A Quick Trip to Greensboro – Part 2

Wednesday, April 13

1Cerwin got right to work after we arrived at the chapel which is located at the TA at Exit 138 on I-85/I-40 and Highway 61 in Greensboro, NC.

1aThe first thing he did was clean the air conditioner.


2While he did that I admired the colorful trucks as I walked to the truck stop for a Pepsi for him and a sweet tea for me.


3 (1)When I got back he was working on a vent to see if there was proper air circulation.

3 (2)

3aThen he checked the roof where he found the problem with water leakage during rain storms. There was an area where a line of rivets had rusted off allowing an area of the roof to separate.

3bWhile he tightened and sealed the roof, I sat at a picnic table and enjoyed reading a Life-Beautiful Magazine.

DSC_0072A bird serenaded me most of the time I was there.


DSC_0081Chaplain Tony was not there when we arrived due to having to get two grandchildren at school.

DSC_0085We had a great visit before he took the children home and we left for our motel in Winston-Salem.

Tomorrow night I will show you picture of our trip home.

A Quick Trip to Greensboro – Part 1

Wednesday, April 13

DSC_0013We left the house just after 5:00 AM and were at the West Virginia line by 6:50 AM.

This trip was so Cerwin could make a few repairs on the chapel at the Greensboro, North Carolina, TA.


DSC_0017It has been a long time since we traveled south on Route 81, so I enjoyed this trip.

DSC_0018I am always blessed when I see signs of someone’s faith in Jesus when we travel.

DSC_0022Signs of springtime made the trip quite beautiful by the time we reached the Virginia hills.

DSC_0024Breakfast in Toms Brook, Virginia.

DSC_0025Redbud trees lined the interstate.

DSC_0027A creative water tower.

DSC_0028Truckers always get my attention and prayers when we travel – especially those with large loads.



DSC_0033This country girl enjoys seeing cattle in the fields.

DSC_0037Some pretty redbuds at a rest stop.



DSC_0046Forty-seven miles to go.

DSC_0043Springtime looks good here.

DSC_0048This area is about a week or two ahead of us in leaves and blossoms.

DSC_0051We arrived at the Greensboro TA at 12:45.

More about that tomorrow night.

TFC Lancaster Chapter Dinner Concert

Saturday Evening, March 26

Lanc Banq (1)One of the ladies who was overseeing the banquet at Yoder’s Restaurant was pleased to find this photo to direct people to the banquet hall.

Lanc Banq (2)We arrived three hours early (3 PM). The waitresses were busy setting up for our banquet.

Lanc Banq (3)

Lanc Banq (4)A few hours later (6 PM) the room was filled with 653 people – enjoying a delicious meal prepared and served by Yoder’s staff.

Lanc Banq (5)

Lanc Banq (6)I didn’t think about taking a photo when our cart contained full serving dishes of ham balls, chicken, buttered noodles, mashed potatoes and vegetables.

We started with fruit and a fresh salad. Dessert was pie and ice cream.

Lanc Banq (7)

Lanc Banq (8)Following the meal, the program began with a half-hour program by The Jonathans from Bremen, Georgia.

Lanc Banq (10)During our half-hour TFC ministry update, this businessman shared how the positive influence of Transport For Christ staff impacted his business.

Lanc Banq (12)Bunny, TFC’s Director of Pastoral Care for Chaplains, shared a letter from a policeman who told about the good influence of a chapel in an Ohio truck stop, and shared some ministry information.

DSC_9239Martha Martin introduced her four girls before sharing a bit about her journey of grace through grief.

Lanc Banq (15)

Lanc Banq (16)

Lanc Banq (17)Martha’s first husband, Dwayne, and two sons, Chadwin and Derrick, were killed in a truck accident in August 2008. Their second daughter was born a short time after the accident.

Lanc Banq (18)Her marriage to Conrad Martin.

Lanc Banq (19)She did a fabulous job of sharing her journey of grief and their journey of establishing a new family with her two girls and now their two girls.

Lanc Banq (20)Gene Gehman was the MC for the evening, and invited the trucker’s wives to stand and be recognized for their faithfulness to the men who move our nation’s economy.

Lanc Banq (23)He then asked me to pray for them.

Cerwin also did a short update before the offering. (I always forget to take a picture of him.) 🙂

Lanc Banq (9)The Jonathans closed the program with another half-hour program. They have fabulous voices and challenged our hearts.

