Ohio Truck Rally – Mount Hope Auction

Saturday, July 11

a (1)We followed this interesting cycle for several miles…

a (2)…then to our surprise, they turned into Mt. Hope Auction.

a (3)This is a sampling of Saturday at the Ohio Truck Rally. If you want to see many more pictures, go to my Facebook album – https://www.facebook.com/doris.j.high/media_set?set=a.10153010420197322.1073741849.612697321&type=3¬if_t=like

a (4)I asked for permission to photograph it. I think they were there for the horse auction.

bThere were lots of Amish on the grounds – some for the TFC event and others for the horse auction.


d (1)Many truckers left after the parade the previous night, but there were still a nice number of trucks on the grounds.

d (2)

d (3)

d (4)

d (5)Big stacks on a little tractor

d (6)

d (7)

d (8)

d (9)Grilling hamburgers and hot dogs.

d (12)Door prizes

d (11)Children’s activities

d (14)Going a little too fast!

d (18)

d (10)

d (13)A special item for the benefit auction

d (15)

d (16)

d (17)Eating and listening to the auction

d (19)The auction was still in full swing when we said our goodbyes and began our six-hour drive home.


We were pleased that the Ohio TFC staff changed the Truck Rally date – from the third Friday and Saturday in June to the second Friday and Saturday in July. It hasn’t suited us to go to this Rally for many years. We were blessed and delighted to be there.

Ohio Truck Rally – Parade of Trucks

Friday morning, July 10

Mount Hope (1)We arrived at Mount Hope Auction just before 10 AM.

Cerwin helped Jason Nussbaum and a volunteer set up a canopy where the grill was going to be placed.

Mount Hope (2)My job was to photograph the activities.

That sounds like tough duty. 🙂

Mount Hope (3)All Events Rental set up tables and chairs.

Mount Hope (4)Cerwin and Gary Nussbaum.

Gary and Pearl and their son Jason and his wife, Shannon, oversee the rally activities – with help from many volunteers.

Mount Hope (5)Reuben Miller and his dad, Lester, brought the stage.

Mount Hope (6)The children’s activities were at one end of the large auction building.

Mount Hope (7)The auction was in the middle – between the children’s activities and the eating area.

Mount Hope (8)

Mount Hope (9)Toward evening we went to Kidron where the trucks were gathering for the parade.

Mount Hope (10)I understand that there were 208 trucks – a record number for them.

Mount Hope (11)Pearl Nussbaum (right) serving food to the truckers and their families.

Mount Hope (12)A police sheriff was the ‘pace car” for the parade of truck which began at 7 PM.

Mount Hope (13)The chapel looked good in front of the trucks.

Mount Hope (14)

Mount Hope (15)

 Mount Hope (16)

Mount Hope (17)

Mount Hope (18)

Mount Hope (19)

Mount Hope (20)

Mount Hope (21)This is just a sampling of my pictures.

If you want to see all of them, go to https://www.facebook.com/doris.j.high/media_set?set=a.10153008790212322.1073741847.612697321&type=3

Mount Hope (22)After the last truck went by, we followed it for a bit and got to seem some of the many observers.

Mount Hope (23)

Mount Hope (24)

Mount Hope (25)Then we took a back road to see if we could get ahead of the parade as it arrived at Mount Hope Auction.

Mount Hope (26)As we crossed a back road, we met the parade – so took another back road to get ahead of it.

Mount Hope (27)The spot we wanted was still available, and we waited about fifteen minutes before the trucks arrived.

Mount Hope (28)We got Gary’s attention.

Mount Hope (29)The trucks looked pretty in the dusk and later in the dark.

Mount Hope (30)

Mount Hope (31)

Mount Hope (32)

Mount Hope (33)

Mount Hope (34)

Mount Hope (35)

Mount Hope (36)

Mount Hope (37)

Mount Hope (38)

Mount Hope (39)The next time we attend this event I want to take pictures as the trucks arrive at Mount Hope Auction.

Mount Hope (40)The Hart Brothers were already picking and singing when we arrived.

n (1)

n (2)

o (2)Jason was serving food and drink…

o (3)…as him mom, Pearl, put hot dogs and pulled pork in buns.

o (4)Popcorn

o (1)Enjoying food and music.

o (5)Homemade ice cream was a favorite – whether in dishes or root beer floats.


q (1)This was my evening meal.

q (2)Gary closed the evening and invited everyone to come back in the morning for a pancake breakfast.

