Four Days in February

Wednesday, February 17 through Saturday, February 20

2-18 (3)A hungry Dark-eyed Junco

2-18 (4)

2-18 (5)Female Dark-eyed Junco.

2-18 (6)European Starling

2-18 (7)A beautiful sunset

On the 17th I had a delightful and delicious breakfast at Lintia’s Restaurant with my sister Nancy, then on the 19th – after Lois and Mary helped label the Highway News – our grandson Nathan took us (his grandparents – Lois, Cerwin, and me) out for lunch. I had a most delicious Tomato Pie at Tomato Pie Café in Lititz.

2-20-16 (1)Sunrise

2-20-16 (2)The sky was lined with jet streaks on Saturday morning, February 20, when we headed to New Holland for TFC’s Lancaster Chapter Prayer Breakfast.

2-20-16 (3)

2-20-16 (5)

2-20-16 (7)I love driving into a pretty sunrise.

2-20-16 (11)The Amish were on the road early too.

2-20-16 (12)

2-20-16 (14)After breakfast Cerwin shared a devotional.

2-20-16 (16)It’s good to encourage one another in the Lord.

The Day After The Rain

Friday, August 21

day after (2)The morning was beautiful – the day after the rain.

day after (1)Raindrops were still hanging to the leaves.

day after (3)

day after (4)

day after (5)Somebody was busy during the night.

day after (6)By evening the sky “called” me to the outside.

day after (7)

day after (8)

day after (9)

day after (10)I couldn’t get enough of this sky.

day after (11)

day after (12)

day after (13)It won’t be many days before this corn will be in storage bins, so I will enjoy this view as long as I can.

day after (14)

day after (15)

day after (16)

day after (17)

day after (18)Before I knew it, this beautiful day was over.

A Gift Basket ~ Two Visits ~ A Sunset

Tuesday, June 30 and Wednesday, July 1

6-30-15 (1)This is the only thing I bought at the Truck Rally Auction.

Cerwin bought a few things, but this was my purchase.

6-30-15 (2)

6-30-15 (3)The pretty napkins and, plates, bowls, and plastic ware in the basket.

Our granddaughter Lydia prepared the meal for us one day while I closed the books on the Truck Rally reports.

6-30-15 (4)Lydia and her two great-grandmas.

Lydia (who is from Maine) has been staying with us off and on this summer – between work camps in various places of the country. Her next one is in Colorado.

6-30-15 (6)We noticed a beautiful sunset over Landis Homes when we left for home.

7-1-15 (1)The next morning, July 1, I was surprised by two visitors – Ian and Jared.

7-1-15 (2)The needed something to do on this beautiful morning.

7-1-15 (3)Following a drink and snack, they were on their way again.

7-1-15 (4)

7-1-15 (5)

7-1-15 (6)

7-1-15 (7)I love summertime.

Lydia ~ Tea ~ Sunset Extraordinaire

Tuesday, June 23

Tea, Lydia, to Sunset (2)Our mint tea was getting tall, so I asked our granddaughter Lydia (who was visiting from Maine) if she was interested in pulling the leaves so I could freeze them – instead of letting it go to seed.

Tea, Lydia, to Sunset (3)

Tea, Lydia, to Sunset (4)

Tea, Lydia, to Sunset (5)Shortly after she began working on the tea, I noticed a bird splashing in the birdbath, and thinking it was bathing, I went for my camera. That’s when I saw that it was a fledging wren that had fallen into the water.

It was exhausted when I put it on the ground.

It’s mamma was not happy with me when I lifted it out of the birdbath, but she was pleased when I shooed it toward her and they were reunited.

Tea, Lydia, to Sunset (6)By sunset, I noticed a beautiful sky and went outside with my camera.

Tea, Lydia, to Sunset (10)

Tea, Lydia, to Sunset (7)

Tea, Lydia, to Sunset (8)

Tea, Lydia, to Sunset (9)

Tea, Lydia, to Sunset (12)The longer I watched, the prettier the sky got.

Tea, Lydia, to Sunset (13)

Tea, Lydia, to Sunset (14)

Tea, Lydia, to Sunset (15)

Tea, Lydia, to Sunset (11)

Tea, Lydia, to Sunset (16)

Tea, Lydia, to Sunset (17)I love when God turns the sky into a beautiful canvas.

Sunset In Our Valley

Several days ago I noticed a yellow glow outside our windows and went for my camera.

1 (1)It was a beautiful evening.

1 (2)

1 (3)

2 (1)The day lilies looked pretty in the evening sun.

2 (2)

2 (3)

DSC_4993Since I only have a few weeks to enjoy the daisies, I try to advantage of pictures.

DSC_5005Changing the angle of the sunlight changes the picture.


DSC_5009Daisies and sunsets make me smile.

















DSC_5036The sunset revealed a spider web that I didn’t notice before.

Road Trip – Part 22 – Traveling And Visiting Reuben & Judi

Saturday, April 18

1 (1)This was our view as we drove down the hill from our cabin at Camp Victory on Saturday morning.

1 (2)Before long we were driving by many Amish farms.

1 (3)This large ear of corn took us by surprise. Cerwin stopped and backed up so I could get a picture. Someone told us it was designed with one-gallon jugs.

1aYou know you are in farming country when you see a tractor in town.

2 (1)

2 (2)

2 (3)Three hours after leaving Camp Victory, our GPS told us that we were getting close to Reuben and Judi’s place in Wisconsin.

2 (4)There it is.

2 (5)Reuben and their little guy came to meet us.

2 (6)Little miss just ran and ran. Do you think she remembered us?

2 (7)

2 (8)He has grown so much since they were with us in January.

2 (9)

2 (10)Reuben and Judi have their first court date – concerning his adoption procedure – in a week and a half, so they will be staying with us again – this time for just a few days.

2 (11)Judi thinks he remembered us because he smiled a lot – and he doesn’t do that easily for strangers.

2 (12)He loves this spot.

2 (13)Judi prepared a delicious lunch.

Judi is Bob and Doris’ youngest daughter.

2 (14)Three hours later we were on our way toward Indiana and they were enjoying the beautiful day.

2 (15)

2 (16)A few miles later we came upon this female turkey on the road.

2 (17)We think she had a nest nearby because she was hesitant to move away from the car.

2 (18)

2 (19)

2 (20)It was a beautiful day for farming.

2 (21)By sunset – after many days in north woods and farming country – we had to adjust to interstate life again.

2 (22)

2 (23)We followed this Lamborghini for awhile as we approached our motel in Merrillville, Indiana, and thought that some of our grandchildren would enjoy taking it for a ride. 🙂


3 (1)

3 (2)

4It had been a delightful day – and the sunset was the same.

Crocus ~ Sunset ~ Truck

Thursday, March 12

1The crocus are late this year because of snow and cold weather, but if we get a few warm days we will soon see their pretty blooms.

2I never tire of pretty sunsets.

3It is like God giving us a warm hug at the close of a day.


DSC_6955If you look closely – in the upper left – you can see a flock of Canada geese.

DSC_6963After dark our granddaughter Diana called and asked if we would like to see the truck she just bought.

DSC_6968She is not a car-kind-of-gal and is loving her Chevy pickup.