Thanks also to Cleason Martin for providing a sound system for the evening. The Jonathans flew into the area due to Easter being the next day. Parker needed to be back in Georgia to preach on Sunday morning. Consequently they did not bring their own sound system.

Lanc Banq (24)Chaplain Jim and Cindy Smalley needed a new prayer card photo and asked me to take one following the concert. We found a pretty “tree” in the corner of the room for an interesting background.

Lanc Banq (25)Some of you may remember that we were having a silent auction of this beautifully crafted four-foot chapel. The highest bid was $1,500.00, which will be used in chapel construction.

Model Vehicles by a Master Builder

The other week we stopped to visit Ted and Thelma – after going to Bill Rumpf’s Memorial Service.

Ted is a retired machinist.

DSC_8956I was amazed at the detailed construction of his vehicles. He even made the wheels – except for the car wheels. Those were a special order.

DSC_8960Abrams M1 Tank on a lowboy.


DSC_8965It took him two years to build this locomotive. The dining car even has mini-blinds.

DSC_8962I cropped one of my pictures so you can see the mini-blinds.

DSC_8968After retiring, Ted, spent many hours helping Cerwin with chapel construction.

He built two beautiful model chapels and gave one to us for TFC.

He said we can keep it for our office, give it to the International Office, or put it on a benefit auction. Check out the steering wheel.

DSC_8977There is even wall to wall carpet. The rig is 44 inches long.

DSC_8980We are going to put it up for bid on a silent auction at the Lancaster Chapter Dinner Concert on Saturday evening – with a reserve bid of $450.00.

If you are not coming to Yoder’s in New Holland, PA, on March 26, and have questions or would like to put a bid on it – send me an email at tfcner@dejazzd.com.

There will be a bidding sheet at the concert.

The winning bidder will receive the chapel – and the money will be a donation to TFC’s Chapel Construction account.

Celebration of the Life of William S Rumpf

Saturday, March 12

Bill was one of Cerwin’s chapel construction helpers for many years. He also volunteered before Cerwin was Director of Chapel Construction.

Rumpf Memorial (1)This church is located in Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania.

Rumpf Memorial (2)

Rumpf Memorial (3)

Rumpf Memorial (4)Table of memories

Rumpf Memorial (5)The American Legion presented a short honor to Bill.

Rumpf Memorial (6)

Rumpf Memorial (7)Pastor Bill Covelens

Rumpf Memorial (8)Hymn #493

He apparently liked singing every verse, because “all four verses” was emphasized when the songs were announced. 🙂

Rumpf Memorial (9)Scripture reading by Evelyn – a great-granddaughter. Her dad Pinky stood by her.

Rumpf Memorial (10)

Rumpf Memorial (11)Reflections and Memories were opened by this granddaughter Katherine.

Many of the memories shared were funny – which tells you something about him.

Rumpf Memorial (12)We stayed for a delicious lunch.

Rumpf Memorial (14)

Rumpf Memorial (15)

Rumpf Memorial (16)

Rumpf Memorial (17)

Rumpf Memorial (18)

Rumpf Memorial (19)

Rumpf Memorial (20)

Rumpf Memorial (21)

Rumpf Memorial (22)Les Habbershon (retired Director of Chapel Construction), Cerwin (current Director of Chapel Construction), and Ted McCoy (retired construction volunteer) with a picture of Bill. We also had Ted’s wife, Thelma, along as well as Inge from TFC’s International Office.

Rumpf Memorial (23)Bill: July 11, 1925 – February 22, 2016

He was a skilled and fun construction volunteer.

From his obituary: After his retirement from a career as a mechanical engineer he dedicated his time and service to various organizations including, the Delaware Valley Veterans’ Home, Send International and Transport for Christ.

Rumpf Memorial (24)

Rumpf Memorial (25)Thank you to the family for planning a celebration service that truly honored Bill and for the delicious lunch.


I went through my digital scrapbook for pictures of Bill. These are from 2006, 2007, and 2008:


06 (1)

06 (2)

06 (3)

06 (4)

06 (5)

06 (6)

06 (7)Bill and Ted

06 (8)

06 (9)Bill and Cerwin doing chapel repair on the chapel near Buffalo, New York.

06 (10)

06 (11)

06 (12)

06 (13)

06 (14)

07 a (1)Our grandson Hezekiah and Bill doing some early work on the Quebec chapel.