Big Rig Sunday

Manheim Brethren In Christ Church – Sunday, June 21

DSC_5398This is a day when we have opportunity to tell the young Sunday school classes about trucks and Transport For Christ.

DSC_5392Gene (right) told the children about the value of listening to God – and how truckers listen to the sounds of a truck when traveling over the highway. Listening helps a trucker determine if all is well with the truck.

Cerwin showed a Powerpoint slide presentation of trucks and ministry on the TFC chapels.

DSC_5396The teachers had a schedule for when their class visited the trucks or the chapel.

DSC_5401The children’s favorite thing to do is blow the air horns.

DSC_5407There was a mix-up and two classes came to the chapel at the same time.


DSC_5411It was good the children were small so we could put two on a chair. 🙂

DSC_5412If I remember correctly, we had thirty people in the chapel.

DSC_5417Inside the classroom, truckers Geff and Will told the children what it is like to be a truck driver who serves the Lord, and Will’s wife, Sherry, baked truck-shaped cookies for snack time.

DSC_5418I understand that we are just a small part of a summer program for the children’s Sunday school class time where the children are taught about local missions.

TFC’s Mobile Chapel At ATCA – Macungie – Final Post

Saturday, June 20

Macungie Saturday (1)We woke up to rain on Saturday morning – heavy rain.

Macungie Saturday (2)

Macungie Saturday (3)

Macungie Saturday (4)

Macungie Saturday (5)

Macungie Saturday (6)

Macungie Saturday (8)Despite the rain, trucks continued to arrive.

Macungie Saturday (7)

Macungie Saturday (9)

Macungie Saturday (10)

Macungie Saturday (11)

Macungie Saturday (12)

Macungie Saturday (13)

Macungie Saturday (14)

Macungie Saturday (15)

Macungie Saturday (16)The weather cleared by 9:00 AM and people began checking out the trucks again.

Macungie Saturday (17)I would guess that this golf cart is owned by a trucker.

Macungie Saturday (18)I was pleased when an old trucker friend (green) – who I haven’t seen in years – stopped to say hello. He introduced me to his brother (blue).

Macungie Saturday (19)

Macungie Saturday (20)The owner of the trucker golf cart heard that I liked it and came back for some posed photos. 🙂

Macungie Saturday (21)

Macungie Saturday (22)

Macungie Saturday (23)

Macungie Saturday (24)This couple was interested in seeing the inside of the chapel. Volunteer Chaplain Bob gave them the tour.

Macungie Saturday (25)

Macungie Saturday (26)Our nephew Bryan (black shirt), his wife, Leslie, their son Bryson, and two of her relatives came to visit us.

Macungie Saturday (27)We began hearing that rain was supposed to arrive by 2 PM, so decided to take the canopy down before it got wet.

Macungie Saturday (28)By this time it was cloudy and the canopy was not as important as when it was sunny.

Macungie Saturday (29)Drivers began pulling out before the expected rain.

Macungie Saturday (31)It was interesting to watch the owners of this dump truck – filled with “rocks” – load it onto a lowboy.

Macungie Saturday (30)

Macungie Saturday (32)Leaving the park

Macungie Saturday (33)

Macungie Saturday (34)

Macungie Saturday (35)

Macungie Saturday (36)Watching the trucks leave the park is a highlight of the two-day event, because it is kind of like watching a parade.

Macungie Saturday (37)The drivers know they have an audience and love to give us a “show of power” as they go up the grade to the exit into the town of Macungie.

Macungie Saturday (38)I told Cerwin that I am doubtful that most boys ever grow up, because many of these men giving us lots of noise are way beyond middle age. 🙂

Macungie Saturday (39)

Macungie Saturday (40)

Macungie Saturday (41)

Macungie Saturday (42)Then it was time for us to leave – and I was following the chapel to TFC’s headquarters.

Macungie Saturday (43)I’d much rather be inside the chapel tractor, but there are a few times a year when I must be in a car following it.

Macungie Saturday (44)We were blessed to be there again this year.

Chapel At ATCA – Macungie – Part 1

Antique Truck Club of America – Friday, June 19

DSC_5109We had a pretty, hazy, drive to Macungie, which is located about one-and-a-half-hours northeast of us.


DSC_5124The first thing we did was set up the chapel – which Jake and Cerwin took to Macungie the day before to make sure we can get into our spot before a lot of other trucks arrive.

This was called the “power” row as it was us and the military. 🙂

DSC_5113Betty, Bob, and Jake helped us man the chapel.


DSC_5112After we were settled in, I walked around the grounds to see what had arrived.


