Four Days in February

Wednesday, February 17 through Saturday, February 20

2-18 (3)A hungry Dark-eyed Junco

2-18 (4)

2-18 (5)Female Dark-eyed Junco.

2-18 (6)European Starling

2-18 (7)A beautiful sunset

On the 17th I had a delightful and delicious breakfast at Lintia’s Restaurant with my sister Nancy, then on the 19th – after Lois and Mary helped label the Highway News – our grandson Nathan took us (his grandparents – Lois, Cerwin, and me) out for lunch. I had a most delicious Tomato Pie at Tomato Pie Café in Lititz.

2-20-16 (1)Sunrise

2-20-16 (2)The sky was lined with jet streaks on Saturday morning, February 20, when we headed to New Holland for TFC’s Lancaster Chapter Prayer Breakfast.

2-20-16 (3)

2-20-16 (5)

2-20-16 (7)I love driving into a pretty sunrise.

2-20-16 (11)The Amish were on the road early too.

2-20-16 (12)

2-20-16 (14)After breakfast Cerwin shared a devotional.

2-20-16 (16)It’s good to encourage one another in the Lord.

No One Is In Charge Of Your Happiness But You

Monday, March 16 and Friday, March 20

DSC_7069I love to wake up to this kind of morning.


DSC_7082 (2)Later in the day I happened to be at the window when this “wagon train” went by – a sure sign that the Penryn Mud Sale was happening in the near future.

DSC_7082This is our Amish neighbor taking wagons to the fire company property where the mud sale will be held. The wagons are used to display items for sale.

I posted this on Facebook a few minutes after I saw it, but am posting it here for those who don’t have Facebook.

DSC_7171By the end of the week – Friday, March 20 – we were experiencing snow again.

DSC_7167I thought the following was fitting for my cardinal pictures today.

It is another use of the word cardinal – but still fitting. 🙂


7 Cardinal Rules For Life

1. Make peace with your past so it won’t disturb your present.

2. What other people think of you is none of your business.

DSC_71643. Time heals almost everything. Give it time.

DSC_71734. No one is in charge of your happiness. Except you.

DSC_71615. Don’t compare your life to others, and don’t judge them. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

DSC_71656. Stop thinking too much. It’s alright to not know all the answers. Answers will come when you need them.

DSC_71697.Smile. You don’t own all the problems in the world.

Morning Moon ~ Evening Moon

Saturday, March 7

Icy Sunrise (1)The morning moon was brilliant at 6:00 AM.

Icy Sunrise (2)Two hours later the sun lit up the snow that was left in the fields.

Icy Sunrise (3)

Icy Sunrise (4)

Icy Sunrise (5)

Icy Sunrise (6)Icicles glittered.

Icy Sunrise (7)It was a great Saturday morning for snowmobiling.

Icy Sunrise (8)The bush is no longer totally covered with snow.

Icy Sunrise (9)By mid-afternoon the icicles were dripping.

Icy Sunrise (10)Some came lose from the roof and ended up sideways on bushes.

Icy Sunrise (11)The evening moon was as brilliant as the morning moon. However, my vantage point was from behind trees – creating interesting pictures.

Icy Sunrise (12)Come back again for my next evening post and see who we took out for supper on Saturday evening.

Sunrise Extraordinaire

Tuesday Morning, February 3

DSC_5577It was difficult to overlook a morning sky like this.

DSC_5578It lit up every window that was facing east.

DSC_5580It reached every area of the eastern sky.

DSC_5582It didn’t last long.

So I enjoyed it as long as possible.

It truly was a sunset extraordinaire.

A morning blessing from the Lord.

At no charge.

Sunday Sunrise

Sunday, January 11

DSC_4619It’s especially delightful to see a beautiful sunrise on a Sunday morning while enjoying a cup of coffee.

DSC_4621We do our best to rest and be refreshed in our walk with the Lord on Sundays – and being a member of a church that encourages this is quite helpful.

DSC_4622In Sunday school we focused on the prayer of Jesus in John 17 – and the need to have as close a relationship with God as Jesus did.

DSC_4624In church we followed the footsteps of Samuel.

I was challenged when Ron said, “The difference between listening and hearing is: listening is wanting to hear.”

I was just thinking…

2 (1)Each of us wake up to beautiful sunrises

2 (2)on many mornings during our lifetime.

2 (3)They are available

2 (4)for each person

2 (5)to enjoy

2 (6)from God

2 (7)free

2 (8)whether we are rich or poor

2 (9)live in a mansion or a hut

2 (10)for our pleasure.

2 (11)They are there

2 (13)whether we appreciate them or not.

2 (12)The Lord is a great God, and a great King above all gods. Psalm 95:3

O Lord, your mercy reaches to the heavens,

your faithfulness to the skies.

Psalm 36:5 GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

DSC_2607It is rare that I wake up to the sun in my face. (I slept on my reclining chair between 5:30 and 7 AM.)

It reminded me that no matter what happens during the night, the sun is faithful to rise in the morning.

Last night our sleep was interrupted at 12:17 AM with the ringing of our phone.

It was Cerwin’s sister Velda. Pleasant View Retirement Community called to say they were calling the ambulance because Mother was coughing up blood.

We live just a few miles from Pleasant View and got there just as the ambulance was leaving, so followed it to the hospital.

IMG_20141121_010835Mel and Velda were just behind us. Elvin (Cerwin’s brother) was at the ER when we arrived.

After she was settled in her ER room, we were invited to take turns staying with her two-by-two. The other three of us visited in the ER waiting room watching all the comings and goings:

  • Mothers with sick babies
  • A man who injured his thumb
  • A young man came in a wheel chair and left on crutches with a bandaged leg
  • People like us were there to be with someone in the ER
  • A rather handsome man was discharged – for whatever reason he was there. He was apparently homeless, because he tried to sleep in one of the chairs. Security evicted him.
  • A pretty young woman – fashionably dressed – took a liking to us and was obviously high on something. She was cleared to go home. She said her mom brought her – saying she was crazy – but did not wait for her, so she called a cab. At one point she sat next to me and asked what I do. I showed her a picture of a TFC chapel. She leaned over and kissed me several times on my cheek. 🙂

We smile because she was acting strange, but she is someone loved by God, and I reminded her of that. She knew that. She said her dad is a pastor.

  • Spending time with people like her and the homeless man reminded me of the great love and patience it takes for those who serve and work with them on a daily basis.

By 4:00 we knew that Mother had pneumonia and was being admitted. Cerwin and I stayed to see her settled in her room on the 7th floor. Room 7014.

Today the family is emptying her old apartment at Landis Homes as she will be going to Personal Care in another part of the campus.

We appreciate your prayers for Mother and her family.

God is good and faithful.