07 a (2)Ted, Hezekiah, and Bill. This was probably the time that Heze spent a summer with us. His family lives in Maine. It was a memorable time, and if you check my entry earlier today, you will see that today is his birthday – his 21st birthday. He is now a big rig mechanic.


08Thank you Bill for the help and great memories.

Four Days in February

Wednesday, February 17 through Saturday, February 20

2-18 (3)A hungry Dark-eyed Junco

2-18 (4)

2-18 (5)Female Dark-eyed Junco.

2-18 (6)European Starling

2-18 (7)A beautiful sunset

On the 17th I had a delightful and delicious breakfast at Lintia’s Restaurant with my sister Nancy, then on the 19th – after Lois and Mary helped label the Highway News – our grandson Nathan took us (his grandparents – Lois, Cerwin, and me) out for lunch. I had a most delicious Tomato Pie at Tomato Pie Café in Lititz.

2-20-16 (1)Sunrise

2-20-16 (2)The sky was lined with jet streaks on Saturday morning, February 20, when we headed to New Holland for TFC’s Lancaster Chapter Prayer Breakfast.

2-20-16 (3)

2-20-16 (5)

2-20-16 (7)I love driving into a pretty sunrise.

2-20-16 (11)The Amish were on the road early too.

2-20-16 (12)

2-20-16 (14)After breakfast Cerwin shared a devotional.

2-20-16 (16)It’s good to encourage one another in the Lord.

A Going Away Luncheon For Michelle

Monday, August 24

Michelle (1)Michelle has been part of the TFC team at the International Office for the past few years, but her dream job – working in the church office where her husband is pastor – came available, so we all reluctantly released her. 🙂

Michelle (2)Cerwin thanking Michelle for her excellent service to TFC.

Michelle (3)Katie, the newcomer to the office, was hired to take Michelle’s place.

Since Katie’s last name is Hershey, we talked family as my maiden name was Hershey. Her husband’s grandfather Isaac and my grandfather Milton were brothers!

Michelle (4)Each of us brought food for the luncheon.

Michelle (5)

Michelle (6)

Michelle (7)

Michelle (8)

Michelle (9)

Michelle (10)Enjoying lunch in the board room.

Clockwise from the top of the table: Scott, Mike, Cerwin, Jeff, Peg, Bunny, Jane, Dan, Katie (hidden), Carol, Michelle, Ruth, Lynn, Inge.

Michelle (11)

Michelle (12)While we were eating, Trucker Ron called Michelle to wish her well and pray with her.

Our prayers and love go with you, Michelle.

Missions Sunday – Lady Lake, Florida

Cerwin sent me these cell phone pictures from yesterday at Tri County Baptist Church.

8-2-15 (1)

8-2-15 (2)There were lots of visitors to the chapel – before and following the morning and evening missions conference.

8-2-15 (3)Chaplain John and Tanya Grove and their boys.

8-2-15 (4)Lunch

8-2-15 (5)When I learned that Phil Kane attends Tri County Baptist, I asked Cerwin to take a picture of him and Lois. Lois was not at the evening service, so Cerwin only got a picture of Phil. He was a speaker at one of our TFC retreats at Camp Hebron – many years ago.


Cerwin said they really had an encouraging day at the missions conference. They will be placing the chapel at Pilot Travel Center, Ocala, Florida, later today.

The Chapel Is Ready

The new chapel is set up and ready for tomorrow’s missions conference in Lady Lake, Florida.

20150801_103255Glenn talking to Doug Kraus (seated), TFC’s Director of Location Development, and a man who helped with the setup. I am sorry that I don’t know his name.

20150801_095522The man I don’t know, Chaplain John Grove and Doug Kraus. John will be the lead chaplain on this chapel.


Doug was giving Glenn and Cerwin a tour of the area this afternoon, then taking them out for supper.

The Chapel Has Arrived In Florida

The chapel arrived at Tri County Baptist Church, Lady Lake, Florida, about 6:45 PM yesterday – after a three-hour delay to repair the truck’s air conditioner. Cerwin and Glenn discovered that the air conditioner in the truck was not working about bedtime on Thursday evening – and it  was hot in Columbia, South Carolina, where they stopped for the night.

20150731_185913Today they will do the final set up to the interior (light fixtures, etc.) and attach the exterior lights and awnings so it is ready for the missions conference on Sunday morning. They will move it to the truck stop in Ocala on Monday.