DSC_5122Since we have been to several truck shows lately – and have more coming up, I tried to take some creative pictures.









DSC_5142Inside the old milk truck













DSC_5160Love these old trucks

The Mobile Chapel At PMTA Truck Driving Championships

Saturday, June 6

From the Internet: The Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association was organized to promote the common business interests of persons engaged in the motor transportation industry and is dedicated to effectively representing the concerns of the trucking industry to members, government and regulatory agencies and the general public.

DSCN0039Several TFC staff went to this event at HACC (Harrisburg Area Community College) – which is fairly close to TFC’s International Office.

Cerwin asked if I wanted to go along, but I felt that my body, soul, and spirit needed a quiet day at home – especially since it suited several others to represent TFC.

I cleaned, did laundry, and spent the afternoon watching Undercover Boss. I enjoy watching what happens when a boss disguises himself (or herself) and comes into the business on an entry level job.

DSCN0040Several men stayed at the chapel while others went to the “bull pen” to talk to the drivers who were waiting for their turn to go through the course.

DSCN0042Bunny, Chris, Bob, and Jake

DSCN0043Another picture of the same four.

DSCN0044The Pennsylvania driver who wins this championship goes on to the national championships.

DSCN0045Cerwin said they had a good day visiting with drivers and representing Christ and the ministry of TFC.

Chapel Construction Update For Ocala, Florida

Cerwin had a workday on the chapel today – with five men helping him – so I thought it was time for an update – and I know Chaplain John is anxious to see new pictures of the chapel that will be coming his way later this summer.

Ocala (1)This is what the exterior of the chapel looked like on May 22 when Cerwin took it to Merv Weaver’s for sandblasting and painting prep.

Ocala (2)When it was finished there, it was taken to Trans Equipment where Brad Plank’s crew did a fabulous job of painting it.

It was brought back to the shop toward the end of last week for more inside construction before it is lettered.

Ocala (3)While the chapel was gone, Cerwin built the bed (above) and worked on the door and window awnings (which will be installed when we arrive in Florida.)

Ocala (4)Today’s crew worked on interior lighting and outside LED lights.

Ocala (5)The camera picked up a different lighting after the florescent lights were installed.

Ocala (8)

Ocala (9)Installing reflective tape makes a difference in the exterior appearance.

Ocala (10)

Ocala (11)It is looking good.

Make A Wish Lancaster – The Convoy

Sunday, May 10

DSC_2313The convoy began promptly at 1:30 PM.

DSC_2317Because they exit Burle Business Park to Route 30 West, the trucks go right by the chapel, giving us a good view of those that leave early.

DSC_2318Waiting for their turn to leave the parking lot next to me – on the passenger side of the chapel.

DSC_2319I read several news articles and most say there were 380 trucks this year, with 100 kids getting “their wish” to ride in a truck for the convoy.

DSC_2322The event raised about $300,000.00 for Make a Wish.



DSC_2326We left our spot a 1:47 PM and immediately saw several family members.


DSC_2331The umbrellas were for shade as it was quite humid and warm.



DSC_2338There were lots of signs like this: Blow your air horn – or use your Jake brake.

DSC_2340Ian was our official-air-horn-blower.

We rigged up a plastic grocery bag so he didn’t have to reach over Cerwin’s head and hinder his driving.

He had a lot of fun developing different sounds.



DSC_2347One of the articles I read concerning this day, said there was an estimated 6,000 spectators.

DSC_2352The Rissler’s exited Route 222 N at Brownstown just ahead of us, giving me a good view of their rig.


DSC_2366Now we are going around the exit – to Route 272 – looking up at trucks behind us who are preparing to exit.






DSC_2382Main Street Ephrata (Route 322)





DSC_2397This is the official end of the convoy – as we exit 322 and get back on 222.

DSC_2407There were still a few people – in small groups – watching the trucks.

DSC_2409At one point we had a good view of 272. These trucks were several miles behind us.





DSC_2421Then we met the end of the convoy. These trucks had not yet exited 222 at Brownstown.



DSC_2428My last picture of the day is this Amish girl waving to us.


This shot was taken exactly one hour after the shot of our family waving to us as we left the business park.

Reports say that if you return to Burle Business Park, it will take about 1 hour and 45 minutes to make the 27-mile loop.

We did not go back to the Park, but headed to the TFC shop where our rig is parked.


It was a fabulous day.

