Sunset Thoughts

November 23 Sunset

Today I was thinking…

Why do winter sunsets seem extra pretty?

DSC_2632Maybe it’s because everything else is bleak and brown.

Fields are empty of crops and there are no leaves on the trees.

Maybe that’s why winter sunsets seem so pretty.

DSC_2633Today we learned about the death of our friend Wendell Boyle.

I posted a link to his obituary.

He is the reason Transport For Christ came to the northeast region of the USA – from Canada. You can read about that in the above link.

After accepting God’s plan of salvation through Christ, his life dramatically changed, but he never stopped having fun.

He was a great storyteller, and we loved hearing about some of his adventures. 🙂

We were privileged to know him.

DSC_2636Don’t you wonder what it is like – the second you die and step into the presence of God?

That set me to thinking…

DSC_2638When I see God…

the days I wasted in anger will seem so stupid.

the moments I spent in fear will seem so wasted.

the times I felt misunderstood will seem so unimportant.


Am I living life to the full?

Am I telling enough people about the love of God – and the victory that is available through his Son, Jesus?

Am I loving enough?

Am I laughing enough?