Day weekend trip to Maine. It was a cloudy morning, so we didn’t see a sunrise, but as we rounded this turn (about 6:45 AM) near the New Jersey line – there was the sun!

DSC_9301We saw it in various places as we traveled RT 78 – depending on the angle of the road.


DSC_9306…and sometimes we didn’t see it at all.



DSC_9318We have our routine down pat when we make this trip. Our first stop is always at Bloomsbury, New Jersey, Pilot where gas is cheapest.

DSC_9329Workers on the Newburg-Beacon Bridge as we crossed the Hudson River.

DSC_9332E-ZPass makes it nice for us on this trip where there are a lot of tolls.

DSC_9333Another “routine” on this trip is breakfast at a service plaza in New York and a smoothie snack on the Mass Turnpike.

DSC_9335A welcome sign after seven hours on the road.

DSC_9337Just two miles to our last exit.

At one point during our drive – as I watched heavy traffic in New Jersey – I asked God, “How do You keep track of all these people? I believe and know with all my heart that You do, but how do You do it?

As I was mulling over that thought I felt a hug in my spirit and heard God say, “I know exactly where you are.”  Oh, how I love God for reminding me of that. 🙂

Traveling To Ohio For The Truck Rally

Thursday, July 9

DSC_6198It was a beautiful, slightly hazy morning as we headed west.



DSC_6205Tunnels are familiar to those who travel through the mountains on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.


DSC_6215Because we’ve had lots of rain, foliage is lush and green.

DSC_6223Trucks always get my prayerful attention.


DSC_6227Breezewood was our first stop – for breakfast.

This was the most attractive Bob Evans in which we have ever eaten.

DSC_6231We got off the turnpike sometime before Pittsburgh.











DSC_6260We’re making progress.




DSC_6271Isn’t she pretty?





DSC_6288An interesting antique shop.

DSC_6289We knew we were close to Berlin, Ohio, when we began seeing Amish buggies.

DSC_6296Our destination and beautiful home for the next two days – Berlin Grande.

After settling into our room, we went to Mount Hope Auction to check if Gary Nussbaum and his crew needed any help for Friday evening’s truck rally. We helped with a few things, but I think there will be more to do in the morning.

Gary and Pearl asked if I would take pictures. Yes! I am going to like my job. 🙂

IMG_20150709_174637-1We chose Mrs. Yoder’s for supper, and it was apparently the place to be, as it was quite full. We had to wait a few minutes before there was a seat available for us.

DSC_6299Our comfortable room and bed looked good at the end of the day.

More tomorrow.

Traveling Home From Maine

Monday, May 18

DSC_3832This post won’t be as much fun as yesterday’s, because we had a very ordinary ten-hour drive to Pennsylvania.

DSC_3836Ordinary is always good for a day trip – no detours, delays, accidents, or surprises.


DSC_3839It was a beautiful, spring day.




DSC_3852As we approached Pennsylvania, we saw a lot of flowering trees.

DSC_3860I think most of them were locust trees.


DSC_3866Truckers always get my attention – and prayers.

DSC_3867Loved seeing these three cows on a hillside near our house.

It is good to be home again.

Traveling To Presque Isle, Maine

Friday, May 15

DSC_2893It was a bit hazy when we left Mark and Diane’s house – shortly after 6:00 AM.

Our destination was Northern Maine Community College where our grandson Hezekiah would be graduating with an Associate Degree in Diesel Hydraulics Technology on Saturday morning.

DSC_2894New leaves were beginning to fill in the brown branches of these northern trees.

DSC_2897Cerwin and I were in the middle seats as the four of us traveled in their van.

Our first stop was Dysart’s Truck Stop for breakfast – a popular eating place near Bangor.

DSC_2910Somewhere north of Bangor and south of Houlton, we could see Mount Katahdin to our west.

It is the highest mountain in Maine at 5,270 feet. 

DSC_2917Heading toward Houlton on Route 95 is a comfortable drive because there is little traffic and lots of trees.

DSC_2918It is a popular trucking route on the east coast.

DSC_2921After Houlton, we headed northwest on Route 1.

DSC_2929Mark stopped in Mars Hill to visit a friend.

DSC_2932My view from the van while we waited for Mark.


DSC_2936There were a lot of vacant buildings in this part of town.

DSC_2924This man seemed to be checking out one of the vacancies.

DSC_2939We were not far from the Canadian border as we traveled Route 1 and thought this mountain range was probably in Canada.


DSC_2945I am fascinated by old buildings and vehicles.

I would enjoy hearing the story of this car.

DSC_2950We reached our destination about 12:45 PM – just in time to have a late lunch with Heze in the college cafeteria.

DSC_2951I noticed two old trucks as we traveled to a U-Haul rental business to pick up a trailer for some of Heze’s possessions.

Then we went back to Houlton to pick up a motorcycle that Heze acquired – by trading it for his old Chevy.

DSC_2957By the time we got back to Presque Isle we were ready for supper.


DSC_2961I was delighted that fiddleheads were in season, and ordered this appetizer so everyone could taste them.

From the internet: Fiddleheads are the furled fronds of a young fern, harvested for use as a vegetable. Left on the plant, each fiddlehead would unroll into a new frond. 

DSC_2962My other favorite Maine delicacy is lobster – and lobster stew is something I often order when in this northeastern state.

They know how to make it here. I am not sure that I ever had a better lobster stew.

DSC_2963This was my personal order of fiddleheads. They were cooked in a sweet/sour sauce, and were delicious.

DSC_2964I could not leave this restaurant – after eating two of my favorite Maine foods – without taking this picture. 🙂

To the right of the sign were pictures of every Maine governor with a few stories. (Remember the name of the restaurant is Governor’s.)

DSC_3013After supper, Heze took us to his favorite fishing place in Presque Isle.


DSC_3021If I remember correctly, this is Aroostook River.

It was a beautiful evening and I have many more pictures.

I will post them the next evening I have internet service – which may be Saturday night.

Traveling To Maine

Thursday, May 14

DSC_2858This is what the moon looked like when we left the house shortly after 5 AM.

DSC_2859Thirty-five minutes later we were driving into the sunrise.

DSC_2860It was a beautiful time of day to be snapping pictures.

DSC_2861I took these in the order they are posted.











DSC_2883Early morning traffic in New Jersey.

This is the last picture I took before we arrived at Mark and Diane’s house, as I spent the time relaxing, enjoying the day, and reading.

DSC_2887A beautiful tulip in Maine.

DSC_2889Come back again tomorrow night to see where we traveled to the next day, as we spent another five hours on the road.