Make A Wish Lancaster ~ Part 2

Sunday Morning, May 10

make a wish 2 (1)It’s almost 11:00 AM – time for the second chapel service.

make a wish 2 (2)Chaplain Jake’s wife, Jane, leading singing.

make a wish 2 (3)Jake sharing the devotional.

make a wish 2 (4)

make a wish 2 (5)Outside the chapel following the service.

make a wish 2 (6)

make a wish 2 (7)Ian reading “The Prayer of Jabez for Teenagers”. Several books were donated to the chapel, so I gave him one.

make a wish 2 (8)Our nephew, Bryan, his wife, Leslie, and their son Bryson talking to Josh and Jana at the Highgrade trucks.

make a wish 2 (9)

make a wish 2 (19)A short time later I talked to Cerwin’s brother (right) and his wife, Pat, as they headed in the direction of the Highgrade trucks which Elvin owns. They have their granddaughters Bailey and Peyton with them.

make a wish 2 (10)The clowns began assembling for their group picture.

make a wish 2 (11)Don’t miss the two clowns on the far left. 🙂

make a wish 2 (12)

make a wish 2 (13)Several Make A Wish children joined the clowns.

make a wish 2 (14)Ian got in on this picture – left.

make a wish 2 (15)What a delight to watch and hear a group of clowns praying for the safety of the convoy.

make a wish 2 (17)

make a wish 2 (16)

make a wish 2 (18)Afterwards they went about their clowning duties.

make a wish 2 (20)1:30 PM time for the convoy to begin.

make a wish 2 (21)Tomorrow night the convoy.

Make-A-Wish Lancaster ~ Part 1

Sunday Morning, May 10

1 (1)Entering Burle Business Park where the trucks meet for this convoy.

1 (2)Ian helping Grandpa set up the steps to the chapel. (It was his turn to go with us this year.)

1 (3)After the chapel was set up, we walked around a bit to see trucks and look for Ian’s brother Josh and sister Jana.

1 (5a)We found them at the Highgrade Construction truck that Josh drives.

1 (5)Josh is enjoying his job with Highgrade – which is owned by Cerwin’s brother, Elvin.

1 (3a)The other Highgrade driver polishing his truck.

1 (4)

2 (1)A pretty tow truck.

2 (2)

2 (5)We were told that breakfast was waiting for us at Geff Stoner’s truck, so we worked our way toward him

2 (6)It was wonderful to be treated to breakfast. Thanks Geff.

2 (7)His daughter-in-law Sherry joined us.

2 (8)One of Geff’s trucks

2aJohn and Karen Rissler’s big rig (left) was parked nearby, and I thought Ian would enjoy seeing inside.

2b (1)Three of their five boys were glad to give us a tour. Their cab includes a shower, bunk beds, and refrigerator.

2b (2)The other two boys and their dad (left) were outside the truck talking to Cerwin and Don Hollinger. Karen was nearby, but I missed getting a picture of her. Both drive the rig and homeschool the boys.

2b (3)Ian loves Camaros and tried to convince Grandpa to loan him $20,000.00. 🙂

2b (4)Ian liked this large lawn chair.

2b (5)

2b (6)Stinger was hoisted in the air.

2cThis grandpa and grandson posed next to Garber Farm’s new truck.

2dA bit later we met one of the Garbers, so Cerwin asked him about this beautiful Peterbilt.


2f (1)I asked for permission to see inside.

2f (2)I love the smell of new trucks.

2f (3)One of the most interesting “rigs” in the convoy.

2f (4)Clowns abound in the parking lot – many raising funds for Make-A-Wish.

2fThe first chapel service was at 10:00 AM, so it was time to be at the chapel.

2gMark, a clown friend, stopped by to ask if the clowns could take their group picture in front of the chapel after lunch. (Stay tuned for those pictures – one of my favorite times of the day.)

4 (1)The chapel was full to overflowing with two dozen people in the first service. Chaplain Bob and a young Rissler were in the living quarters.

4 (2)Ian, Cerwin, two young Rissler’s, and I stood in the back.

4 (3)Singing

4 (4)Chaplain Jake sharing a devotional.

4 (5)Leaving the chapel.

4 (6)Some hung around and visited for awhile.

4 (7)I noticed that Lafayette Fire Company was allowing people to go up their aerial lift and got in line.

4 (8)Sherry Stoner and their boys were just ahead of me.

4 (9)

4 (13)What a great view!

4 (10)The fireman operating the lift told me it can go up to eight stories. I think we were up about five stories.

5 (3)

4 (11)

4 (12)

4 (14)

5 (1)Our friends Fay and Marv sitting next to their truck. Notice the #1 between their chairs. That means they were leading the convoy.

5 (2)More pictures tomorrow night.